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World of Goo 2 Launch Date Enhanced, now August 2, 2024!

Tuesday, April 16th, 2024

The Goo is flowing, balls are coalescing, and blinking eyes lift up towards the sky where a mysterious pipe is rumored to appear. But instead, a signpost rises up out of the ground. “Good news!,” it says. “The World of Goo 2 launch date has been enhanced. It has now moved to August 2, 2024. We are proud to offer you this enhancement free of charge!”

From the Team: We have really appreciated your kind comments and patience while we finish building the best possible game!

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World of Goo 2 – Now with 100% More Release Dates and Platforms!

Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

Mark your calendar with a wet black stain – World of Goo 2 releases on May 23, 2024!

You’ll be able to get it on the Nintendo Switch (via the eShop), on the Epic Games Store (for Windows and Mac), and on WorldOfGoo2.com (for Windows, Mac, and Linux).

But I want to play it on my heavy computer that’s strapped to my face and sprays pixels into my eyeballs.

Don’t see your favorite platform listed? Don’t worry. Throw your other platforms in the trash, and get it from one of the above!

Tell me more!

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Announcing World of Goo 2!

Thursday, December 7th, 2023

The original World of Goo came out 15 years ago. The world is a little older now, and so are we. And you. You can’t stop progress!

Welcome, World of Goo 2!

We’ve been quietly revisiting World of Goo. How has it changed in 15 years? What new gameplay possibilities will we discover? What wonderful new creatures and characters and ancient monuments will we meet? We’re still deep in development, but we’re excited to finally share with you some of what we’ve been building, in our very first trailer, above.

The original World of Goo developer 2DBOY has teamed up with Tomorrow Corporation to build the biggest game we’ve ever made. We hope you will love it as much as we’ve loved building and discovering this new world so far.

Lot’s more to share soon. Welcome back, friends. We’re all in this together.

More info here: https://worldofgoo2.com