We are a 3 person team. Here are our games so far:

7 Billion Humans is coming to Android on July 15th!

ATTENTION ALL EMPLOYEES: The Human Resource Department at Tomorrow Corporation is opening a new Android division of 7 Billion Humans

Starting July 15th, Management expects all new Android employees to show up promptly at 10am PST, at the Google Play Store in full business attire. Business-casual, pajama bottoms, and athleisure wear will not be tolerated!

In case you missed it, you can find the fabulous new soundtrack here!

What is 7 Billion Humans? How can we know? Fine more info, trailers, gifs, here!

WAT?! What’s Going on with Tomorrow Corporation?!

The gates have been closed as long as anyone can remember, but the great gears keep turning… So what’s going on at Tomorrow Corporation anyway?

Last year we hunkered down like so many people around the world, and we’re now slowly starting to emerge from our digital slumber. Expect more updates in this space soon!

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9 Responses to “7 Billion Humans is coming to Android on July 15th!”

  1. Nevets (steven) says:

    Awesome! So glad to hear from you guys again! Stay safe.

  2. Braxton says:

    Glad to know you can continue even without a CEO!

  3. Ferodich says:

    Great News! Hopefully we’ll get some information soon! Good Luck!

  4. A valued customer says:

    Oh boy! It’s finally coming out for Android, and it’s only three years late!

  5. pchelyndus says:

    YAY! You are alive! Can’t wait for the “Welcome to The Information Highway”.

  6. Robert Hahn says:

    I can’t believe it! An update after all this time!

  7. Eon says:

    Waited for its Android version quite a while, then I purchased it in Nintendo Switch platform last month…

  8. Onddilrr says:

    And… Faster android w.i.s.h
    (welcome to the information super highway)