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World of Goo 2 – Now with 100% More Release Dates and Platforms!

Mark your calendar with a wet black stain – World of Goo 2 releases on May 23, 2024!

You’ll be able to get it on the Nintendo Switch (via the eShop), on the Epic Games Store (for Windows and Mac), and on WorldOfGoo2.com (for Windows, Mac, and Linux).

But I want to play it on my heavy computer that’s strapped to my face and sprays pixels into my eyeballs.

Don’t see your favorite platform listed? Don’t worry. Throw your other platforms in the trash, and get it from one of the above!

Tell me more!

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37 Responses to “World of Goo 2 – Now with 100% More Release Dates and Platforms!”

  1. Volcanojungle says:

    Holy!! That’s so nice! Can’t wait to play it, and seeing a lot of people help you two is a great thing, i hope everything’s ok for your families and jobs too :p

    • KyleGray says:

      There’s a nice interview with Ron and Kyle (Gabler) up on epic’s site, if you haven’t seen it: https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/news/interview-world-of-goo-s-triumphant-return-will-feature-flowing-gloopy-oozy-goo

      • Volcanojungle says:

        I’ve read everything that was out when you posted the article 🙂 i’m glad we have this new interview, though it was one day late from a presentation i was giving on Kyle Gabler i enjoyed reading the news and puns!

      • AsheronVader says:

        Will it ever be available on mobile?? My favorite game ever is World of Goo, and I can’t wait for 2. Just don’t ruin it with exhausting good graphics. I actually like the rusty work. As the interview said, “It’s duct taped together, and we like that.

      • Saud Arishi says:

        Really excited to play World Of Goo 2!
        I just knew about the announcement and I’m really happy because this game deserves to have a new one.

        I want to offer you my support by translating the game into Arabic language and I had some previous localization works.

        I hope my message reaches you, you can contact with me through Email. There are many Arabic gamers out there and they would love any Arabic translated game 🙂

  2. TheBestPessimist says:

    What about GOG? Could you please release to GOG as well?

    • Ariel Rozenkrantz says:

      I Agree with you, Steam and GOG are mandatory.

      • NoWay says:

        Why though? If it were just a Epic Games release I’d understand the upset but they’re doing a DRM free release straight from their site, if I don’t have to use the bloated software that Steam, GOG or Epic are then that’s all the better.

  3. MOM4Evr says:

    Eagerly awaiting a box where I can throw money for a video game to come out. Best of luck on the launch!

  4. Emi_the_furry says:

    will it ever be on mobile

  5. Cayden says:


  6. Martin Z. says:

    I am not gonna install that Epic Store garbage. I guess I’ll have to wait until you decide to go with Steam. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  7. Balthazar says:

    Guess I’ll wait for a Steam release. I’m not buying it on Epic, and I’ll just lose track of it on a standalone storefront.

  8. Rich Gladwell says:

    Amazing. But I don’t want it on a heavy computer. I want it on that handy little device I carry in my pocket. When are you going to release it to the masses on iOS and Android?!

  9. Alefen says:

    I hope there’s some support for steam, even if it’s not on release. So excited though!

  10. imgradeone says:

    Awesome, finally approach to my renewed childhood work.
    However, I still wish that it could be avaliable on Steam, even though Epic is not too bad (except for their client).

  11. pchelyndus says:

    That’s very very very cool! But we really need Steam…

    • cherkovskiy says:

      yeah, otherwise the sequel might share the fate of its prequel in regards of sales to plays ratio…

  12. Erik says:

    first day buyer of the original World of Goo here.
    I am sooooo glad that you are doing a sequel to this masterpiece.

    And of course I will buy it here at your site as I did with the Original.

  13. Alex says:

    I’m throwing all of my money on the screen, they’re doing nothing!

    Huge fan of the original all the way since 2009, had it on Wii, Steam, and Switch! Hopefully there’ll be a limited physical release for World of Goo 2 like what you did for the original World of Goo on Switch via Super Rare, would totally snatch up. Can’t wait for May, already this is my most hyped game of the year!

  14. Benedikt says:

    I understand you are unable to publish the game to Steam for whatever reason at launch. Will it be available at a later time though? I’d really like to have it grouped with the other tomorrow corporation games in my steam library. Having a single one of the games on another platform is really inconvenient imo.

  15. cherkovskiy says:

    well i gotta say that i cannot be more happy that World of Goo is getting a much deserved sequel and after i first saw the trailer i patiently waited for more information regarding the game, now that the epic team behind it has awoken from their slumber again since then, i certainly have some insight into what weve received in the status update, i think its an odd idea not having the game on steam (at launch, hopefully its gonna come at a later time) despite the praise the developers pointed out for steam in the interview (there goes the idea of having 100% more platforms..)
    and local multiplayer sounds like a PHENOMENAL addition but then you realize its going to be console exclusive and not on the PC version, oof, that upsets me alot, sounds like the fluid didnt flicker enough for that one, in any case, this update brought joys and tears but it did not fail to bring letdown and other dismay in its own way, in the end, im definetly anticipating World of Goo 2 and i hope for more information from the developers in the coming weeks,

  16. cherkovskiy says:

    When will trailer 2 come around? or trailer 3, considering we already got one for nintendo

  17. Garfield says:

    Really excited, but why not release it on Steam? Would be much more convenient.

  18. Zoko_cx says:

    If not on Steam then at least on GoG.

    I will not play it even when will be free on EPIC one day.

  19. samie says:

    this is amazing!! i cant wait to be transported back to my childhood and to the simpler times with this game :]

  20. Swesty says:

    Pretty disappointed with the Epic exclusivity, I guess the game isn’t coming out until May 23rd 2025…

    …but I was able to wait 15 years, I can wait one more!

  21. Drew says:

    Any chance of a physical release for Switch?

  22. Joseph Biden says:

    Can’t wait to finally buy it if it releases on Steam later!

  23. cosmic thrill seeker says:

    This game was my childhood, I’m so happy

  24. Max Kasprzak says:

    So excited for the sequel!! After like nine years since playing the first, I can’t wait to play another World of Goo game. 😀

  25. Matin says:

    Is “Welcome to Information Superhighway” cancelled officially?

  26. Miguel Caparróz says:

    It would be so awesome if there was a port of World of Goo 2 to Nintendo Wii. It would certainly give us nostalgic vibes. Anyways I’m so exited for this game to come out!

  27. Harrypotr (thats my switch name) says:

    World of goo is one of my favorite games ever I am so glad that there will be WoG 2