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World of Goo Update, 10 Years Later

Hey old friends, it’s been a long time! We no longer have a 2DBOY blog, so thought I’d post this here – we’ve just updated the Win / Mac / Linux versions of World of Goo for the first time since 2008 or 2009 – and hope you and your modern computers enjoy it!

We’re slowly updating the game everywhere it’s currently available over the course of this and next week. Some info on what’s new:

  • To be super clear, there are no new levels, no new characters, no new battle royale deathmatch mode. This is just a gentle remastering we did for fun.
  • The framework has been replaced. This is the thing that draws all the graphics onto your screen, and sends all the audio to your speakers, etc. This means the Win / Mac / Linux version should work on modern computers again without freaking out, and you can run the game on modern displays at whatever resolution you want.
  • Game now runs at a hi-def widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio by default. The original ran at a squarer 4:3 ratio.
  • Resolution of graphics is doubled. The original game ran at 800×600, and the tiny graphic files didn’t scale to huge monitors very gracefully. We used a few different high quality upscaling tools to start, and then went over each image by hand, tweaking each image further as needed. In a few lucky cases, we still had the original source files and were able to use those. But if you still really want the original flavor, there’s a setting to use the original graphics, also included with the game.
  • Fabulous joke about looking good in hi-def has remained unchanged.
  • Brought over graphical and UI improvements from releases on other platforms, like Nintendo Switch.
  • No more encrypted assets or save files. We hope this makes the game more open and friendly to mod.
  • The config.user.txt file is now located wherever your save file is stored. So no more editing that file in your Program Files folder. It has a bunch of new config vars exposed as well.
  • We’ll be updating the game everywhere Win / Mac / Linux versions are available in the next few days.

Want to try it right now? If you got the game directly from 2dboy.com sometime before 2014 or so, and if you can still find your old download link, dust it off and give it a click. The new Win and Mac versions should be there waiting for you, Linux coming soon. Let us know (here in the comments or at 2dboy.com) how they work for you, and especially if you find any bugs! You can also try to look up your download link here if you can’t find your original receipt.

It was fun returning to World of Goo again, and hope you enjoy this small update!

Kyle (the one from 2DBOY & Tomorrow Corporation)

123 Responses to “World of Goo Update, 10 Years Later”

  1. use-writer says:

    A ten year update, just for fun?
    Man, we really love you, 2DBOY!

  2. Andy says:

    Fantastic news! I tried to replay this recently as it was one of my absolute favorite games in high school and was a little turned off by how poorly it ran when scaled to my 1080p monitor. Definitely looking forward to playing again and giving yet another recommendation to my buddies who like puzzle games.

    Appreciate the update, and keep up the good work!

  3. finn says:

    my cat’s breath smells like cat food

  4. Jordan Rodkey says:

    Thanks ya’ll! I was having so many problems with my resolution.

  5. James Madison says:

    Le Reddit Army has arrived!

  6. Viker says:

    Thank you for being one of good guys. We appreciate it and we love you!

  7. Owen says:

    Will this be pushed to consoles as well?

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      The Nintendo Switch version is currently our most up-to-date version – so hopefully it doesn’t need updating as badly as PC!

  8. QUASAR says:

    Great news!, I checked the original mail but the links shows the versions 1.5 for Windows and Mac but the 1.41 for Linux, where can I download the 1.5 linux version

  9. Guillermo Armengol says:

    This is the kind of developers one just love, thanks.

  10. Dan-The-Squid says:

    I wonder how many people bought World of Goo ten years ago and forgot about it, and will never know about this update…

  11. Markkus Taylor says:

    Higher resolution assets for Android version?

  12. Matthew Nordhaus says:

    Oh, never mind. I found the full game download link, AND IT WORKS.

    This is amazing.

  13. Favmir says:

    This is like getting a news from a childhood best friend. It’s beer a long time but I still have the OST and background music from that “jingle balls” Christmas mod. Good to see you again, WoG!

  14. Liyuan says:

    It’s time to play it again:)

  15. Oskar says:

    Awesome! Loved it 10+ years ago (just checked my email and bought this game in 2008).
    Will reinstall it again.

