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BREAKING WEATHER REPORT: A Limited Edition Physical Edition of Little Inferno for the Nintendo Switch!

UPDATE: The Limited Edition version of Little Inferno is now available for pre-order HERE!

Tomorrow Corporation and Super Rare Games are pleased to announce the release of the Limited Edition physical release of Little Inferno – out on May 14th, 2020!

Your Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace comes in two versions: 5000 Collector’s Editions, and a limited 2000 Steel Box version. Both versions come with come with different cover and interior art, and both editions come with a full color manual with original concept art, exclusive sticker, full color postcard, and trading cards.

They each also contain the only version of Little Inferno with two-player controls, and come with the fireplace that burns at a hundred billion degrees. It’s Little Inferno just for meeeeeeee.

More details, fabulous images, and order information can be found at Super Rare Game’s homepage.

Reporting from the weather balloon,
over the smoke stacks,
over the city,
Your Friends at Tomorrow Corporation

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25 Responses to “BREAKING WEATHER REPORT: A Limited Edition Physical Edition of Little Inferno for the Nintendo Switch!”

  1. You’ve managed to make me buy this game yet once more! ;-D

  2. Squid says:

    Dang, I’d love to get this but the World of Goo one was released so recently and there are other things I want to buy too…

  3. Jenn says:

    Can we get an updated version of little inferno on google play store? It’s not a free game and it’s been years since anything new.

  4. Ehsan says:

    Dear friends please keep going and don’t give up ,i love your works. You’re the best.

  5. Sarouel says:

    Emmm Little Inferno? No, BIG Inferno!

  6. Simon says:

    Can you please fix the photo gallery bug on the android version? I really love this game but it is completely unplayable because of this bug.

  7. Alberto says:

    Plis fix the photo gallery bug on the android version , is very frustrating because i buy this game on my phone yesterday

  8. Valeri says:

    So great to see you’re still active! I hope you’re doing well with your upcoming project. Can’t wait for it.

  9. Nick says:

    Hello I have an issue, I bought a game on a different android device than the one I am currently using. the game was little inferno, I decided I wanted to redownload it but when I went to the play store I had to pay for it again. I didn’t want to have to pay a second time so I didn’t. Can you please find a way to either refund my old purchase so I can rebuy the game or another method to get the game back to my device. Thanks in advance!

  10. Someone says:

    Do you have any plans for fixing the game-breaking photo gallery bug on the Android version?

  11. Jeremy says:

    Howdy. I’m just one more voice screaming into what seems to be a black hole here but for love of God will you please fix the photo bug in your Android version of Little Inferno? It’s a shame that a game beloved by so many people has been left unplayable. You guys make some great games. You should stand by them with updates that keep them playable. Especially when you’re still taking money for it on the Playstore.

  12. E sA says:

    Hope you feel good!
    I had a question from Kyle Gabler about world of goo!
    Strangely, the soundtracks made with the messages the game gave us were weird and mysterious and incredibly beautiful!
    May I ask what was your goal in this game?
    Is there an important message? Is something in danger?
    Every time I start this game from the beginning, I understand more messages and more emotions from it!
    I must say Kyle, you are a genius!
    I hope you answer me!

    • D says:

      There is an interview with him and the co-creator, if I can find it again I’ll try to post it here. There is also one on epic games. The one I read wasn’t on the Epic Games Store but he talked a bit about symbolism and messages in the first one I read.

      • Es A says:


        thanks for the reply
        Do you know a way to connect with Kyle? An email, a Twitter account, a Facebook account or a site where you can talk to Kyle Gabler?

  13. Nevets says:

    Hi, thanks for making so many great games! I hope you all are doing well, stay safe out there.

  14. Wuliphy says:

    Hi,I have be your fan for long,and I wonder have you had the plan for your next game?Because I notice that it has been nearly 3 years since your latest game.I have played all your games and can’t wait to play your next one!:D

  15. Mangelsen Integration says:

    Just bought the android version and the game locks up at the burn your own image part. Can’t continue from that point. Any help would be appreciated.