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Nintendo Switch gets 7 Billion Humans today!

Boot up your Nintendo Switches and make room for 7 billion new friends! 7 Billion Humans is now available on Nintendo Switch – in all regions worldwide!

“I’ve never had so much fun – or a job before!” – Princess Peach

“Indeed, not since the 90’s have I felt such joy marching an
entire workforce towards certain doom.” – Bowser

“Wa-haa!” – Mario, speaking through his lawyer

The Nintendo Switch version comes with all the improvements we’ve made based on player feedback so far. And also:

  • Exclusive soundtrack mode.
  • Play using either gyroscopic pointer controls or touch screen.
  • English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Korean.
  • More info from Nintendo here!

Thanks everyone for waiting while we made the Switch version as perfect as possible! And happy programming!

14 Responses to “Nintendo Switch gets 7 Billion Humans today!”

  1. CobraA1 says:

    It says I cannot play it yet :(.

  2. Julien Sloan says:

    I can’t play it yet 🙁

  3. CobraA1 says:

    It’s playable now :).

  4. CobraA1 says:

    So some initial feedback:

    * Add a tiny bit of smoothing and some sensitivity adjustment to the pointer, my hand is a bit unsteady for using the JoyCons when docked or in tabletop mode.

    * Map the cursor re-centering to one of the buttons. It’s a bit annoying to reach all the way to the “-” button on top to re-center the cursor, which is something that will need to be done quite often as the JoyCons are a relative pointing device similar to a mouse.

    Those two tiny adjustments will make using the JoyCons a much more pleasant experience.

    • Dan-The-Squid says:

      Try playing with the right JoyCon, your thumb will be closer to the + button since the ABXY buttons are above the control stick

      • CobraA1 says:

        @Dan-The-Squid thanks for the tip! That’s much easier :).

        It’s still a bit odd they decided to map a single action to all of the buttons, when resetting the center is important to the JoyCon controls because they tend to drift.

  5. gamerguycat says:

    it’s going to change everything!

  6. Looks Like I've Lost says:

    Mario approves.

  7. pup_prints says:

    Testing to see if these’re moderated or not. I suspect yes, but good to make sure.

    • pup_prints says:

      Ahh. ok well, that last line of that second trailer surprised me for reasons more personal than I’m comfortable describing openly at the moment

  8. Jeffrey says:

    Great news !

    When do you think it will be available for iOS ?


  9. Mishli says:

    Are there any plans to port this game to Android? I’ve got the first game on my phone and would like to be able to play the two games without having to switch to a different platform

  10. John says:

    good. now we can play it on different platforms. thanks