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Human Resource Machine Will be Available in 10 Languages


Human Languages of Human Resource Machine

One day we’ll all communicate in a common digital language without ambiguity. But until then, we’ll make every effort to accommodate the inefficient languages our meat brains understand.

And one of our favorite parts of making indie games the last few years is the community translation project. Little Inferno, World of Goo, and now Human Resource Machine, have been fully translated by real live humans from around the world – very patient people who’ve gracefully handled terrible puns, obtuse idioms, and all.

So we’re proud to announce that Human Resource Machine will be available in 10 languages – English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese – much thanks to our fellow translators listed below, as they appear in the credits.



EDITOR’S NOTE: Our executive team would also like to thank Dominik Wojnar, who helped translate HRM into Polish. Somehow, our vast QA team missed the omission of his name in the Credits. They will be downsized.

19 Responses to “Human Resource Machine Will be Available in 10 Languages”

  1. Luckytime says:

    I love that this was able to happen, so much can be accomplished when people work together. Kudos to the translators even though I cannot appreciate your efforts 🙁

  2. puggsoy says:

    Love the community translation idea 🙂 I’ll be sure to give the game a spin in Dutch.

  3. IT'S TIME says:

    EGP 2016 confirmed!

  4. Susie Shi says:

    I liked your “World of Goo” game so much! I found the “Human Resource” game on Steam and thus your website here and I was so surprised to know that you’re a three person team!

    You may want to know that as a Chinese I know there’re many many people like your games just like me. And I have been dreaming about working with game teams as translator (I majored in interpreting and translation from English to Chinese [and the other way around] in my Bachelor and Master)! Well this is not so much as a job application. I just want you to know that I like your game very much and I wish I can contribute to it!

    Do you have any plan to translate this game and games after into Chinese? Please let me know!

    • KyleGray says:

      Hi Susie! We’re definitely interested in bringing our games to Chinese players. If you’re still interested in helping us translate Human Resource Machine into Chinese, sending us an email at contact@tomorrowcorporation.com and we’ll go from there.

    • Mygod says:

      Hey have you joined the official translation group? I’ve just finished the Chinese translation just now but feel free to join and correct our translation since you seem more professional than me at least. 😛

  5. Gargaj says:

    Aww, I would’ve loved to throw Hungarian in to the mix. Too late? :/

  6. Sander Mak says:

    How do I change the language in the game?

  7. andrea says:

    Michele… simply the best!

  8. Lorenzo says:

    Thank you to Michele Colombo, the best translator of the world

  9. Stefan says:

    Michele Colombo rocks! Good job mate!

  10. pavo says:

    More languages, more happy users … good to hear. 🙂

    I would translate the sentence “It’s going to change everything” into german as “*Es* wird alles verändern.” Maybe it’s just a typo, but “er” (de) means “he” (en) and “es” (de) means “it” (en). If I read “Er wird…”, then I’ll think there’s some male person, maybe some kind of boss opponent, who will change everything.


    • chriskringel says:

      “Es” instead of “Er”, true!

      OK, generally in-game the language in HRM is quite technical, but sometimes the German text is too “blocky”. However I have no idea how I would translate some word any better. But a small real error just appears in the level selection menu. “Welcome, employees” should be “Willkommen, Angestellte” but in the game it’s translated with “Willkommen, angestellten”. A more coffee-time-bureau-like translation with little more warmth to it would be “Willkommen, Mitarbeiter”.

      I just ended up playing the game in English. However when switched back to German the translation as a whole is not that bad. Actually pretty good. I guess this translatoin and me we just had a bad start and we’re starting to like each other more and more. 😉

      While the German translations concerning ‘World of Goo’ (however in Steam Windows version the backgrounds are broken and show English text, while in Steam Linux version it works also with the backgrounds, e.g. background sign in level 1) and ‘Little Inferno’ were pretty much excellent. If the same guy did those at least a huge thank you from me.

      PS: My English is not subject to our discussion. ^^

  11. Hi
    I’m a fan of your games from IRAN.
    I translate all text in Human Resource Machine game to Persian.

    It’s my honor to adding the Persian language for this perfect game.

    Best Regards
    Mostafa Zabet