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Release Date: Little Inferno is a Launch Title on Wii U, Surprise

Little Inferno Wii U November 2012

I don’t think we ever actually announced anywhere, except maybe vaguely, that we were shooting to have Little Inferno ready for Day 1 of the Wii U launch, but apparently that news has been discovered by old friend of Hatsworth and World of Goo and super sleuth Mr. Stephen Totilo and the fine folks at Kotaku. So that means mid-November. And we’re honored to be in such sophisticated indie company.

For non-nintendo folks, we’re planning to have the Windows version ready the same day, on our site, and on Steam, and possibly on a few other stores still in talks.

This is all dependent upon us ironing out the last few details and shoveling in as much coal and hydrocarbons as we can. Lots more updates to follow, including a new trailer in progress that actually shows real actual gameplay – I know it’s been a long time coming.


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