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It’s time… Welcome, all 7 Billion Humans!

7 Billion Humans is now available

Can you feel that? With every human on the planet gathering in one single office building, Earth’s gravitational center has shifted just slightly…

7 Billion Humans is now available! Welcome, everyone, we hope you have a great time!

You can get it now on Steam, GoG, Humble Store, and right here on this site.

We’re also running a fancy launch promotion – from now through the weekend, get a free copy of Human Resource Machine with purchase of 7 Billion Humans on Steam, GoG, Humble Store. Through Aug 26. (Make sure you use those specific links.) This also applies to everyone who pre-ordered. Already a proud owner of HRM? Your friends and family will thank you for the gift, and for helping them stay prepared in tomorrow’s modern world!

Help us spread the word! We’re still a tiny team with zero marketing budget, so any positive review or lovely postings on the various social media are much appreciated!

And what’s that? The crowd is asking for an encore? Show us how it’s done, ladies!

37 Responses to “It’s time… Welcome, all 7 Billion Humans!”

  1. I didn’t receive a steam key with my Humble Store purchase, was I supposed to? I was looking forward to getting the Steam achievements

  2. Chris Holland says:

    I ordered through Humble Bundle. I am downloading the DMG for Mac, but I’m getting an “image not recognized” error. The file size on the DMG is 352kb.

    • KyleGray says:

      Hi Chris!

      We had an issue with our uploader, but I believe it should be resolved now.

      If you try again, do you see “7_Billion_Humans_1.0.31901.dmg” as the file name?

  3. Master of Majora says:

    I’m getting this game whenever the game is released for Switch… However, I have a question about the soundtrack. I love Kyle Gabler’s music, and it seems it is bundled with the game if you purchase it now for the available platforms. But how can I get the OST if I buy the game for Switch? Or will it eventually be posted somewhere as with the other game soundtracks?

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Thanks for the nice note about the music! The OST will also come with the Swtich version. And we’ll also post it here on our blog a bit later.

  4. lena says:

    I bought the game via your page, but the file for windows (7BillionHumans1.0.msi) won’t open on win10. It says that the installation package couldn’t be opened. Did you also have issues with your uploader for the windows file?

  5. Takumi Kmayema says:

    I found a bug on this game, but where should I report it? Is it OK to report it in this comment field?

    • Takumi Kmayema says:

      No, the bug I’ve found was completely my misunderstanding.
      Your game is ultimately perfect.
      I’m sorry for doubting your game.

  6. George says:

    I bought 7 billion humans on steam. How do I get the free copy of Human Resource Machine?

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Did you buy the game on steam? We’re contacting valve to help us figure out why the secret bonus Human Resource Machines aren’t going out yet for some players – but they will. Thanks for being patient!

      UPDATE: Valve says the keys should be going out now, but might take a little time to catch up. Let us know if you get it!

      • George says:

        Thanks for the quick reply, the game has shown up in my library now. Steam doesn’t give you a notification so I didn’t realise it was there. I have played the game for a few hours and it is absolutly fantastic. Some of the optional challanges are very tricky but that adds to the fun of it. Great game, highly recommend

  7. Looks Like I’ve Lost says:

    I was in school for most of today and I’m just about to try it. I’m so excited!

  8. Toad The Mushroom says:

    I will ask again, so sorry if I am a bother, but are you going to do the same process you did for “Human Resource Machine” in order to translate the game to other languages? (I mean are you going to upload some kind of survey to pick translators from the community?) Because I would love to help translate the game into my language.

    • KyleGray says:

      What is your language? 7 Billion Humans is currently available in 11 languages, with a few more on the way. We also made a handy-dandy language selector, so you can switch languages on the title screen instead of settings file this time around!

  9. Barrh says:

    I think there’s a bug with complex if logic. On Little Exterminator 1, this program:

    if c == datacube:
    pickup c
    if s == nothing or s == datacube:
    step s
    if w == nothing and n == nothing or w == nothing and sw == nothing:
    step w
    step e
    jump lbl_a

    Causes Eleanor to take two steps south and then one step e. I think and just doesn’t take precedence over or (and I can’t use parentheses).

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Clauses in “IF” statements are evaluated in left-to-right order. Does that help?

  10. Looks Like I've Lost says:

    All the level-completion achievements on steam only read, “Blue Optimization Award”, when not unlocked.

  11. Toad The Mushroom says:

    The game rocks! I love it and it is really challenging! I also love that you remixed music from HRM!

  12. CjD;XII) says:

    Bought it on GOG almost immediately (random-browsed GOG, and it suddenly was there :).

    iPad release any time soon?

  13. Gooey Goo says:

    I think level 49 has a typo, unless “You’re in lick” is an expression.

    Other than that, quite a fun game. Now I have both Human Resource Machine and 7 Billion Humans!

  14. Outdoorsy1 says:


  15. Toad The Mushroom says:


    The final cutscene was incredible! I love how you referenced your new game “Welcome to the Information Superhighway” by putting a track from World of Goo, which not only had a chapter with the same name, but also the track had the same name! This was a really cool touch!

    • Toad The Mushroom says:

      Or at least I assume it’s a reference because the music that plays after the cutscenes sounds exactly the same as the afore mentioned track

  16. Adam Kłobukowski says:

    I lost my save 🙁

  17. Lukas Eder says:

    This is really fun, but boy do I miss a while command! As a programmer, I feel extremely dirty using jumps all the time (and they’re too verbose, too)

  18. Creperum says:

    Found a bug… this code worked fine, but tells me that one execution failed. Problem – worker dives into shredder after shredding second datacube.

    — 7 Billion Humans (2145) —
    — 26: Budget Brigade 2 —

    if myitem != nothing and
    s == shredder:
    giveto s // Problem line – executes twice?
    if w == worker and
    w >= 50:
    takefrom w
    if e == worker and
    e <= 50:
    takefrom e
    if s == printer or
    s == worker:
    takefrom s
    jump a

  19. Lukas says:

    41 either my english sucks and i dont understand what to do or its bugged… what ever i do it tells me that all my workers died and i failed… I tried: workers going into the same exact hole, going to all bottom holes and going to either top or bottom (to the closer one)