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SET FACES TO STUNNED: The Captain is Out!

The excellent comedy adventure – The Captain – is now available, so put down your blaster and pick up a copy!

Made by two Swedish guys, The Captain is a journey home across the galaxy. Collect new friends. Make new enemies. You won’t be able to save everyone. Who will you leave behind? Which civilizations will you save – or destroy – along the way? The decisions are all up to you. And they have consequences.

You are… The Captain!

And it’s available… now!

(Read on for info on a Special Discount for our supporters.)

– A modern comedy adventure game, inspired by the classics that we all loved in the 90’s.

– Want to search the screen for a single pixel to click on? No! This is the future!

– The Captain has over 30+ hours of gameplay. Will you make it home across the galaxy in time to save your loved ones… and the Earth? Probably not! That’s ok, failure is fun too. You can re-play any of the scenarios to see how things could have turned out… differently.

– A full-stocked battle system, that you never have to use! Will you upgrade your energy blasters? Or your rockets? Or… will you avoid conflict altogether and upgrade your engine to plot the fastest course home?

– A factorial explosion’s worth of ways to save the world! Your journey home is a series of mini-adventures, each with multiple endings. Do you save the trapped scientist, or leave her to a well-deserved fate? Do you leave a powerful alien artifact to its people, or steal it to save your planet? The choices are all yours.

– The Captain is available in English, German, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish – with more languages on the way!

Pick up The Captain now!

Pick up a copy of The Captain now on Steam, Epic, GOG, or directly from the developers at the Sysiac Games website.

As a special thank you for our fans, for a limited time, you’ll get a 10% discount if you own one of our other titles!

Thank you for supporting Tomorrow Corporation! We are still a small team of 3 guys, and we hope you love our first published games as much as we do!

Your friends,
Kyle, Kyle, and Allan

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11 Responses to “SET FACES TO STUNNED: The Captain is Out!”

  1. Volcanojungle says:

    This is such an incredible game!

    I really like the graphics!!!

  2. Bill says:

    I like the graphics too, but will it be available for Switch?

  3. Cody says:

    Is it possible to get the discount on Steam without owning/buying all three other games?

  4. Green says:

    The only game by tomorrow that has normal graphics?!

  5. josh says:

    I play this game and the only reason i like this game is that i do video editing of this game which help me to improve video editing skills.

  6. Obama Krio says:

    I enjoyed this game a lot. And I was so addicted that I downloaded all the pictures and paste them onto my wall.

  7. Donald Tium says:

    Really enjoyable game. Thanks for this.

  8. Braxton says:

    My face hurts from being set to stunned for so long

  9. Coopbu_ says:

    : )

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  11. David says:

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