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Release Date: Little Inferno is a Launch Title on Wii U, Surprise

Little Inferno Wii U November 2012

I don’t think we ever actually announced anywhere, except maybe vaguely, that we were shooting to have Little Inferno ready for Day 1 of the Wii U launch, but apparently that news has been discovered by old friend of Hatsworth and World of Goo and super sleuth Mr. Stephen Totilo and the fine folks at Kotaku. So that means mid-November. And we’re honored to be in such sophisticated indie company.

For non-nintendo folks, we’re planning to have the Windows version ready the same day, on our site, and on Steam, and possibly on a few other stores still in talks.

This is all dependent upon us ironing out the last few details and shoveling in as much coal and hydrocarbons as we can. Lots more updates to follow, including a new trailer in progress that actually shows real actual gameplay – I know it’s been a long time coming.


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44 Responses to “Release Date: Little Inferno is a Launch Title on Wii U, Surprise”

  1. MOM4Evr says:

    Flip, now I’ll have to buy a WiiU. :X

    Mid-November it is! Awesome. Keep up the great work, guys, and keep cracking on ironing out those nasty bugs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jaime Alexander A. C says:

    How thoughtful.
    Do you already know that system requirements for windowsx have the game?

  3. Kyle Gabler says:

    Any computer from the last year or two should run the game just fine. Two of the three of us are developing on average laptops.

  4. james says:

    hi feel a bit cheated- preordered day one… got nothing – no info- no previews- the mp3 was disappointing (being polite)- only now does it state you get the game a week before release..i would like to know what the game is, a video a description etc etc if not a demo/beta – sure its going to be great but i would like something for the preorder..otherwise i would of bought after i see the game… come on throw your customers a bone…this is lame (speaking as a big fan and purchaser of a few versions of world of goo) –

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hey James, we’ve tried to be really clear that pre-ordering is only for the most adventurous players, who don’t mind taking a chance on something that’s largely unknown. If that’s not a leap you’d like to take (probably isn’t for most people!) I’d encourage you to wait for future trailers or a demo. If pre-ordering wasn’t what you wanted to do, refunds are no prob, just drop a line at contact at tomorrowcorporation.com

      • james says:

        Hey Kyle- appreciate the response -don’t reach for the refund switch…. i want my game (smiles)- i think the pr – went a bit wonky- – you guys went a bit quiet- some screen shots etc would help- the exchange of funds does tend to bring with it a little sense of entitlement that perhaps i should get over- its just not often that i pay sight unseen- when i have done i sort of expect an instant fix to my curiosity about a project…still looking forward to it – all the best

  5. Sheeft says:

    Yay !
    Awesome. Did you start running any beta tests ?
    I hope I won’t have to wait too long for the mac os version (I’m not sure I’ll lay my hands on a Wii U, moreover I bought the game, the day I learnt about it).

    I can’t wait for the trailer though.

  6. Skyslashk says:

    What happens if I buy the beta after the beta is released. Do I get it anyway?

  7. theFlash says:

    Hey Kyle, quick question. Are U a Nintendo fan yourself????????? Thanks!

    Also seeing the rated T for the game, I was wondering if it was still family-friendly like WORLD OF GOO was.

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Yes we all are. ๐Ÿ™‚ They seem to share some of our sensibilities.

      I think Little Inferno is a nice warm family game. Ratings boards can be a little over eager.

  8. Gabriel says:


    When can we expect to see the first screenshot of the game?

  9. Zac says:

    Is there going to be any DLC or a Demo?

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      There will probably be a demo, though we’ll probably release it sometime after the game is available. There will NOT be any DLC, ads, or other spam – a single purchase gets you the real whole full game.

  10. puggsoy says:

    This is awesome, releasing it alongside the Wii U will be sure to get your names way out there to more people, even those who haven’t even played World of Goo. Also it’s great to know the release date, while everybody will be fussing over their new consoles I’ll be fussing over my new fireplace ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Sheeft says:

    One more question : Will it then be available on Android like World of Goo ?
    What are the language and framework you use ?

