We are a 3 person team. Here are our games so far:

Welcome to the Information Superhighway

In addition to wrapping up 7 Billion Humans, we’ve also been quietly working on another new game – currently going by the title “Welcome to the Information Superhighway“. (We last visited that highway a long time ago, in a very different game!)

This is shaping up to be one of the more game-like games we’ve made. We’ve got a long way to go on a long crooked road, but thought we’d update here as we discover more about it.

What is this internet highway all the kids are faxing about these days? Can I go on an incredible road trip and make lots of broken new friends along the way? Isn’t Tomorrow Corporation made of three grumpy old people who don’t know how to use social media? Yes!

Here’s some concept art for you to send to your dot matrix printer.

And you can sign up for updates on our upcoming games here.

Welcome to the Information Superhighway - Magenta

Welcome to the Information Superhighway - Cyan

Welcome to the Information Superhighway - Yellow

90 Responses to “Welcome to the Information Superhighway”

  1. Dainina says:

    Looks really cool! I’ve been in love with all of your games and can’t wait to see your foray into a more “game-like game”. <3

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Thanks guys, hope to see you there!

      • Braxton says:

        Cool looking game! I wish we could hear more on it, though. It’s been over a year with only this teaser. But still, good luck with it!

        Also, the person in the top picture has the most normal hands I’ve really ever seen in your games, lol. Again, good luck!

  2. Alex says:

    H Y P E,i can’t wait for the release of thi awesome game!!!,i’m a big fan of all your games,congratulations for all your work guys 😀

  3. Superleximus says:

    a NEW GAME?????????? yessssssssssszsss

  4. Outdoorsy1 says:

    Looks awesome! I can’t wait to go on the road trip through the Information Superhighway!

  5. Hector says:

    This looks amazing! I’ve been waiting for ages to see something World of Goo related and it’s finally here; I feel like I’m dreaming! Just one quick question: will it take place before or after the events of World of Goo?v

    • KyleGray says:

      The name is similar to the 4th chapter of WOG, but the two games are unrelated. We hope to share more about the development process with this one as well.

  6. These are BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait to see more!

  7. Finn says:

    I’ve been a great fan since World of Goo in WiiWare, I’ve bought it three times for now! Can’t wait for this and 7 Billion Humans, THE HYPE. I LUV U

    (((also a collection of all five games with physical release would be my most loved treasure)))

  8. Outdoorsy1 says:

    I just realized that the colors of the posters, magenta, yellow, and cyan are printer ink colors. Very clever!

  9. EudGenius says:

    So many new projects out of nowhere, it makes my head spin %)

    But hey, I’m not complaining. Every game you make is a gem so complaining about having more of them would be a crime.

  10. kainamor says:

    You guys have always been in my top3 favorite dev list and I am so pumped anytime I see something coming out. The art looks great and just the style I have come to love. Looking forward to it!

  11. parapassal says:

    Looks great, the splash art looks awesome. waiting it to release 😀

  12. Jafet Vidal says:

    I love your jobs ,your art style and your perfectly ideas ^^ ,you’ll have a great future ,Luck luck luck!!!

  13. Jafet Vidal says:

    MOM ,are you here?

    (I love you games ,they are a really genius creativitily!!! Luck ,luck, luck!!! <3 greetings for all us ^^)

  14. myx says:

    The posters look amazing! Can’t wait!

  15. Parker says:

    Anything from Tomorrow Corporation puts a grin on my face! Can’t wait to see what comes up next!

  16. person says:

    It’s going to change everything.

  17. Darxoon says:

    HYPED! I love all of your games, and i can’t wait!

  18. Daniil says:

    Thank you for all what you ve done. From world of goo to 7 bil humans. Its filled with soo unique atmosphere i just cant remember other games like yours! Wish you good luck and NO creative crizis at all!

  19. Mrparkinson says:

    I already like this, but i bet itll be ready in may 2019.maybe the 12?Hhmmm?

