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Little Inferno Sale Everywhere and Now Available on GOG

Leading up to the launch of Human Resource Machine next week, we’re putting our previous game Little Inferno on sale for a few days. And, better late than never, Little Inferno just released on GOG today!

And just for fun, some of our favorite Little Inferno Let’s Play’s and other thoughtful commentary from the last few years:

3 Responses to “Little Inferno Sale Everywhere and Now Available on GOG”

  1. Tin Man says:

    Next week?! Does that mean that Linux support isn’t coming anytime soon? 🙁

    • (I’m presuming you mean for Human Resource Machine)

      Judging from how previous titles (World of Goo, Little Inferno) released Linux versions slightly later, I would presume that Tomorrow Corp. will do the same with Human Resource Machine. This is a good thing, to be honest, considering how solid their previous ports are. Meaning, they’ll release the Linux version when it’s good and ready and rock-solid. Much better than a halfhearted, thrown-together port in my mind! Linux ports can be tricky, with lots of weird errors.

  2. Mygod says:

    Awesome! I didn’t know that jacksepticeye has played it and liked it. And I know that this game is deep in some ways, but I have never expected it to be THAT deep as was told in that Literary Analysis. Respecting this game even more now. 😀