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We Have a Nintendo Switch Release Date for 7 Billion Humans!

Excellent news from the great Mushroom Kingdom! They have approved 7 Billion Humans for release on Nintendo Switch THIS MONTH on Thursday, October 25!

They also have a nice new feature that didn’t exist last time we launched a game. You can now pre-purchase games on Switch. So we’ve made 7 Billion Humans available for pre-purchase starting on October 18 – one week before launch. How efficient!

Thanks everyone for being patient while we worked our way through the twisty system of pipes at Nintendo, and more info coming soon!

12 Responses to “We Have a Nintendo Switch Release Date for 7 Billion Humans!”

  1. Dan-The-Squid says:


  2. Master of Majora says:

    Wonderful! I will definitely purchase this game as soon as it’s released.

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  4. Irundaia says:

    I can’t wait! 😀

  5. Piacco says:

    Will it also be available for iOS in the future? I loved playing HRM on the iPad!

  6. sgeureka says:

    I am soooo excited.

  7. Lee says:

    Good news. When on App Store? Waiting for that!

  8. Jeffrey says:

    Great news !

    When do you think it will be available for iOS ?


  9. McGloomy says:

    I just randomly checked the eShop and was overjoyed when I discovered your game! Finally! Can’t way to play it. 😀

  10. Itak says:

    Great! Now waiting for Android version! HRM was blast to play on a phone.

  11. Looks Like I've Lost says:

    Now I can take my tiny workers on the go!

  12. Chris says:

    I can hardly wait for the iOS version!!!