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Coming Soon to the Nintendo Switch!

STEP ASIDE! The door to the Tomorrow Corporation vault is about to burst open… Locked away for literally decades, three multi-award winning games will once again be available for a new generation to enjoy.

Coming soon on the Nintendo Switch, players around the world can once again experience three classic games, re-united on a fantastic new console from Nintendo:

  • Re-discover 2D BOY’s beautiful and surprising World of Goo!
  • Re-ignite the dangerous and uplifting adventure in Little Inferno!
  • Re-engineer your corporate ascent in Human Resource Machine!

And for the first time ever, all three games will come bundled with their full original soundtracks. Tomorrow Corporation’s intrepid interns have created a new Soundtrack Mode, where players can explore Kyle Gabler’s wonderfully bizarre music in this special mode, available only on Nintendo Switch.

We here at Tomorrow Corporation are some of Nintendo’s biggest fans, so we’re excited to be part of this new adventure alongside players at home, on the road, on the train, on the roof, or wherever it is kids go these days!

The vault is rumbling…!

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51 Responses to “Coming Soon to the Nintendo Switch!”

  1. Jon says:

    Really great to see top-tier indie devs on the Switch from day 1.

  2. EGP_2017_CONFIRMED says:

    Inferno goo machine of little human world resource

  3. Fantastic news! I’ll be very glad to have them all to carry around with me in glorious HD!

    Is it released as 3 separate games or one package? Because if it’s the former, you now officially account for 30% of all Day 1 releases! ;-D

  4. Daniel says:

    Great! I will buy Little Inferno at the first day!

  5. Primero says:

    This is very cool. Kinda wish it was a physical release, but I’ll still grab these day 1.

    • KyleGray says:

      If there’s enough interest, we’ll look into it. We mostly stick to digital these days, so it’s been off the radar.

      • Primero says:

        Totally understand. If it ever happens, I’m totally a sucker and would double, maybe triple, dip.

      • Bier_hylian says:

        I’d love to see them in a retail pack. I will pay for them again if that’s the case. Hope you can find a publisher (Nintendo, Rising Star, etc) to see it happens.
        Thank you!

      • Maxwell Smart says:

        The amount I’d pay for a nice collector’s bundle that came with the soundtracks on CD or even just a physical manual would probably be higher than I’m willing to admit.

        Also, I just remembered that I lost my World of Goo beanie and now I’m despondent…

  6. Chris says:

    Will there be any cross buy deal for people that already own the games on Wii U?

  7. shauntu says:

    2 of my favorite games! Little Inferno was weirdly interesting too.

  8. Ty Ty says:

    Woohoo! This is fantastic. Will World of Goo have updated HD graphics? please say yes!!

  9. Mzen says:

    As a proud owner of all of these titles on both Wii and WiiU, I can’t wait for that double dip on the Switch.

    I am very curious about the possible control options of this version though, as well as multi-player possibilities… Any details you would like to share with your fans? :^)

  10. Pokey says:

    Oh yeah, just today I dreamt about being able to take my Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace with me. I’m so going to get that thing one more time.

    Any info on pricing yet? With the list of launch titles getting more and more amazing, I need to start to plan my budget.

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      We don’t know about price just yet, but players should be able to get all three of these games for less than the price of some of the other launch titles.

      • Pokey says:

        Sounds great, thanks for the reply! So that means three more games to download in addition to Zelda, Isaac and Bomberman on launch day. 😀

  11. Gabe says:

    Yess!! Thank you guys! You are awesome!

  12. Andrew Oliver says:

    Thank You, Will buy all 3 again Day 1, Love these games, Happy to support ^_^

  13. andy says:

    will world of goo have multiplayer?

  14. Matt says:

    How much will each of these cost?

  15. MIK0 says:


  16. clay says:

    Any possible chance for Henry Hatsworth to ever make it to switch, or even, gasp, a sequel?

    • KyleGray says:

      I’d love to, but the IP is not mine, I’m afraid. Think we could redirect all queries to the fine folks at EA?

