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Soundtrack Preview #3 – Lady Sky!

What’s that up there in the sky? That’s no man… it’s… Lady Sky! Here’s the third preview track from 7 Billion Humans – we’re posting a new preview track here each week, leading up to launch day.

5 Responses to “Soundtrack Preview #3 – Lady Sky!”

  1. Looks Like I’ve Lost says:

    Interesting, this track is about a character… or it’s just another level track, which would be odd.

  2. Outdoorsy1 says:

    Very catchy!

    • ReadyForAnOwie says:

      I just realized after following the game for a while, I don’t believe you ever said if it’s coming out on Android/IOS or not. I hope it is! Very excited to play the sequel to one of my favorites. The soundtrack is everything I’ve been hoping it to be.

  3. Giraffe says:

    I can’t wait to program/party hard with 7,000,000,000 Humans!