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First Little Inferno Fan Art

Little Inferno Fan Art Sara Mena

We’ve hardly released any info on Little Inferno, so we were especially amazed to discover such a fantastic piece of fan art exists! Created by illustrator Sara Mena.

UPDATE: Thanks, it appears we also missed Mark H’s massive furnace here!

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6 Responses to “First Little Inferno Fan Art”

  1. MOM4Evr says:

    Aww, my Minecraft furnace didn’t count? Mmkay then. Nice drawing, btw.

  2. David Amador says:

    Ahhh this is awesome!
    She’s gonna be thrilled!

    Looking forward to the game =)

  3. Tomorrow Corporation PR says:

    MOM4Evr, your Minecraft construction is great, but maybe they just didn´t see it 😉
    That´s an awesome Art! :O ^^ Congratz. Sara Mena 🙂 You´re really talented 😀

  4. Aww, thanks guys. I feel properly honored now. You’re the best. 🙂

    Though, to be fair, it looks like Sara put a whole lot more effort into her fanart then I did, and it’s 9001% more awesome, so I have no real right to complain. Great job, Sara! 🙂

  5. Tomorrow Corporation PR says:

    See, I told you they didn´t see it, Mark H (MOM4Evr in Goofans.com 😉 )
    Its really a great Minecraft Construction 😉

  6. Tomorrow Corp Worker says:

    You should reupload Mark H’s massive furnace image

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