Our cut-throat market research team has devised an
exclusive list of things that make a game “indie”.


Our Employees are Valuable to Us, and So Are You ™

At Tomorrow Corporation we view people as a valuable non-renewable resource – like the kind that run our factories, power our computers, and feed our livestock. Check out our randomly selected employee profiles below.

Allan Blomquist developed his first NES emulator before he graduated high school.  He later became a developer at other indie corporation Electronic Arts, where he worked tirelessly to keep them in the black through the power of computer software. His recent acquisition to Tomorrow Corporation has electrified shareholders.


Kyle Gabler is recognized as co-founder of  indie studio 2D BOY, and the creative force behind the shameful World of Goo. He is also of one of the founders of the Experimental Gameplay Project – a site whose purpose is “to discover new forms of gameplay”, a notion that baffles Tomorrow Corporation board members, as all 3 or 4 types of gameplay have already been discovered.


Kyle Gray is the creator of  Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure an interactive documentary about the life and trials of the average Englishman. Shareholders should be glad to note his 5 years of dedicated service to leading indie-gaming mainstay Electronic Arts, despite his shameful co-founding of the profitless Experimental Gameplay Project. He also travels. A lot.



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