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      We’ll start thinking about mobile versions after we’ve got the WiiU and PC versions squared away. No guarantees, though!

  12. momo1526 says:

    Will we be notified by email or something for beta tests? Because I really want to play this game!

  13. WII_UNITD says:

    I’ve always been a fan of World of Goo and also creative imaginations like Tim Burton and Zemeckis. I saw this trailer and immediately wanted this game! (I still want to see the gameplay) but the concept alone has me hooked Please let me know how much this will be on the Wii U E shop so I can put it in my budget for games by the end of November. You know what…scratch the Gameplay trailer just take my money! I want this GAME!

  14. Berg says:

    Day one! One of my top cant-wait-to-play games on the wiiU!

  15. Hisiru says:

    When can we finally see the game?

  16. theFlash says:

    Hey Kyle, any 3DS plans after Wii U and PC version launches? Thanks! I think it would be really cool, when you guys try out the hardware!

  17. Tomorrow Corporation PR says:

    YAY ๐Ÿ˜€
    THanks Guys ;D
    I cant wait ^^

  18. […] information, plus a trailer showing actual gameplay, is on its way, the developer has promised in a recent blog post; we’ll update you as it […]

  19. delpiero says:

    good job guys. World of Goo was a Wii masterpiece, and this is no doubt a Wii U masterpiece. Keep supporting Nintendo and please make stuff for the 3DS.

  20. Brian says:

    I’m surprised the big N didn’t throw a million bucks at you guys to fund this in exchange for exclusivity. They need a launch title badly, especially one that can quickly show people why their weird controls are better than duct taping a slightly more powerful Other Console to a Kindle Fire. Nintendo also needs some fresh mascots to march out, after putting out a stinker Metroid and an average Mario they need to give the old guard a rest. WoG was a title that had exactly everything Nintendo needed, and if it wasn’t already on the PC it would have sold (even more) Wiis.

  21. gonza says:

    f*****g sh*t!! now i NEED 2 buy wii u!!
    whatever…gl guys, ur the last good video game devs in the world. YOU are the definition of indie

  22. Random Oil Man says:

    Huge fan and everything. I sent a message to the facebook group, but thought I’d drop another by here just to increase the likelihood of an answer. Will the Pre-Ordering of the game through this website mean that the Steam version is free (aka, a CD Key?)? Or will two separate purchases be required? (Because yes, I would get both, or just give you twice as much in the Pre-Order additional payment thingy. All of this should be obvious from the whole “huge fan” thing). Just wondering, that’s all.
    Also… will the soundtrack be free or another thing to purchase?

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Yes, anyone who buys the game directly from us will also get a Steam key. Including pre-orders. Not sure what we’re doing about the soundtrack yet. It will absolutely be released in SOME form though.

      • Random Oil Man says:

        Thanks for the response. I have faith in you that this game will be awesome… as you are awesome. So have some of my slightly less awesome money.

  23. Random Oil Man says:

    Already loving the soundtrack preview. I can’t tell if I’m going to be happy or sad if this is better than World of Goo (the most awesome, influential and emotional of all games, soundtrack n’all).
    Thanks for the reply again.

  24. AHA-Lambda says:

    So the Mac OSX and Linux versions won’t be day one with Windows and WiiU? Any timeframe on their releases?

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      That’s correct. Nov 18 will bring the Wii U and Windows versions. No eta yet on Mac or Linux versions other than “as soon as we can make them really solid”.

      • Fredrik Lindroth says:

        I thought I’d take this opportunity to ask if you are getting close to releasing the Linux version. I’ve seen so many LPs, and I can’t wait to burn the world! Thanks!

  25. damon says:

    we should have refunds because i got the game for pc on my mac (accidently) and it wont work

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hey Damon, if you got the game from our website, you’ll automatically have access to windows/Mac/Linux versions of the game as they come available, so no need to worry. In the meantime, other players have reported the windows version runs well in Mac with boot camp. Or if you like, you can still request a refund by emailing us!

  26. Leo says:

    When is it for mac?