    Thanks guys! You definitly make the world more beautiful with this!

  16. Robert says:


    I bought World of Goo through the Humble Bundle back in the day. Are you going to push the update to their site, too?


    • Nathan says:

      Or a MacHeist bundle? 🙂

      • Keehun says:

        Also looking for an update for as a fan of World of Goo who bought it from MacHeist!

        • shalako says:

          I’d like to know if Steam version gets updated so the ladder building and leader board finally work for the first time. Like it did on the pirated version I had before that.

    • Jacob says:

      I just checked my Humble library, and I have the update (at least for Windows, Mac, and Linux). You may need to log out and log back in to see it.

  17. nothis says:

    You were my first indie game! Thanks for the update!

  18. Sage says:

    Is there a patch executable (or something) for those of us who bought a physical disc long, long ago? :3

  19. Guilherme Augusto says:

    this game was on of the best experiences i had on switch

  20. Patrick says:

    Awww got the game back on the Wii D:

    • Cool Dude says:

      Me too, it’s a shame how the wii store shut down.
      At least I have a backup on my SD card.

    • TJF588 says:

      Conspiracy Theory of the Day: Devs were waiting for Wii Shop services to shut down before dropping the update.

  21. PBtmm says:

    oh goody hopefully there will be more Easter egg soon 🙂

  22. Kevin says:

    You guys are amazing!

  23. Márton says:

    I bought it on CD-ROM in an actual shop! So what about an old-school downloadable patch?

  24. Hi! Thanks for the update, this is much appreciated. Will Humblebundle versions be also updated too?

    That’d be great, you know. 🙂

  25. Abhijit says:

    “No more encrypted assets or save files. We hope this makes the game more open and friendly to mod.”

    Thanks guys!

  26. tkub says:

    Hi there – great news ! Awaiting for linux version – old one is segfaulting on modern linuxes

  27. rama says:

    The download link from my pre-order circa Feb 2008 is a 404. (dl.php)

    • Mr. Ofi says:

      Try to change that part of the URL to “dl2.php” instead. I found the link you did too, but that was only for the pre-order version. There was a second letter with the link to the final version, and the only difference in the URL is the “2”.

  28. Alistair says:

    Soooo…. Is the profanity pack for us original pre orderers going to be available sometime soon? 😉

    Seriously though, great work on the update and for keeping the original mail download links still alive after all this time!

  29. Markus says:

    Thank you very much!

  30. Hakyra says:

    Hey i just want to tell you that when i was 12 years old I illegally downloaded this game from the internet, i didn’t think of what i was doing at that time, and i wanna deeply apologize for that.

    I fell in love with this game. I really can’t describe what i felt playing the last levels knowing that my journey would be over soon and i just didn’t want it to be over…

    I felt really bad, so when i had money and a change, i purchased it immediatly.
    Nowadays i own this game 3 times. (Steam, CD-Rom and Android), i hope that you forgive me for what i did 9 years ago, This is really one of my favourite videogames of all time.
    Thank you for making it!!

  31. BobinFlobo says:

    So… does this mean World of Goo 2 is still possible?

  32. Patman says:

    This was a pain to get working back in the day, due to having 2 monitors and resolution issues.
    Now it’s finally updated!….and doesn’t work with my ultrawide display 🙁
    Just a black screen, music starts after about ten minuets. Anyone found a way around it?

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Thanks for the report! Can you tell us more about your OS and hardware? And is your OS 32 or 64 bit?

      • Okubyona says:

        Hello, I am having the same issue with my ultrawide monitor

        My specs are

        Windows 10 Home OS 64-bit

        ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Motherboard
        Ryzen 5 1600x CPU @3.60GHz
        Geforce GTX 1660 TI 6GB Graphics Card
        2x8GB DDR4 @ 3000MHz RAM

        Running a dual monitor setup

        Main: 29″ Ultrawide Monitor (2560×1080 Resolution)
        Secondary: 21.5″ Monitor (1920×1080 Resolution)

  33. Andrej says:

    I just checked and I actually have that mail – from 2009! I own this game on so many platforms that I totally forgot about that one.