  20. Luckytime says:

    I’m in love with this company. Just like with SuperGiant Games, I’ve bought all your titles so far because I love the message you’re trying to put out. I’m glad to hear you’re working on a “game-like” game now, should be interesting and I’m looking forward to it!

  21. Butter10 says:

    YES!!! Im so happy! Im your big fan since i played world of goo! Can’t wait to see more of your new game. Hope it will be similliar to WoG and Little Inferno

  22. Matt says:

    Sweeeeeet! Love all your games! I can’t wait.

  23. Sebastian says:

    Oh yes my guys! I’m ready!

  24. thestill98 says:

    You guys are awesome! i played all your games and i can not wait for this one.

    you are my favorite developers. love your design. is really unique.

  25. Thiago says:

    I love your games, Little Inferno is in my heart, i love it
    I can’t wait for another game from Tomorrow Corporation 😉
    You guys are awesome

  26. Darxoon says:

    I hope you include 7bh’s boss man’s calendars.
    If not, please do it 😉

  27. Jpmz says:

    Is that…SugarPlums!?!?!?

  28. Tior says:

    love your team! i been followed you guys from WOG! hope more game cameout to show up! Keep going!

  29. AdmiralLordM says:

    Just make sure that there is a song “You will be evaluated – eventually” (or something).
    I love the other two – i think these are the best to play on quiet nights and try to solve the puzzles 🙂

  30. Nyx says:

    I’m love with your art, can’t wait to play this one. The posters look amazing!

  31. Dasha says:

    Hi! I just replayed Little Inferno, it was so lovely. My favourite game forever. I LOVED Little Inferno and 7 Billion Humans. I would LOVE if you released Little Inferno 2! It’s fine if you don’t have enough time, and you won’t do it. I still love you all. Thanks for doing such an amazing games. “It’s Little Inferno just for meeee”. xoxo.

  32. MailBox says:

    -we’re gonna live forever

  33. Marthijn says:

    I really wanted to let you guys know that I LOVE your games. I played little inferno a lot of times and I think that human resource machine is the best puzzle game i ever played. I just bought 7 billion humans and i cant wait to play it 🙂

  34. Markyguy says:


  35. 14 says:

    nae nae day is upon us all run

  36. Eric says:

    These kind of dreams are worth building. I always felt relieved after I listen to your music after a hard day.

  37. Kyle says:

    Hey Devs.

    Thank you for the great games you’ve made.
    It’s soooo much fun and brain-killing (sometimes). Please keep it up that way.
    Love all your games.

    Thanks a lot


  38. Max Kasprzak says:

    I love your games Little Inferno and World of Goo. I can not wait for this new game 🙂

  39. DFA says:

    it make me think of the chapter 4 of world of goo

  40. liliana says:

    i like oire gamese bate netx time mecete yardo

  41. Stas says:

    А вы будете делать world off goo 2?

  42. Fedor says:

    Of course i wait! Can you do world of goo 2?

  43. […] buckle down and process what it’s asking of you. The developers’ next project promises to be a ‘road trip adventure’, and after two esoteric puzzlers we’ve got our fingers crossed that it’ll be a real treat for a […]

  44. Ivan says:

    I am writing to you from the snow-covered Belarus, this is next to Russia.
    My name is Ivan (Russian name lol)

    I’ll start from the beginning. Once upon a time. (it was 2009) I just started learning computer games and everything connected with it. I was only 8 years old then. And on my computer was installed World of goo. And in the beginning I did not understand what to do in this strange game. I did not understand what kind of balls and where to put them. But I liked the music and the atmosphere, so I just turned on and looked at the beautiful picture (lol). But then my brother understood what to do and we started going through it, my God, how cool it was. It was great. We went through it completely. Today (I’m 17 already) I downloaded into your game again. And this is very cool. It’s as if I’ve been in the past, it’s almost a time machine. I did not even expect this. The game was a breeze. After that, I download more games (Little Inferno. Human RM) and it’s awesome, They are very atmospheric. Unbelievable. How do you manage such stunning games? I look forward to Informational SH, I hope you will not fail. I will also be happy if I receive an autograph photo from your team. If not difficult. Good luck to you all!

