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Happy Birthday, 7 Billion Humans!

We’re putting all our games on sale this weekend in honor of 7 Billion Humans‘ 1-year birthday! If you haven’t played it yet and you’re a fan of programming puzzlers like Human Resource Machine, and especially if you like telling people what to do, 7 Billion Humans is for you!

Look for all 3 Tomorrow Corporation classics Little Inferno, Human Resource Machine, and 7 Billion Humans – all on sale just about everywhere: Steam, GOG, Humble Store, Epic, here on our own site, as well as iOS, and Android.

Already have all of them? Get them for a friend! Don’t have any friends? Give strangers Tomorrow Corp games and make new friends!

Android folks, we haven’t forgotten you either. The three of us have been quietly working away on Welcome to the Information Superhighway, but the Android version of 7 Billion Humans is on the way. No exact release date, but we’re hoping to release it before the end of the year. When there’s more to share, we’ll do it here.

Happy birthday, 7 Billion Humans, and enjoy the sale!

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11 Responses to “Happy Birthday, 7 Billion Humans!”

  1. Braxton says:

    Happy Birthday indeed! I can’t wait to see what Welcome to the Informations Superhighway will look like. Congratulations, Tomorrow Corp!

  2. Antonina says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope Android release is coming some day soon 🙂

  3. Alexander says:

    Hello! Happy birthday! But it seems that Human Resource Machine is not on sale on iOS. Was there some kind of mistake?

  4. PBtmm says:

    can,t wait for the discord channel after you release Welcome to the Information Superhighway

  5. Looks Like I've Lost says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  6. Dan says:

    Is there any plan to add an expansion or allow the community to make their own levels?

  7. Life says:

    I love both of these games (Human Resource Machine & 7 Billion People) The only issues I have is that I wish the debug on 7 Billion People was the same as on Human Resource Machine and I also wish that comments could be typed into a text box with the ability to scroll so I can leave good comments for myself. The “comments” now are virtually just labels. I would pay for this feature and I would be able to use this app more. I picked up this app after a few weeks and I could not even figure out how I came up with the answer. This is very frustrating as it is a potentially fun way to learn but as it stands, it is only usable to programmers who can follow the logic. I left a good review of both of your apps because I really would like others to get it. The ability to add meaningful comments would really set this game apart. Please consider adding a real comment box for those of us willing to pay for it. Also the text box needs to be able to attach to each code block starting with level 1. If you don’t want it to clutter the place then make them collapsible and able to be read when one steps through the program. In collapsible form, the textbox could be a little square or oval icon to the side of the box that reads ” … ” (or have a tiny picture of a notepad or something). Please, I’m begging you! Thank you for your time and consideration.

  8. Bernd Lauert says:

    I bought this game for the Switch lite. Let me say it is excellent. But i do have a problem. I can’t use the built in Joycons of the Switch lite, only the touch screen.
    Will you fix this bug in a future update?
    Or maybe am i doing something wrong?

    Best regards.