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Pre-Order and Beta Volunteers for 7 Billion Humans!

Our upcoming game 7 Billion Humans has just been made available for pre-order over here!


*** UPDATE ***

Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered and volunteered for beta testing so far! We’ve begun trickling out beta builds to a few lucky(?) volunteers.

We’re looking for a broad mix of operating systems, experience with programming, age, gender, language, and other stuff, so don’t worry if the Beta Selection Bot hasn’t selected you yet! There are more beta volunteers than we can accommodate, so even if Beta Bot doesn’t draw your name out of the hat, we thank you for supporting us! And you can expect to have a perfectly polished pile of humans ready to play with very soon!

Kyle, Kyle, Allan, and Pete


And as we’ve done with previous games, we will select a few lucky beta testers from among the group of pre-orders. Want to be a beta tester? To help Betty the Beta Bot select the first few rounds of beta testers, PLEASE CHOOSE WISELY:

CHOICE 1: I pre-ordered 7 Billion Humans and would like to help beta test it! I understand that not everyone who fills out this survey can be selected, and that beta testing involves playing something that is not 100% ready, but I want to do it anyway!

CHOICE 2: Please tell me how to pre-order so I can click the first option!

CHOICE 3: I feel emotionally distressed, since neither of the above links apply to my specific situation, but I want to feel like I’m part of something anyway.

Betty the Beta Management Bot

40 Responses to “Pre-Order and Beta Volunteers for 7 Billion Humans!”

  1. Looks Like I've Lost says:

    I am bursting with excitement!

  2. M says:

    Is there any way to pre-order, or even beta test, on Nintendo Switch? I would like to get the game on Switch when it comes out, and if I could pre-order or beta test on the Switch, that would be amazing!

    • KyleGray says:

      Hey M! As far as we know, only people with a Nintendo Switch development kit can beta test Nintendo Switch games. We hadn’t heard about preorders as an option for the Switch, but will post here if we manage to figure them out!

      • ASTURmatr says:


        Arena of Valor had a first round closed beta on Switch early this year and there is going to be a second round. They sent a code to those who subscribed and allowed them to download a beta version of the game from the eShop.

        Killer Queen Black has started their closed beta sign up process and I think that is going to be the same way.


  3. Codemo says:

    Gimme gimme gimme gimme

  4. Outdoorsy1 says:

    I can’t wait. I’m especially excited for the soundtrack because I love Kyle’s music.

  5. Nemo says:

    ;_; No Ideal payment option…

    • KyleGray says:

      Hey Nemo. Where are you based? We run our orders through the Humble Bundle widget, and this is the sort of feedback they’d be interested in.

      • Nemo says:

        I’m based in The Netherlands, you want me to forward that question to Humble Bundle?

        • KyleGray says:

          Sounds like a good idea. Were you trying to pay with a local bank card? My impression was that Amazon Pay or Paypal should be able to accept most credit cards.

  6. LittleWind404 says:

    Can’t wait to see the game!

  7. zhao says:

    I like your games very much, especially the sticky world and human machines. But I am a Chinese high school student and it is difficult to pay $15 for advance purchases. I think I can participate in pre-order at China’s price? The wish of a high school student…

  8. Can’t wait for the release! I’ve submitted the beta form, would love to be included!

  9. zhao says:

    I like your games very much, especially Human Resource Machine and World of Goo. But I am a Chinese high school student and it is difficult to pay $15 for advance purchases. I think I can participate in pre-order at China’s price? The wish of a high school student…

  10. Can’t wait to play it! Filled out the beta form, would love to try it early!

  11. Dan-The-Squid says:

    Excuse me, but I have a question about World of Goo.

    I have the iOS version of World of Goo on my iPhone (that’s pretty redundant), and I remember getting the Mighty Blimp Easter egg a long time ago on my iPad. However, I can’t seem to get the Easter egg on my phone. Is it exclusive to the iPad or something?


    • Kyle Gabler says:

      The peddler who sold the blimp was a temporary seasonal visitor. I believe he’s packed up and wanderin’ the highway looking for his next business opportunity.

  12. Mattia says:

    Can’t wait for it!!!

  13. Кирилл Ломакин says:

    Will it be released for Android and iOS?

    • KyleGray says:

      We have not ruled out any platforms, but it will come down to screen size and how easy it is to play on a tiny screen. For now we’re focused on getting it out on Windows, Mac, and the Switch at launch.

  14. I’m going to buy this for Android the moment it comes out! I’m a professional software architect for a large company and I love “Human Resource Machine”. I just wish the preorder was for the Android version so I could beta test. Dads like me don’t have time to game on a PC.

  15. I waffled and finally broke down and preordered this for the sole purpose of having a chance to beta test! 🙂 Normally this would be a day 1 purchase on Switch or Android, but I’ve been dying to play this since y’all announced it on my birthday!

  16. sgeureka says:

    Obviously, I can’t beta-test the Switch version, but I’ll still give some unsolicited advice for improvement:

    The game icons for the Switch are meant to show an image (duh!) AND the game title, based on some Nintendo manual of style. World of Goo followed this guideline, Little Inferno and HRM (loved it!) didn’t. Hopefully, 7BH will again. 🙂

  17. Max says:

    Is it still possible to apply as a beta tester or am I too late?
    I don’t mind, because I’ll be looking forward to the game either way. 😀

    I also want to thank you for allowing a few of us to beta-test your game. 😀

  18. Looks Like I’ve Lost says:

    This is the moment! Congrats to everyone who gets chosen for the beta!

  19. Outdoorsy1 says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait till release day. I wish I could hop into a time machine and go to the future when it is out.

  20. kbrock says:

    Had so much fun with the first round (ran on iphone).

    Looking forward to the next go on a mac / steam

  21. Kenny says:

    Hot dang! I’m a late comer to your games. Just finished the last of the optimization challenges in HRM about 5 minutes ago. Excited for the new game! I second the request of the dude asking about Switch beta testers. If you guys decide to go that route, I’d be more than happy to help!

  22. Carlosrafael says:

    Son varias preguntas.
    -No lo piensan lanzar en tiendas como steam?
    -El juego saldrá para dispositivos Android?.
    -No tendrá restricciones de países por ejemplo yo soy cubano y juegos como fortnite no los puedo jugar por culpa de leyes.
    -Tendrá contenido DLC?
    P.D: si mis preguntas fueron respondidas en una página de FAQs disculpen por no revisar bien. Soy un buen fan de sus juegos ojala tengan mucho éxito y tengan mas ideas en desarrollo.

  23. Looks Like I've Lost says:

    Comment number 40.