Little Inferno FAQ

Our team of unpaid interns will try to keep this page up to date with all the frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, please ask us directly.


Little Inferno FAQ

I’m playing on iOS and can’t get past the title screen!

This is a bug with iCloud, sorry! We will fix this asap. In the meantime, here is a workaround:

  1. Make sure any iDevices on which you previously played Little Inferno are on and connected to the internet, so they can finish uploading their progress. Launching the game on those other devices may help nudge the iCloud system too.
  2. Failing that, you can either:
    1. Delete Little Inferno data from iCloud (Settings->Usage->iCloud Manage Storage->Little Inferno->Edit->Delete All); or
    2. If you don’t want to sync progress across multiple devices, disable iCloud syncing (Settings->Little Inferno->Set “Save progress on iCloud” to “OFF”.

Where are the save and config files?

On your Windows computer, open a Windows Explorer window, and paste this into the address bar:
%APPDATA%\Little Inferno\

On your Mac computer, look in your user directory:
~/Library/Application Support/Little Inferno/

What does this stuff in my settings.txt file do?

Turn fullscreen on or off.
fullscreen = 0

Set your language. “system” uses your OS or Steam default setting. Other valid values include fr, de, nl, es.
language = system

Set audio volumes.
volume_music = 1.0
volume_sfx = 1.0

Turn vsync on or off. Most people can leave this set to 0. If your graphics card is stressing out or about to explode, try setting this to 1.
vsync = 0

Help I deleted my computer and need to download the game again?

If you ordered from this site, you can always retrieve your download link here. If you ordered from someplace else, you will need to contact the place where you bought the game.

How do I toggle fullscreen mode?

Press ALT+ENTER or f.

What?! You throw things in a fire to get money you use to buy more things? That doesn’t make any sense what’s the gameplay?!

You can fix this by performing the following steps: 1. Open a command window and type “format c:” and press ENTER on your personal computer keyboard. 2.  Go into your kitchen, turn on all your stove’s burners. 3. Walk outside, and keep going, towards the horizon.


Human Resource Machine FAQ


Human Resource Machine welcomes you on October 15, 2015, for PC, Mac, and Nintendo Wii U. Other platforms TBA. Please check our blog for all upcoming news.

Can I buy it on my RAZR wireless mobile?

We’re trying to bring Human Resource Machine to as many devices as possible, but we’re trying to balance our porting efforts with creating new games.

Add me to your press list!

All new information about HRM and future games can be found on this site. Our delightful social media expert, Dandy Wheeler, also occasionally sends out updates on Twitter and Facebook if you follow those sorts of things.