  17. rovg says:

    How would World of Goo work in docked mode? I assume in tablet/portable mode it’ll be using the touch screen, but in docked mode I don’t think the switch can do a pointer type input as with the Wii due to the lack of an IR sensor bar, or does it?

  18. Jakob says:

    Are you working on any new games?

  19. Elizabeth/Null says:

    Will it be available for the EU folks? I’m … uh …. asking for a friend.
    I’ve wanted World of Goo for a while, squee, day 1! The other two are so very very good, and I’ll probably double dip on those in a moment of weakness (day 2, I’m guessing, I’m very weak).

  20. John says:

    I have your games on my wii u, steam, and my android phone. I can’t wait to add them to the switch when I get it.

    I really loved little inferno and human resource machine. I would buy an expansion or a sequel to both in a heart beat. I can’t wait to see what else comes from Tomorrow Corporation!

  21. John says:

    I have your games on my wii u, steam, and my android phone. I can’t wait to add them to the switch when I get it.

    I really loved little inferno and human resource machine. I would buy an expansion or a sequel to both in a heart beat. I can’t wait to see what else comes from Tomorrow Corporation!

    I wouldn’t even be mad if you added extra content or Easter eggs to the switch version. I just love your art style and stories.

  22. Turrican3 says:

    I’m interested in the control scheme setup in docked mode as well for World of Goo.

    Could you please clarify whether or not there’s going to be IR pointing on the Switch?

    I’d happily double dip (already own it on the Wii) if that’s the case. 🙂

    (and it would be nice to know if there’s a planned release date for EU, too)

    • KyleGray says:

      All 3 of our titles will work in all 3 of the Switch’s modes, so you will be able to play World of Goo on your television!

      And yes, we’re planning on releasing all 3 games in NA and the EU simultaneously.

      • Turrican3 says:

        Great, thanks! 😀

        Gyro aiming in docked mode, perhaps?
        (sorry for the insistence, but I feel it’s a *very* important thing to know)

      • Alex says:

        Seems kind of vague answer.

        Will the WORLD OF GOO be able to use motion control in one form or other? Because its Wii version is the absolute best version and I would die happy knowing that the motion control would be preserved in Switch version.

        • KyleGray says:

          Players will be able to use the left or right joy-con as a pointer or the touchscreen to play all three games.

          • Alex says:



          • Turrican3 says:

            Aaaaand gyro-aiming it is, ok.
            Thanks guys, I guess I’ll get World of Goo then. 🙂

            (still messing with the challenges of HRM on the WiiU, no point in buying it again right now)

            Best regards, I hope to hear about a new game of yours as soon as possible.

  23. James McKee says:

    Care to detail how World of Goo, Little Inferno and HRM will work on both TV Mode and Tabletop Mode?

  24. Choirbean says:

    Any chance that there will be any kind of expansion for HRM? We use it as part of our classroom instruction. It would be absolutely amazing if we could create our own puzzles (and appropriate test cases) for our students to use.

    And as long as I’m making requests, I’d also love it if addition were allowed with characters. You can make ‘a’ 1 (or leave it at 97 – I don’t care at all). Rotation cyphers, here we come!

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      We had a lot of discussion about allowing letters to have usable numeric values, but decided to keep it simple for beginners. Next time!

      • Choirbean says:

        What about creating other puzzles through some sort of modding? Is there a reasonable way to do this?

  25. maxwell meadom says:

    wow! Cant wait 4 little inferno!

  26. Tom Poirier says:

    Hi guys!
    I just got my Switch and was looking forward to replaying one of the best indie games ever!
    But I can’t find world of goo on the eshop. Was it delayed?

  27. Alex says:


    I know the games and its bundle have been delayed, but is there a concrete release date?

  28. Nicki says:

    When is this coming to the switch? I was hoping for launch day but when I checked the eshop it wasn’t there. Hope it comes out soon!

  29. FeverKid says:

    When will these come out?

  30. Guilherme Pressutto says:

    When will these come out?