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BREAKING WEATHER REPORT! Wii U’s MiiVerse is the most adorable thing ever

Alright, I finally got a Wii U and plugged it in, and discovered a whole world in there! I’ve never really used the Tweeter or the FacePlace, so maybe this sort of thing is old Internet news by now, but it’s new and adorable to me! Here are some of our favorite notes and drawings on the Little Inferno MiiVerse community we’ve seen so far. Also, anyone know how to take screenshots other than pointing our camera phones at the screen?

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11 Responses to “BREAKING WEATHER REPORT! Wii U’s MiiVerse is the most adorable thing ever”

  1. theFlash says:

    Miiverse is one of the best places for developers to go to, to look at all these great feedback and drawings!

    Miiverse is like a Facebook/Twitter but for gamers!

  2. puggsoy says:

    Looks like Nintendo’s Steam 😉

    Lots of people seem to love it though, which is awesome! Congrats guys on making such a fantastic game!

  3. DavidID says:

    I Love MiiVerse too! But WiiU has no Option to do ScreenShots so far. But You can buy an HDMI-Grabber and Film the MiiVerse, and take Shots of the Videos on the PC… 😉

    Nintendo-Network ID: DavidID

  4. Joe M says:

    Screenshots are easy to post! Just hit the home button in-game, then go into miiverse. In the bottom right you can create a post in the community of the current game being played and you’ll have the option to share the image that was on the TV or gamepad screen at the moment you pressed the home button. Very simple 🙂

  5. André says:

    Get a capture card. I have an Avermedia Gamer Card thing and it can record Wii U via component cables.

  6. Nate says:

    Wow, this reminds me of envelope art in Nintendo Power. Very cool stuff.

  7. Mike says:

    This experience is amazing, i wont call it a game because its really not, and its not fully art because you control it. It was AMAZING, I never ever leave comments about things. The physics are excellent, the soundtrack is utterly amazing (one of the best in any game), the graphics are excellent, the overall package is one of the greatest works Ive had the opportunity to enjoy. Ill go back and play again, in lieu of chasing the feeling of experiencing it for the first time, yet it wont happen. Little Inferno was simply magical. A novel simple idea, drawn together with peoples visions of greatness and you end up with THE best Indie game, period. FANTASTIC! Ive tried to explain it to people and they say yeah so you burn things, whats the point, like you guys stated there is no score theres no timer its just that fireplace. If you can give Little Inferno the chance to warm your hearts, it will fill you with fiery love for Tomorrow Corporation.

    Over the Smoke Stacks, Over the City! Goodnight!

  8. 13qead says:

    Scares me how its fun… But at the same time very cool! Or shall I say warm?

  9. nickalaus andersen says:

    Will Tomorrow corporation please make their game little inferno for mac on steam. I saw someone playing it and it looked like a lot of fun and plus i have a mac.

  10. nickalaus andersen says:

    Will they answer any one i really like this game, but i can’t play it on mac

  11. ηιп says:

    i want this game so badly!