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Human Resource Machine’s First Trailer, Screenshots, and Other Info

Welcome new employees! Management has just posted Human Resource Machine’s first trailer, screenshots, and more info over here ->

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30 Responses to “Human Resource Machine’s First Trailer, Screenshots, and Other Info”

  1. puggsoy says:

    Awesooooome! As a hobbyist programmer it seems like a lot of fun, I think it’s a really cool idea and I’m surprised something like this hasn’t been done yet. It also looks like a great way to get other people interested in programming, and let them see that it’s actually more fun than they might think.

    Definitely going up high on my wishlist, looking forward to release!

    • main_gi says:

      Have you heard of any of Zachtronics’ games? If not, you have been missing out – they do a lot of programming games. There are also a couple other indies you may be interested in.

  2. A game about programming, AND a place where I can throw my money? Sign me up!

  3. WC says:

    Good lord Yes. This looks awesome. Already pre-ordered and absolutely can’t wait for this to release.

  4. Roto13 says:

    I definitely just spotted the receptionst from the end of Little Inferno.

  5. Jon says:

    Just pre-ordered!

  6. tilde says:

    The machines are coming uh

    Looking forward the the narrative on this one, after the genius behind Little Inferno I can only foresee awesomeness.

  7. JamesOfGoo says:

    This game looks great, it’s really interesting and I can’t wait to see more stuff about it!

  8. mind_combatant says:

    I noticed that there’s no official confirmation for a Linux version, I, for one, would highly appreciate Tomorrow Corporation’s continued support of Linux. I never would have discovered Kyle Gabler’s amazing art style if it wasn’t for World of Goo being the best game on Linux back in the day!

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Thanks for asking! We’re not sure if we’ll release a Linux version yet. But if we do, it will be included with the PC / Mac versions at no extra cost. Just like with previous games.

      • Tin Man says:

        Fingers crossed for a Linux version!

        • Jebril says:

          Just saw the game but no Linux version…for some reason I thought it was coming with a Linux version too…oh well would’ve bought it too. I’ll wait and see what happens.

          • Alextazy0 says:

            I was so glad to play the World of Goo and Little Inferno masterpieces on my my Ubuntu! World of goo was the game that makes me into gaming on linux… and I’m not the only one. It would be so disappointing that Human Resource Machine don’t come on Linux.

            Moreover, linux people or linux friendly people tend to be more into little programming stuff than Mac or Windows people. And I’m pretty sure that the linux porting would give Tomorrow Corporation a good image to the public, not only on linux people 😉

      • LRFLEW says:

        As someone who has some some game programming stuff on Mac and Linux, I have to ask: How much work would really need to be done to go from Mac to Linux? As long as the Mac version was setup the way I’d think it would be (either using libSDL and OpenGL or using an engine like Unity), then it would only be a matter of building it for the OS with no code changes.

  9. Kenny D. says:

    Excellent! Glad to see Tomorrow Corporation didn’t get sucked into a time vortex after Little Inferno.

    I pre-ordered and just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for including actual gameplay footage in the original trailer, unlike Little Inferno. That was my only complaint about that game.

    I’m hoping that Human Resource Machine follows the same path.


    PS. I just got a job in Human Resources as a programmer on April 1 of this year. No fooling! I’m being 100% serious about this. Is Tomorrow Corporation psychic or can you time travel? If it took 9 months to build the game, you guys build a game about my new job before I got it. *MIND BLOWN*

  10. Jaime Alexander A. says:

    Do you plan to translate this game to other languages?

  11. Samuel says:

    I look forward to this game that I have already purchased the pre-oreder. I´m a fan of your´s since I played ” World Of Goo ” , and I fell in love with ” Little Inferno “. I sincerely believe that they are two of the best games of the generation. Since I played “Little Inferno “, I enjoy better every moment of my life and I think more about the things that I lose with my choices.
    Tomorrow Corporation (2D Boy too), you have my most sincere congratulations. You’re great guys, keep it up. You have earned my complete confidence. So I wanted to add a small tip of $ 3, you deserve it. (/^.^)/
    Sorry for my possible bad english, I´m Spanish.

  12. YES says:


  13. averageeggplants says:

    This game looks like a really fun inovative game like all of kyles other work… but whats the twist. We know there will be a twist. Every other game hes done had some subtle dark undertone and well just have to wait for this one.

  14. averageeggplants says:

    So does this take place in the same world as little inferno??

  15. EudGenius says:

    Greate, i’m studying the C++ now so i hope HRM would help me with all that logics and loops. But the syntax?.. The syntax looks weird :\

  16. dax says:

    can you mack the game rith now

  17. Larsen says:

    Ordered, just looks so cool:D Thoroughly enjoyed playing little inferno so cant wait!

  18. Goncalo says:

    Although I have already bought the game, I would be sooooo grateful if you could put out a linux version!

  19. Oliver Tacke says:

    No Linux version *sigh*

  20. Daniel says:

    Bought it. Played it!

    GREAT game! Have you considered the educational potential of it?

    My daughter (8y) wanted to play it too, and managed the first levels quite OK. Then evil daddy wanted his laptop back… As our media center is Ubuntu Linux with Steam installed, I really hope for a Linux version soon!

    You would not want to dissapoint my daughter now, would you? 😉

    Keep up the good work!
    / Daniel

  21. Kaloyan says:

    WHYYYY on EARTH you have a macOS version but not for LINUX WTF??? it does not make sense

  22. matthias says:

    Just bought the came. Can’t wait to play. I was one of the first Linux beta testers for World of Goo and really hope you’ll continue on that path. It would be too bad if I couldn’t play this. ;(

  23. Adrian says:

    I would also love to play it on Linux. If you need another beta tester (Kubuntu, english or german), send me a note!