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Now Available on iOS, 7 Billion Humans!

Whip out your iPhone and/or iPad! Text your boss and tell them you quit! And then navigate to the Apple App Store and download your steaming hot new game of 7 Billion Humans! YOU’RE HIRED!

Some fun facts:

  • Available as a Universal App (which means a single purchase works on your iPads and iPhones).
  • Automate your swarms of workers on any device with iOS 10 and higher.
  • Begin your new career in any of 13 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.
  • Download your fabulous new soundtrack here!
  • More info, trailers, gifs, here!
  • Thanks everyone, and happy programming!

45 Responses to “Now Available on iOS, 7 Billion Humans!”

  1. super_kirill225 says:

    Something is wrong with the names of the teams in Russian. I do not know how during the game (only tomorrow I can buy), but in the screenshots there is a problem.

  2. PunchyCat says:

    It looks and acts kind of funky on iphone xs.

    – The black camera thing on the screen covers some of the content
    – The game keeps prompting to rotate to portrait which then only shows the commands and not the whole game area.

    See screenshot:

  3. Riddip says:


  4. Looks Like I've Lost says:

    Noises of approval.

  5. Tim Kist says:

    “But we want good paying Androids!”

  6. SteeleDynamics says:

    Good work, guys! I’m anxiously awaiting the Android release!

    • Denny says:

      Uh yeah… Android would be an instant buy. (I already bought on Steam, but… solving puzzles while commuting would be so much fun)

  7. Iestyn says:

    Really serious save game bug report:

    When the app suspends, it does not autosave!

    Several times now I have returned to the app and had to rewrite a solution from scratch because the app was reset by ios and it hadn’t saved anything from the prior session!

    The workaround is to exit to the level select screen EVERY time you lock your phone or switch to another app.

    Other than that, loving the game – Zach would be proud! 😉

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Thanks for letting us know! I believe your solution is saved every time you run your program as well.

      • iestyn says:

        That doesn’t match my experience so there may be a new bug.

        In at least two cases, I iterated on (ie ran) a solution multiple times before locking my phone, and when I returned the puzzle was reset to its starting state with an empty solution.

        • iestyn says:

          I can confirm that running the code does not trigger an autosave. I tested this on both iPad (mini 2) and iPhone (X). Returning to level select seems to trigger autosave though.

    • Life says:

      It seems like a save button should be added. This would also be helpful in teaching people to manually save their work instead of trusting auto save.

  8. iestyn says:

    Request: faster iteration. When iterating on improving a solution, takes too long to get the results screen where instruction count and time are reported. It goes through the manager’s spiel every time (which to be fair is only funny the first time).

    Really it needs to show a timer onscreen while the solution is running. Being able to set a break point in the code would help with this too (ala exapunks).

  9. iestyn says:

    Minor request: make duplicating instructions easier. For example if you drag an instruction or clause onto the copy button then it copies it to the clipboard.

    Along the same lines, the step instruction should default to whatever was selected last so you can step several times in one direction quickly.

  10. adi says:

    Hi I am a fan of all your games and love them a lot. Especially human resource machine and 7 billion humans.

    a small request would be – having the option to enable/disable screen rotation in the games while programming.

  11. Bob says:

    Please fix the auto save – also, is the debugger broken? Why sometimes you step forward and one of the little workers will jump forward two commands while the rest do not????

  12. Bob S says:

    And I don’t understand why sometimes if you hit single step it will just start running and keep running…

  13. Bob Sc says:

    Sorry to spam this blog – is there a forum? I’m also wondering how to make an IF statement with no ELSE? The ELSE consumes a step. I didn’t think it was possible, but just now I made a program which continued after the IF without using an else, and I don’t know how I did it???

  14. wei says:

    Hello,the 55 year “foreachdir” only can remember one number(left up).could you help me to know how to use foreachdir?

  15. NikKa says:

    Hi guys, great work.
    FYI, there is an obvious cheat that allowed me to beat a few of your best known solutions: I was able to paste and execute commands that are not in the list of the available ones for those levels.
    Doesn’t look like an intended “feature”.
    Also an alternative way to contact/report bugs would have been nice.

  16. Destructor2800 says:

    Have you thougth about implementing a level editor? I think you have a really huge community that can do cool stuff with a tool like that.
    And good job with the game! I’m having a really good time playing!

  17. Daniel F says:

    Façam o jogo para android por favor . Android please .

  18. WhoIsAbishag says:

    Can You Get The languages In “Human Resource Machine” And “7 Billion Humans” listed on GitHub in the .gitignore list of Programming Languages”?” Thanks

  19. Dan-The-Squid says:

    I don’t want you guys to feel rushed, but when do you think you’ll be able to share more news about Welcome to the Information Superhighway?

  20. Seymour says:

    Why does the Android app need “read phone status and identity” permissions?

  21. New_fan says:

    Hello, played a lot in HRM, one of the best apps in google play!
    Really interested to know, when 7BH will be ported for Android.

  22. Tom says:


    I’m an android user, I played your first game Human Resource Machine on my tablet, and I loved it. I next plan to play 7 Billions Human, therefore I’d like to know if you plan to release it on android platforms, and if so, do you have any idea when?

    Thanks for your reply! (And of course, for such amazing games 😉 )


  23. Ryan Steele says:

    Anxiously awaiting 7 Billion Humans Android release!

    Hope your port to Java is going smoothly!

    (Cries in ISO C++)

  24. Dobum Kim says:

    Please, Make apply screen rotation lock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to enjoy this game on the bed!!

  25. Vonorim says:

    Any news about Android version? Please ;(

  26. NyanCat237 says:

    Android… pleeease 🙁
    Why ios…

  27. User670 says:

    Hi there,

    When can we get Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional) for Steam?


  28. Ralf K. says:

    played the game on IOs and loved it.

    As I found no link to a bug database, here is a little translation bug:

    I played it in german localization and was confused on level 68 Goodbye, Humans!
    The german translation is “Alle Arbeitskräfte müssen durch das Loch den Raum verlassen.” which means “All workers must exit the room through the hole”. As there are five holes I was wondering which hole was meant. I found it out by switching to english which says ‘… hole at the bottom of the room.’. A better explanation in german would be

    “Alle Arbeitskräfte müssen durch das untere Loch den Raum verlassen.”

    Keep up the good work!

    Ralf K.

  29. Zach says:

    Please port to android. I bought HRM and love it.

  30. sepehr says:


  31. Denis says:

    Thanks. That’s great. Waiting for Android release.

  32. Erfan says:

    Hi, please release it for android too.