We are a 3 person team. Here are our games so far:

7BH three days later!

7 Billion Humans is finally released (on win/mac/linux anyway!), the dust is settling, and we’re just now crawling out of our launch caves to take a break and see what happened…

The first big surprise was reaching the top 7 on Steam! Don’t they know this is a programming game for nerds? We’re just happy to be at the party, even if we’re the shy kid in the corner:

The 7BH Steam community has also emerged as a friendly and helpful place to seek hints and advice. A few enterprising players have put together some comprehensive guides for advanced players working on the optional optimization challenges:

One of the more thorough playthroughs we’ve seen so far, this brave fellow plays for 5 hours, and does really well. Useful for anyone who’s stuck on a puzzle or wants to see more about how the gameplay works:

At least one person likes our dumb plots!

And our dumb jokes!

For anyone looking for an extra challenge… We collected over 25,000 solutions during the closed beta, and used them to come up with the optional OCD challenges you see in each level. Here are a bunch of graphs and stats for each level, showing distribution, OCD, and best known scores: 7 Billion Humans Puzzle Stats

Someone noticed our crusade for Oxford commas. The correct, unambiguous, and only acceptable way to delimit a list:

We’ve already released one update so far, about 12 hours after launch, based on player feedback. You can now force subtitles to appear if you’re playing in English. And you can now disable the subtle camera bob that was making a few players feel motion sick. Here’s how to do both! And we’ve got a bunch more fixes ready for the next update, which we hope to release early this week.

“95% of the 105 user reviews for this game are positive.” I know it’s probably tacky to post the review score, but we’re really proud of this! And also we’re tacky!

This week, we’ll also be wrapping up the Nintendo Switch version, and continuing to monitor the various social sites for feedback and any bug reports. Let us know anything you find, and thanks as always for your support!

43 Responses to “7BH three days later!”

  1. AbstractMatter says:

    The game is really awesome!

    I have one question: is the files on Humble Bundle for the soundtracks correct? They all seem to be one file for the whole soundtrack but come out as an unknown file type.

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      I believe they should be zip files, containing mp3 or ogg or flac files. Are you seeing something else?

      • AbstractMatter says:

        I cannot see any extension, so it just becomes an unknown file. I found out that opening it with 7-Zip works.

        I think also the Steam version has the soundtrack in its folder.

  2. Dan The Squid says:

    Stop calling yourself dumb, I don’t like it

    And Tom Smith, stop calling them dumb, I don’t like it

  3. Outdoorsy1 says:

    I’ve been watching the playthroughs for 7BH and it looks like a very entertaining game. I love the plot, and the jokes and dialogue are so clever and made me laugh.

  4. Thierry says:

    Soooo … if I beat a challenge in 8 moves, and the shortest known solutions on https://tomorrowcorporation.com/7billionhumansStats/#13_InjectionSites2 was 9

    … where do I brag or update the stats 😉

  5. 方明 says:

    I have found a translation mistake in the game.
    In the Chinese version, “else” was translated into “其他” whitch means “something else ” . It should be translated into “否则”.
    Please fix it.

  6. Toad The Mushroom says:

    I am glad to see the game doing great! I loved it very much!

  7. Looks Like I've Lost says:

    Woot woot!

  8. The human who is here says:

    Switch version soon yes, please
    it’s going to change everything!

  9. bugologist2 says:

    i love you guys but do you have a discord?

  10. Louis says:

    I’m a huge fan of human resource machine, and want to buy this game as soon as possible.
    However, I want the portability of the Switch version.
    I couldn’t resist watching the first few levels on Youtube.

    When can we expect it in the Nintendo E-shop?

  11. Fuan Karuru says:

    I hope you will release an Android build as well, like you did for HRM.
    DRM-free would be even better (I only purchase from the Humble Store).

  12. Greg says:

    Is there any way to generate the stats page with your own particular stats marked in red against the general ones?


  13. Max says:

    Looking foward for iPad version.

    • Brian says:

      Yes, an iPad version would be great. I’ve been playing HRM with my daughter on iPad, and she loves it and is learning a lot.

  14. Life says:

    It was just my birthday and I’m just now hearing about this….so is there an iPad version in the near future? That would just make my day!!!

  15. nezhi says:

    please please make steam cloud

  16. nezhi says:

    please make leaderboards

  17. Louis says:

    I’m calling it now: 7 billion humans will be released with the nintendo direct tomorrow.

  18. Toad The Mushroom says:

    After finishing “Welcome to the Information Superhighway”, you will make a World of Goo 2 or World of Goo remake, won’t you? Please do, I loved that game so much and I would love to see it in HD with better art, puzzles and everything!

  19. Irundaia says:

    Have I missed an update on when we might expect a Switch release? I can’t wait!

  20. bugologist2 says:

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      • bugologist2 says:

        XD That made ma day. But i will be back with a harder puzzle.

      • Looks Like I've Lost says:

        No way! Hahahahaha!

      • bugologist2 says:

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  21. ArchonHD says:

    Hey guys of tomorrow,

    any news on the Switch version. Haven’t seen any more information ever since official launch more than a month ago.

    All the best,

  22. CobraA1 says:

    Definitely wondering what’s happening with the Switch version of the game. Would love to play it on the go.

  23. Louis says:

    Please give some information about the Switch release

  24. Dan-The-Squid says:

    Hey, this is off-topic, but it’s the only way I know of to ask this. Is there any way to play Robot And The Cities That Built Him? Everything that isn’t related to World of Goo seems to have disappeared from 2DBoy.com

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hey Dan the Squid, good question. This game stopped working a few years ago, and I’ve been meaning to get it up again ever since. Still on my todo list, but no ETA!

  25. Outdoorsy1 says:

    I just bought Little Inferno for my Kindle Fire and I’ve been having a blast playing it. I swear I could smell gasoline and woodsmoke while playing it!