  34. PizzaDude says:

    Hi, please update the Linux version with the fix that disables the 50fps cap in World of Goo 1.5. Also, I had to go to my original Humble Indie Bundle 1 download page to get the updated version. The regular Humble Library link was not updated.

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      If you happen to have the game on Steam, we’re testing all fixes on the beta channel there. Once it’s solid, builds everywhere will be updated. Thanks for the report!

      • 2ndLastJedi says:

        How do i run it at 4k and disable the 50fps cap?

        • Kyle Gabler says:

          We have an upcoming update that will provide uncapped fps. Fixing a few more bugs first, and then we’ll distribute everywhere.

  35. Chiro says:

    I download the game on Epic Store, download seems fine. When I try to play it, all I see is black with some white dots moving around. I can’t click anything. I’m on windows10. I only play it on regular 19″ monitor.

  36. Sándor Iván says:

    I got the game on Epic Games since it was free and when i start the game everything is normal, but when i leave and start the game again my save has disappeared. I tried everything to get this to work but i can’t find anything on the internet about this, so i think i am the only one with this problem.
    Here’s what i tried:
    -restarting computer
    -Verifying the game
    -Reinstalling the game on my C: drive
    -Running the game as an administrator
    -Locating the save file location (There was nothing there just the directory)
    -Jumping into the config file to try and find the save location

    Thank you if you help

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hey Iván, we found a bug where they game couldn’t access user folders when usernames used certain characters. We have this fixed and will be releasing an update shortly!

      • Iván says:

        Thank you so much for fixing this! You guys are the best! Can’t wait to play this game again now that i will be able to save.

  37. […] 2D Boy’s World of Goo will be the next free game on the Epic Games Store starting tomorrow. This is no simple freebie though – there will be a free update to remaster the visuals. Designer/artist/composer Kyle Gabler broke down these changes in a recent post. […]

  38. Daniel E says:

    Oh man, I actually remember the ‘pay what you want sale’ back then. I shelled out $15 and completed the survey. I still have the original .exe on my external hdd somewhere. Now I have downloaded it from the Epic launcher. How times have changed.

  39. Europrimus says:

    Great news !
    World of Goo is one of my favorite game. I play it for more of 6 year. All the game is great and the OCD are some time very challenging!
    I love the ambience, the Sign painter and all the text are very funny. Playing it again make me understanding some of then in an other way.
    Maybe one day i try an other of yours game.

  40. A Cool Dude says:

    So happy to see a slightly remastered update to World of Goo! I love this game and really want a sequel or something.

  41. George says:

    Hey! I was wondering will multiplayer aspect of the game be restored at some point,r it has gone for good? Thanks.

  42. Indigo says:

    We love you Tomorrow Corporation!

  43. Ilya says:

    I have already found a reference to Satisfactory! This is also my favorite game!

  44. mysliwy says:

    Hello I really like your game and appreciate update!
    But I see there is one untranslated graphic in polish translation (Epic Games version). To be exact title of second world, it would be nice to get it repaired (as translated graphic was present in original).

    • mysliwy says:

      Oh and just to sum up polish texts at the end of levels are also missing and some fonts in game doesn’t support polish letters

  45. Avi Mogilyansky says:

    Will there ever be a sequel? And what became of the proposed moon chapter? Also, is there a way to get the beta versions of world of goo?

  46. The builder says:

    Will, we ever see the moon chapter I think goo in low gravity would be fun.

  47. Max C. says:

    Hey Tomorrow corp, You should add little inferno to Xbox, that would be awesome to play on my big screen tv.

  48. Peter O. says:

    Hi Tomorrow Corporation & Kyle,

    I do have a question: will the game be available again to buy on the Humble Store in the near future? Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

  49. Juan says:


    Is there a way to fix de music bug in android versión? In Lollipop and above the music stops in the middle of the game and doesn’t return until the next level starts.


    • Nobody says:

      There is also an issue with the music in the version on Epic. There is no volume control. I can shut off my speakers and have my headphones setting about 3 feet away and the music is still very loud.

  50. atlas says:

    thank you so much.

