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Wii U version now available in Europe and Australia! Also, this helpful FAQ.

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

The Wii U released in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand over the weekend and is now taking those continents by storm. ┬áDid anyone manage to get one? Since we don’t have a European Wii U we haven’t seen Little Inferno looks on the eShop, but I imagine it’s slightly more sophisticated. ┬áProbably due to the fact that it’s available in 5 languages.

In other news, if you’re playing the PC version and want to change your language, vsync, or audio settings then go to this useful FAQ.

hi its me

Thursday, October 4th, 2012


Is there anybody there?
IS this how I leave a comments?
You don't know me
But I know yoouuu

I likeed your Nintendo PWOERRR.
I didn't really readdd it but this fell out

Wiiii U and Nintendo PWOER are pretty fun.

but I already put them in the inferno

now they are smoooke
LItttle Inferno is pretty much my favorte game.
Even though it doesn't make any sense.
Buy stuff and thrrow it in a fire and get more money to buy more stuff?
That can't last forevver.


I stare into the fire for hours and days

Where does all the time go?


Up up up the chimney

Like everything else.

First Little Inferno Fan Art

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Little Inferno Fan Art Sara Mena

We’ve hardly released any info on Little Inferno, so we were especially amazed to discover such a fantastic piece of fan art exists! Created by illustrator Sara Mena.

UPDATE: Thanks, it appears we also missed Mark H’s massive furnace here!

Little Inferno Teaser and Beta Program

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Little Inferno‘s first teaser and info on the beta program just appeared over here! It’s getting chilly, stay warm, everyone.

Thanks for all the notes and questions the last couple weeks! We’re still putting together a handy FAQ, so post any questions here and the Tomorrow Corporation interns will make sure to get them answered and appropriately diagrammed.

Kyle, Kyle, and Allan, interns