Strap those 7 billion headphones around those 14 billion ears, here is the official 7 Billion Humans Original Soundtrack!

You can also find the Human Resource Machine soundtrack here, the Little Inferno soundtrack here, and the World of Goo soundtrack here.

Thanks for listening, and happy multi-threaded programming!
Kyle Gabler



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How to get 7 Billion Humans

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Track List

01. Welcome All 7 Billion Humans!
02. Stressed Out Bossa Nova
03. The Work Continues
04. The Data Is Wranglin’ Itself (with Shalin Shodhan on guitar)
05. Long Term Storage
06. And Go and Go! And Go? And Go!
07. Your Fifty Year Plan
08. You Will Be Evaluated Later
09. Morning Petroleum (with Jordan Price on cello)
10. Lady Sky
11. 2,600 Mondays Later
12. The Machines Are Gone
13. Mom and Dad of Invention
14. Rocket Petroleum



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