We are a 3 person team. Here are our games so far:

Soundtrack Preview #2 – Long Term Storage

Plug in those headphones and put on a warm jacket, here’s the second preview track from 7 Billion Humans! We’re posting a new preview track here each week, leading up to launch day.

Updates this week!

  • We’re continuing to optimize the game for Nintendo Switch – it’s running great, and now just packing in as many eager humans as we can.
  • Translating the text into 12 languages. Fun fact: Human Resource machine had ~4,970 words. 7 Billion Humans has ~13,249 words.
  • Continuing to make tweaks based on the beta players’ stress testing.
  • Soundtrack is complete! It will be released at the same time as the game.  (With previous games, it was released a few months later.)
  • Have you wishlisted the game on Steam? Every wishlist is a tiny miracle that helps other players find us!


Soundtrack Preview #1 – Title Track!

Here’s a preview of the title track from 7 Billion Humans – a street buskin’ take on the original Human Resource Machine theme. We thought we’d try and post a new track each week, leading up to launch day. (still unknown, but soon!)

In the meantime, the small handful of beta players are doing an amazing job stress testing the game and coming up with bonkers solutions to puzzles we never expected. More beta invites will continue to trickle out slowly!

Pre-Order and Beta Volunteers for 7 Billion Humans!

Our upcoming game 7 Billion Humans has just been made available for pre-order over here!


*** UPDATE ***

Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered and volunteered for beta testing so far! We’ve begun trickling out beta builds to a few lucky(?) volunteers.

We’re looking for a broad mix of operating systems, experience with programming, age, gender, language, and other stuff, so don’t worry if the Beta Selection Bot hasn’t selected you yet! There are more beta volunteers than we can accommodate, so even if Beta Bot doesn’t draw your name out of the hat, we thank you for supporting us! And you can expect to have a perfectly polished pile of humans ready to play with very soon!

Kyle, Kyle, Allan, and Pete


And as we’ve done with previous games, we will select a few lucky beta testers from among the group of pre-orders. Want to be a beta tester? To help Betty the Beta Bot select the first few rounds of beta testers, PLEASE CHOOSE WISELY:

CHOICE 1: I pre-ordered 7 Billion Humans and would like to help beta test it! I understand that not everyone who fills out this survey can be selected, and that beta testing involves playing something that is not 100% ready, but I want to do it anyway!

CHOICE 2: Please tell me how to pre-order so I can click the first option!

CHOICE 3: I feel emotionally distressed, since neither of the above links apply to my specific situation, but I want to feel like I’m part of something anyway.

Betty the Beta Management Bot

HEY KIDS! Little Inferno Sold 1 Million Copies!

We’ve been so busy working on 7 Billion Humans, that we almost missed an exciting milestone last month: Little Inferno has sold over 1 Million Copies! If we include bundles, that number is actually closer to 2 million legitimate purchases of the Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace – we hope they’ve kept everyone warm!

To celebrate we’re running a Summer in the Winter Sale on all of our platforms – starting today we’re putting Little Inferno and Human Resource Machine on sale everywhere (Thursday for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch).

We wish we could visit everyone who bought Little Inferno and ask each person millions of questions – but until we’re able to do that, we thought we’d dig through the ashes and see what we could discover. Here’s what we found!

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Welcome to the Information Superhighway

In addition to wrapping up 7 Billion Humans, we’ve also been quietly working on another new game – currently going by the title “Welcome to the Information Superhighway“. (We last visited that highway a long time ago, in a very different game!)

This is shaping up to be one of the more game-like games we’ve made. We’ve got a long way to go on a long crooked road, but thought we’d update here as we discover more about it.

What is this internet highway all the kids are faxing about these days? Can I go on an incredible road trip and make lots of broken new friends along the way? Isn’t Tomorrow Corporation made of three grumpy old people who don’t know how to use social media? Yes!

Here’s some concept art for you to send to your dot matrix printer.

And you can sign up for updates on our upcoming games here.

Welcome to the Information Superhighway - Magenta

Welcome to the Information Superhighway - Cyan

Welcome to the Information Superhighway - Yellow