  51. Robert2 says:


    did the patch go live on steam yet? I tried to replay the game recently and I had some building problems due to running a UHD resolution now.


    (I called myself Robert2 because there was another Robert in the comments)

  52. Gooey Goo says:

    Is there any chance that World of Goo might be updated with additional content? Possibly chapter 6?

    Also, is the route99 dialogue hardcoded? I’m guessing the text will be in the text.xml, but I don’t know what controls the dialogue boxes that pop up.

  53. Chucky G says:

    I have sooooo many memories of playing this on the wii with my bro

  54. ThatBananaGuy says:

    I hope that a sequel is coming soon coz I LOVE DIS GAME…

  55. Jacob Jordan says:

    Hey can I make World of Goo 2?

  56. that one cow zayo says:

    2D boy i really enjoyed world of goo and have wanted a sequel ever sense i finished the game, plz make a sequel, maybe the sequel could be about the goo balls is space or another area of world of goo, also the mods people have made for world of goo are amazing and really well done and a game so great was a community that has ideas we would love another world of goo game

  57. Sergey Lugovykh says:

    I love your games . I already bought Little Inferno and plan to buy the rest later at Epic Games Store. But I have a huge request, please make a cloud save in the World of Goo

  58. Nick Dimmick says:

    I purchased WOG in 2009 through the Macheist Bundle 3. I’ve tried the two provided ways to find my order, but I guess you don’t have a record of it, since it was purchased in that package from another vendor. I still have the email receipt. Is there a way I could send it to you and get a link to download the new version?

  59. Kathy says:

    I am looking for a game similar to Angry Birds. I happened upon this. Is there a chance I can get a free trial version before I commit to purchasing? (BTW, if it matters, I am a 70-year-old grandma, who bought an Apple //c when they first came out, and loved all the games on that little machine. I don’t really want to play a lot, but sometimes, it’s fun to just do something different, and I have always enjoyed puzzle games to keep my mind active and awake! Thanks!

    • DSDonuts says:

      You can get a demo on Steam. Just search World Of Goo demo on Steam. Hoped that helps. A bit late though…

  60. SomeGooBallFanatic says:

    Would you consider making a World Of Goo 2. Having played this game since close to release I have never given up the hope of a sequel 🙂

  61. Dan-The-Squid says:

    Everybody is waiting for World of Goo 2 but I’m just here waiting for the Little Inferno pink logs update

  62. Francisco says:

    Back in the day, my 24 year old self was a southamerican with no way of legally owning the game. Now i am proud and more than happy owner of this game in my phone. TY so much for this! Will be ready for it, if it ever comes a WOG2

  63. William Blake says:

    I bought the game on one of those “old-fangled” optical discs and just upgraded to MacOS Catalina? Is there anything I can do to get the update besides buy it all over again?

  64. Tony Hoyt says:

    I bought this game on my iPhone e a long time ago. It is trying to make me purchase it again? Anyway around this?

  65. Milos says:

    Hi Kyle,

    I love the World of Goo, and want to thank you for making it work on Linux too.

    I recently bought a new copy on GOG, and tried to install it on a older Windows 32bit machine, and got an error message about incompatible file with the version of Windows. There are no alternatives on GOG to download. Could you advise how to fix this?

    Thanks a bunch! Love your work!

    • Will says:

      I’ve had the same trouble on Mac. I couldn’t find it in the App Store so I tried getting to it through a browser. It ended up letting me purchase and download it but it’s given me a message saying that it isn’t compatible. ):

    • Golffies says:

      Hi Milos,

      You are not alone, I am in the dark, too. 🙂 I got the same error message on W7 32bit. The same applies to Mint / Ubuntu 18.04 32 bit too: after launching the x86 binary, an illegal instruction error is returned and the game fails to start.

      dmesg reports:
      [ 5967.185927] traps: WorldOfGoo.bin.[2969] trap invalid opcode ip:818e4ef sp:bfa72e98 error:0 in WorldOfGoo.bin.x86[8048000+2b5000]

      In november 2019, I wrote to about that issue with the 32bit executables. Unfortunately, my mail has gone unanswered so far.

