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Human Resource Machine Now Available on iPad and iPhone!


Woops, our highly paid PR team posted everywhere except our own blog: Human Resource Machine is now available for iPad and iPhone! You can get it here!

It’s available as a Universal App (which means a single purchase works on your iPads and iPhones), and will work with iPhone 4s and higher, and iPad 2 and higher. Let us know how it works for you!

Excellent work, everyone. BACK TO WORK!


43 Responses to “Human Resource Machine Now Available on iPad and iPhone!”

  1. Mike says:

    I love this game but could you add some sort of sync between iPhone & iPad so I can pick up where I left off on another device? Please?

    Thank you,


    • Andrew Mac says:

      This is an amazing game! Thanks for bringing it over to iOS! Definitely agree with Mike here. There needs to be some kind of sync option added because I have to start over every time I switch between my iPhone and my iPad. Please add iCloud sync integration.

      • Gabriel says:

        That’s a really good point – I started on my iPhone and when I got to the tougher levels I really wanted to switch to my iPad but couldn’t…

        Any chance we can get it soon?

        Thank you


    • Sedat Kaplan says:

      Sync between ipad and iphone please

    • Pete says:

      Hi, love this! so addictive. Could you please implement Game Centre syncing as others are asking too please 🙂

  2. puggsoy says:

    Any plans for an Android version anytime soon?

  3. Rick J. says:

    Playing game on I-pad, got to level 9 “Zero Preservation Initiative”,
    Don’t understand why computer considers letters as zeros?
    Can’t find as rules or such that address this issue.
    Any help on this would be appreciated, thank you.
    Rick J.

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hi Rick, a letter should evaluate as non-zero. So if you are holding a letter “A”, and you encounter the command “Jump if Zero”, you will not jump. Hope that helps!

  4. Wayne Staton says:

    I don’t understand why the final answer in level 21 Zero Terminated Sum is always 0. I am guessing it has to do with the multiple zeroes in a row. But I think that should cause an error earlier. Could you please explain? Thanks

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hi Wayne, Level 21 is the one we get asked about most frequently. So we wrote a bit about that in the FAQ. Scroll all the way to the bottom to the question, “Help there’s a bug in Level 21! Or Level 20! Or some other level!”.

  5. Christof says:

    Is there going to be a new game soon?

  6. Shane says:

    I love this game! It is great!
    And I have tons of ideas for further features.
    Are there plans for additional content, or perhaps even some ticket system were ideas may be posted? I’d really like to see more of this game!

  7. JamTins says:

    Love. This. Game. But…

    If I’m working on a difficult level, how do I save my progress? Sometimes it automatically saves, but most of the time, I have to start over. Is there a trick to forcing a save?

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hi JamTins, your game saves every time you exit a level. Even if you don’t save, most of the time, if you turn off your iDevice, the game will stay in memory and your work will still be there when you return. But sometimes iOS decides to terminate the game in the background, and when you return, the progress in that unsaved level will be lost. Hope that helps!

  8. Mandy Brigwell says:

    Wouldn’t it be so clever if when you dragged ‘copyfrom’ and ‘copyto’ onto a floor tile, it filled in your program with the right register? That’s what makes your games great*—attention to detail. Looking forward to seeing it! (*that, and having a level called ‘Fisty’s Bog’.)

  9. Tom says:

    Great game! I’m thoroughly enjoying the puzzles and it’s quirky style.

    Suggestion: Can you change the audio so that it doesn’t stop what I’m already listening to?Sometimes I like listening to other things while I’m playing (iOS).

  10. Braincode says:

    Just got the iOS version of HRM and like it. Very reminiscent of assemble programming, especially when it comes to optimizations.

    1) Question:
    is there a leaderboard of optimization scores? I’d love to see how im comparing….

    2) enhancement request:
    it wouod be more helpful for non coders is jumps / branches could be visualized better during execution of the gemer’s code. if the jump start and end points were to highlight (in another color to in a different color to a regular code step so you would get visual feedback as to where in the program you jumped to, it would really help someone not familiar with coding understand better what is going on. Also, the jump’s curved arrow could light up too to help highlight whats going on. anything to give better visual stimulation of the program pointer responding to a jump in code. this might result in extra steps in the showing up when code is running, but a switch to turn on/off such visualizations would remedy that. i think the potential for more visual feedback as to what’s happening codewise is tremendous in terms of helping people to learn how to program and in opening channels in their brains which help cement program execution concepts. yeah….sorry for that long paragraph, but i think its quite an important topic which is more relevant to those who are most likely to find the game too ‘complicated’ to understand and thus give up.

    thanks for an entertaining ‘puzzle’ game (puzzle being the algorythm part of the game, i guess)


    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Thanks for the feedback! Currently, an arrow path will highlight if you are holding it. Hope that helps with some clarity.

  11. Jordi says:

    Great game, but is there any way to choose the language?. My iPhone and iPad are configured in Catalan as first language and Spanish as second preference, but the game automatically sets in English. How can I choose the Spanish language in the game? …without changing the language on my devices.

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Currently the only way to change the language on iOS versions is to change the system language.

  12. Thomas ozturk says:

    Hi will there be a android version? P.s little inferno was one of the best games I’ve played. Reminded me of world of good! Loved the music.

  13. Andrey Mikhaylov says:

    Gents, first of all, huge thanks for great work.

    Clearly recognizeable magic style of 2D Boy. On top of it the idea itself is absolutely beautiful, at a right time in a right place.
    I start playing this game with my 10yo son and let him be familiarized with creativity of finding solutions in the world of programming. It worth it to spend time together between father and son, interacting game like style, and educating / lecturing same time.

    I wrote 5 star feedback in appstore with drawing particular attention of parents to that game.

    And by the way, translation in Russian language is clearly the best I could expect. Special thanks for keeping commands in English, only the rest of the text worth translating, but commands have to stay in English, of course.

    Take care guys, I hope more level packs to this one or similar style educating games will be available soon! Great job!

  14. Gordon chow says:


    I have reached zero terminated sum, and programmed it correctly… Yet at the end, the ‘manager’ says it is expecting 0 when it shouldn’t be… Is there some place I can post a short video/screenshots?

    Thank you!

  15. Yannick says:

    Love the game, but I think there is a bug in level 13.

    • Yannick says:

      Hi, did you see the bug?? I’m playing with an iPad 2. In this level, there come 4 equal numbers in a row in the inbox, my code returns two numbers (there are two equal pair of numbers, therefore there must be the same number twice), but the answer of the SW is that it is expected the next equal pair. Please fix it!

  16. Sam says:

    Hi, Tomorrow Corporation. Is going to be a New Game? I can’t wait to Play another game from Tomorrow Corporation 🙂

  17. Razib Shahriar says:

    Please Management, bring it to Android! It will be the best Christmas gift to all human resources!

  18. Blaez Jibben says:

    I love all your games, they are so creative and Have deep meaning. I’m really excited for the next game, when might the time be when it may be coming out?

  19. jaxon says:

    hi I love your game keep up the good work. I love Kyle Gabler’s music its the best sound track ever!!!

  20. Scott says:

    Please please add the ability to somehow sync progress across devices. This is such a great game, but it just kills it to have to start over when switching devices. Is there any plan to add this functionality? I would even take exporting or emailing a file to myself and then importing on the other device.

  21. Tyler says:

    I know it’s not quite a solution but you can use the copy/paste feature to the system clipboard. Example: