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A Limited Edition Physical Version of World of Goo for Nintendo Switch Appears!

2DBoy, Tomorrow Corporation, and our friends at Super Rare Games are pleased to announce the Limited Edition physical release of World of Goo – out later this month!

Fun fact: This is the first time a physical version of World of Goo has existed for a Nintendo console!

In addition to 4000 Collector’s Editions, we’re also releasing 2000 Steel Box versions, for those extra rugged players who’d like to keep their gooey-cartridges protected in a hard metal case. The two editions come with different cover and interior art, and both editions come with a 20-page full color manual, exclusive sticker, full color postcard, three trading cards randomly selected from the five-card set – and an award winning game – World of Goo! Physical cartridge! For Nintendo Switch!

More details, fabulous images, and order information can be found at Super Rare Game’s homepage.

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7 Responses to “A Limited Edition Physical Version of World of Goo for Nintendo Switch Appears!”

  1. Paul says:

    Nice! My wallet is ready!

  2. A squid who needs it says:


  3. Kent B. says:

    Gives me memories of the beautiful soundtrack. Any additional levels ?

  4. Sebastian Serniak says:

    I missed it ;-;

  5. fruit says:

    will i still be able to ever get one of these? I really want one of these…

  6. ROMs games says:

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