  66. MyUsername says:

    I remember playing this game as a kid and would like to replay it for the nostalgia. I remember i bought it off a shitty PC games website called Big fish games, probably around 2010. would there be any way for me to get the copy i bought back?

  67. I wonder if this game has other patches

  68. Fedor Ilyukhin says:

    Hello Kyle and Ron. I have the same problem as people who wrote before about getting World Of Goo for the Mac. Because I’m not sure if it’s compatible for the Mac or not, I just want to ask: Is it compatible for the MacOS Catalina? Its version is 10.153

  69. Fedor Ilyukhin says:

    Hello Kyle and Ron. I have the same problem as people who wrote before about getting World Of Goo for the Mac. Because I’m not sure if it’s compatible for all versions of Mac or not.

  70. Milos says:

    .. No response, after 2 months, and a direct mail?

  71. book man says:

    what about android version? is there any updates

  72. DataCZ says:

    10 years later 10 gooballs are missing (steam version).

    Where si my 10 gooballs from Welcoming Unit? I need them for “Cleptomaniac” badge at goofans.com

  73. Michael D says:

    I can’t find my download link so I’m guessing I need to rebuy, but I wanted to know, is the game 64 bit for OSX? The newest OS version doesn’t run 32 bit apps anymore, so my old install of goo won’t run anymore. I’d hate to buy it again and have it still not run.

  74. Gail Haskins says:

    I purchased tthis game twice in 2013. did not use paypal.here id pertinent info. would like to redownload pc version. Thanks

    Thank you.
    You’ve made a purchase from 2D BOY on Google Play.

    Order number: 12999763169054705758.1309002623134973
    Order date: Mar 10, 2013 2:52:56 PM EDT
    Payment method: VISA xxx-
    Item Price
    World of Goo $4.99
    Tax: $0.00
    Total: $4.99
    Questions? Contact 2D BOY.

  75. Mathew says:

    What about the Mac App Store version? It doesn’t look like it received the update yet.

  76. Korone says:

    Thank you so much for a wonderful beautiful game along with this fantastic update of remastering. I bought world of goo when I was a young one and slowly growing up into a man I have purchased this game on many consoles along with steam and epic and mobile to show my love and support for this game! I hope one day there will be a sequel because why not? ha this game is so amazing and replaying it makes me smile. once again thank you <3

  77. LemonLimeTwist says:

    Kyle, when will the moon be released? And will a full version of the beta be released? I want to play the beta as another world in WoG. Honestly that would be pretty damn cool. I hope we get the beta version released in full HD for free on iOS, PC, Mac, and Linux soon. I would definitely play it!

  78. Shintaro says:

    Beware if running 32bit Operating system.. World of Goo is 64 bit only and will not work on 32 bit machines.

  79. Andrew Menchen says:

    I’ve probably been playing this game since 2010 for all the years until today, it’s just an amazing game that I really waited for there to be a second version. But right now I believe that improving the Android version to the new screen ratios of up to 21:9 we currently have would be something more important and urgent as the game hasn’t been updated there since 2013 which makes the new screens occupy only half of screen with giant black embroidery.

  80. dave stine says:

    I bought a copy of world of goo sometime last year. I was evacuating from a forest fire in Colorado and stepped on my hard drive and broke the SATA connector. True. Can I get a replacement for this, a free download is what I’d like. I love the game.

  81. Sean says:

    Today I thought I’d check my first ever e-mail in my gmail inbox and it was the link to my purchased WOG copy back in 2010. I then proceeded to the download page and saw 2019 update written ! WOW WOG

  82. Mikko T says:

    How about an Android update?

  83. mitsos says:

    So lucky that I didn’t manage to solve no sound problem in Ubuntu for the version of 2009 and sometime I bumped into this page! The link in my email 13 years ago worked and I am exited now to play again the new version of one of all time favorite games!
    Thank you!!

  84. Big Tennis says:

    Kyle, please release the beta seen in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A_JfkzPwww
    I want to play it!
    (please respond)

  85. nate says:

    man you guys are so awesome

  86. Gill says:

    Re-purchase the game 0n sept 25/2022 I am on Debian11 Linux and I haveno sound