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Talkin’ About Little Inferno

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Title Screen

I gave a talk about the things we learned while making Little Inferno at GDC this year,but completely forgot to post it here. There were some difficulties with sound during the presentation, so I ended up singing half of the lyrics of the jingle on stage. With no back up audio. In front of 600 or so people.

Despite the technical difficulties, the talk went pretty well! If you’re interested in learning about the story behind Little Inferno, it’s worth a gander. Just please ignore my bad singing.

Something Else is Burning

In other news, we’ve been quietly prototyping a few different game ideas for a little while now. Nothing new to report just yet, but it has been nice to go back to our roots. Strange to think we wrote that paper almost 9 years ago!




Little Inferno for Android NOW AVAILABLE! [UPDATED]

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Little Inferno for Android

Toasty robots, type in your unlock codes! Swype across your parallaxing desktop! And ask Google’s permission to begin downloading your brand new Little Inferno for Android! It’s rolling out right now, worldwide at a launch discount of $2.99 (normally $4.99).

All reasonably recent devices should be able to handle the game just fine –  requiring Android OS 4.1 (JellyBean) or higher, 1GB RAM or higher, and 1GHz processor speed or higher. Any older device that is not compatible will be immediately incinerated.

Load Your DisketteThanks for your patience, everyone, while we put this together. And thanks to the folks at Apportable for making this happen. Let us know below how it works for you, and we’ll try and be quick about updates!



An update has just launched, version 1.2, on Google Play and Humble Store. Update on Amazon coming shortly after some more QA.

  • There should be better performance overall.
  • Less battery usage.
  • Rounded icon corners! (A highly requested feature.)

For those who have encountered a crash when using the My Pictures item to load photos, our Android experts think this can be solved with a device setting, “Every device has a setting that closes an activity as soon as the device switches to another activity.  So basically, as soon as the phone pulls up the Photo Gallery, it closes Little Inferno.  If we enable that setting, then play Little Inferno, we see the exact same behavior users are describing.  All you have to do to fix this is turn off that setting.” For those who are seeing this crash, does this help?

Note: The Android folks are still looking into NVidia Shield and TegraNote devices. If you’re still encountering any issues, the quickest way to get tech support is to contact our Android folks at Apportable by emailing here: androidsupport at


Little Inferno Tossed into the iPad App Store

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Little Inferno #4 on iPad App Store

We tossed Little Inferno into the iPad App Store fire yesterday, hoped for the best, and subsequently watched with potpourri in our eyes as it crawled its way up to #4 in the charts as of this writing. Thanks to everyone who wrote thoughtful reviews so far, both in the app store, and especially those whose quotes we totally clipped out and stuck all over our screenshots – see all five below!

To create this version of Little Inferno for iOS, we worked with the talented Gil Carmel (and Ron’s brother), who was the same fellow responsible for the iOS version of World of Goo.

Snuggling up with Miss Nancy: We’ve seen a few articles so far describing Little Inferno as a damning criticism of social/casual games. But to be clear – although Little Inferno has a lot of fun flamboyantly using social/casual game mechanics, the game is not mean to be a mean spirited attack on other games. In fact, a couple of us here at Tomorrow Corporation actually enjoy games like Tiny Tower, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! (seriously, try it). So, while the satire aspect of Little Inferno is undeniably there, I’d call it more of a friendly ribbing – and certainly not the reason for the game to exist – really just a lowly tool in service of a simpler, hopefully more heart-warming, less game-specific overall message. Hope that helps! Do you have more questions for Miss Nancy? Ask below in the comments!

Here are the five App Store screenshots – click for full resolution versions:







Little Inferno iPad Releasing This Week

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Little Inferno iPad Release Date Friends

BREAKING WEATHER REPORT! Tomorrow Corporation has just learned that Little Inferno for iPad will be available beginning this Thursday, January 31. It will joyfully melt screens of all iPad versions from iPad2 and up. Up up up.

We’ve also been informed that Fire Safety Spokesperson and cartoon dog named Sparky is calling for Little Inferno to be removed from the eShop. Video games these days can be dangerous! But weirdly, when I think of Little Inferno and the ideas it tries to ignite, setting things on fire is never the first thing to pop into my head. (Warning spoilers!) Also kitties.

UPDATE 1: As with the Wii U and PC versions, the iPad version will also ship in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and German. Updates for Brazilian Portuguese and Italian will be coming soon for all platforms. Thanks again to our volunteer translators!

UPDATE 2: There will be GameCenter achievements available for those that choose to connect to GameCenter.

UPDATE 3: Just like the other versions of the game, Little Inferno on iPad is still 100% free of in app purchases, ads, spam, etc. You’ll get Just The Game and nothing else!

Inferno Pad Little Inferno for iPad

IGF Nominations for Little Inferno

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Little Inferno IGF Nominations

The IGF Finalists were posted last week – and I suppose we’ve been kindof speechless about it until now – Little Inferno was recognized in 5 of the 7 categories, with three nominations including the Grand Prize, and two honorable mentions. After expecting a big fat zero for an admittedly strange and controversial game, we’re kindof astonished. So thanks judges, and congrats to all the other nominees – looks like we’ll see you at GDC in March!