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World of Goo 2 Launch Date Enhanced, now August 2, 2024!

The Goo is flowing, balls are coalescing, and blinking eyes lift up towards the sky where a mysterious pipe is rumored to appear. But instead, a signpost rises up out of the ground. “Good news!,” it says. “The World of Goo 2 launch date has been enhanced. It has now moved to August 2, 2024. We are proud to offer you this enhancement free of charge!”

From the Team: We have really appreciated your kind comments and patience while we finish building the best possible game!

If you haven’t already, sign up for updates at https://worldofgoo2.com

16 Responses to “World of Goo 2 Launch Date Enhanced, now August 2, 2024!”

  1. jwklong says:

    really hyped to see what comes out, even with these delays (take as much time as you need to make this amazing game!)

  2. Alefen says:

    As long as it means the game is the best it could be, I’m all for it! Looking forward to playing on the enhanced release date.

  3. AdrianMax says:

    If I waited 15 years for a sequel, how could I not wait a few more months! take the time you need 2D BOY/ Tomorrow Corporation team it will be a great game!

    I send you a cordial greeting from the land of tacos and marachis Mexico, and I wish you an excellent day!

  4. Moo_UwU says:

    to be honest, i thought the release date of may 23rd was way too early, (i am not ready) so im perfectly fine with the Enhancement!
    anyways if i see a single person complaining about this i will “re-educate” them “peacefully”

    in all seriousness, i know gamedev takes time, and even if it would take 15 more years i would happily wait. as long as the game is eventually finished i will tell my future grandkids about it nonstop even when my mind decays. anyways disregard that last statement ’cause i dont die, but make sure to stay healthy, hydrated, and mentally sane, yall got this!

    • Moo_UwU says:

      dang rereading that makes me think i might be the one who needs to stay hydrated and healthy, i have no idea what i wrote other than something about “Take all the time you need.” and “this is gonna be awesome” and “man, i LOVE when games are given the time they need to develop and be a product that the creators are happy with!”
      oh wait thats basically what i said except for the mortality crisis!

    • milo tejk says:

      yeah ikr. i love world goo.

  5. VittNap says:

    Will you give us a free demo while we wait for the best possible game to release?

  6. pulsar2105 says:

    Take your time.
    This game will be great.

  7. Drew says:

    I need a physical edition D:

  8. sad to know that I had to wait longer
    but more confident that WoG2 will be a better game

  9. Cherkovskiy says:

    Damn, thats some enhancement! i hope that will bring the PC version to have local coop same as the switch version does, itd be a shame to confine it to it!