We are a 3 person team. Here are our games so far:

Please form an orderly line.

A game about teamwork, cooperation, and robots.

7 Billion Humans launches… TOMORROW!

August 23 on Win / Mac / Linux on Steam, GoG, Humble Store, and right here on this site. Good luck, everyone!

12 Responses to “Please form an orderly line.”

  1. Titus says:

    I guess this would be 9AM PST August 23rd?

  2. Looks Like I've Lost says:

    I put together this gif: https://gph.is/2vSPbXo

  3. Outdoorsy1 says:

    It’s finally here! I love your games. Just the other day I bought World Of Goo for my Kindle Fire tablet and I’ve been having great fun playing it!

  4. Kalo Division says:

    giev humans

  5. When is the release time?

  6. kengo says:

    It’s 2018 Aug 24th AM0:12. but 7 billion is not released. why? Do you tell a lie?