  45. Human Resource Machine and 7 Billion Humans are my all time favorite games. Awesome concepts and execution. I would give up my left pinky finger to get a sandbox for them. Keep up the great work.

  46. wishdokta says:

    When you click on the Tomorrow Corporation website and see a new project with World of Goo reference.
    Yes, please. Because I burnt everything else in the fireplace.

  47. Jeremiah says:

    It’s just tiring to the world of goo that came before this i meen like this is not out yet anyway is it just your going to rip off your own game or what

  48. Jeff says:

    How about an update? But equally important, please make an expansion for 7bil humans. I don’t even care if it has dialogue or sound or shit, even graphics. I just need to stimulate my brain and your games have done that more than any other game I’ve played. Luv u.

  49. Maslak says:

    So the game is not related to World of Goo, okay.

    But if there won’t be a sneaky MOM easteregg my heart will wither :C Hearing from MOM is all I ask for.

  50. Max Kasprzak says:

    I wonder how you play, like Human Resource Machine and 7 Billion Humans, like World of Goo, or (I least suspect) like Little inferno. Maybe it will be a new gameplay

  51. Jacob Jordan says:

    Will this be related to world of goo in any way?

  52. Rok says:

    Keep up the amazing work, IS looks great.

    But i was just wondering if you guys will ever find the time to go back and add some steam achievements to Little Inferno. I basically just need a reason to go replay it again. 🙂

  53. Firemonk says:

    hopefully development hasn’t been cancelled yet

  54. niloriolXD says:

    Yo soy súper fan de esta empresa y cada día alucino más con cada cosa que hacen tengo muchísimas ganas de ver el nuevo juego y tiene muy muy muy buena pinta.

    A mí también me ha gustado mucho porque la portada es súper chula y se ve muy muy bien y bueno pues por eso me ha gustado y tengo muchas ganas de probar el juego

    • Neomar says:

      Ogm i cant wait is this relationed whit little inferno i ended it a 5 minuts i play your games so much time i played world of goo (i never make a good tower 😉 ) and as i say LT i realy wanna play this gane i realy say LUCK in the depelovent i play the game in spanish thats why i write bad sorry now an goodbye but in my idiom “adios umm ñiki ñiki”

  55. Zhenya says:

    I hope it will be like the game world of goo, I’m just waiting for 2 part of the game

  56. superprogram says:

    How to play this game?I’m excited about it.

  57. Tony says:

    Hi George, I really liked the first version of Plants vs. Zombies that you guys put out. I hope this one is as nice. I didn’t like the fremium junk that came later, so I hope you aren’t fired again.

  58. KKoishiC says:

    wow, it’s so big

  59. KKoishiC says:

    at least i totally agree that tomorrowcorporation is as powerful as popcap.

  60. Zhenya says:

    I hope this game has a cool soundtrack From Kyle Gabler, your soundtracks are just super-duper, they’re right for the soul. I hope this game will be the best soundtrack for me.

  61. Leothorn says:

    Just finished Human Resource Machine again …..been using it as an interview test for data science 😀 /

    Can’t wait for your next game

  62. WhoIsAbishag says:

    That Yellow Poster Above Reminds Me Of Fallout3 and New Vegas”!”

  63. Zhenya says:

    Thank you so much I przh thought that the version on android will not work out good luck on the work of the game on android thanks again .

  64. Zhenya says:

    Correction. already thought

  65. Alfarish Fizikri says:

    I’m really excited about this project, can’t wait for the release date

  66. Dinosatan says:

    cant wait to see it! really love everything, that u guys are doing.

  67. mrc says:

    Any news? It’s 1.5yr after game was announced

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