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Up Up Up the Wii U eShop (to #2!)

Up Up Up Nintendo Wii U eShop

A Christmas miracle! Against all expectations, Little Inferno, the weird-little-game-that-could, has been steadily moving up the American Wii U charts, up to slot #3 #2 as of today – just ahead of New Super Mario, amazingly. What’s up there anyway? We hope to find out…!

Nintendo Life has just posted some of our initial thoughts on Nintendo’s Wii U eShop, and you can read similar thoughts from other developers here. To summarize, though, indie developers have good things to say about the service, and (my favorite thing) the MiiVerse seems to be well loved. The new year should bring even more indie games, including Runner 2.

Miss Nancy Christmas MiiVerse

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26 Responses to “Up Up Up the Wii U eShop (to #2!)”

  1. That’s awesome! I’m glad it’s doing so well for you guys. I was wondering how sales were going, and I guess this answers my question. Best of luck to you guys! Here’s hoping you’re going to #1 soon (Even though Trine 2 is a great game as well)! πŸ™‚

  2. theFlash says:

    That’s awesome guys! Keep up the great work and I hope you plan to make another great game for the Wii U! πŸ˜€

    Trine and NSMB:U both have some competition! :p

  3. Lucien WS says:

    Mates, proud of you ! Hang on I cover your back by purchasing the game on every hardware I own (only PC for now, but ASAP on Wii U, maybe in4-5 years, I wait for a good bundle ^^, generally the later the better ^^).

  4. TiKiMaN1 says:

    What a fantastic game. I love the art style, atmosphere, music, well just everything. Back to my little inferno. It’s quite cold outside. πŸ™‚

  5. puggsoy says:

    That’s awesome, being higher up than NSMB:U! But hey, being such a great game, it’s not all that surprising πŸ˜‰

  6. David Amador says:

    Congrats guys πŸ™‚
    Great game on a great system πŸ™‚

  7. Mitja says:

    You are number #2 at UK eshop also. πŸ™‚ Here’s the pic http://t.co/3mXi1k5j feel free to pimp it with the finger pointing arm etc.

  8. Wolfiy says:

    Hi! I just completed World of goo πŸ˜€ Awesome game, saw this on YouTube, tried to find it on Amazon.co.uk, but it only is on Amazon.com! D: Any idea when your putting this game up on Amazon.co.uk?

  9. frank santos says:

    i have zombi u, new mario bross u, ninja gaiden 3, trini directors cut, and others, but the game that make me more conect to may wii u is litlle inferno, i live in brasil, i had to create a e shop acount in canada just to be able to buy this amazing game, shocked by tha fantastic soundtrack, and the cool sound efects, a game that has some tim burton atmosfere thanks guys for this gift!!!! and i just finished the game!!!

  10. Rick says:

    Hey Kyle, will other devices such as Android or iOS get a version too, like what happened with World of Goo? also, how long will it be until you awesome people release another game?

  11. Brett says:

    Yeah, I’m really hyped to see what Tomorrow Corporation has coming up!

  12. Pau; says:

    Hey people! It’s my art of the game Little Inferno πŸ™‚ http://vaultboypaul.deviantart.com/art/Little-Inferno-346455304

  13. kringel says:

    Little Inferno won #1 in category: “Wii U eShop Download of 2012”

    “Game of the Year: Nintendo Life’s Community Awards 2012” http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2012/12/game_of_the_year_nintendo_lifes_community_awards_2012

    And by sales it’s #2 http://nintendoeverything.com/109558/wii-u-eshop-charts-123112/

  14. Yolanda Alderson says:

    You really need to make this avaliable for android tablets and mobile phones PLEASE

  15. kringel says:

    Big new reviews:

    “The game might be hopeful, ultimately. It’s hard to tell. The snow keeps falling, and you can either escape or reconcile yourself. By the time I stopped playing, several hours had gone by and my living room looked unfamiliar. That’s art”

    “The flame effects are fantastic; it’s a genuinely beautiful game at times, and there’s a rich sense of humour running through the proceedings.”

    And I also liked this one:

    “[C]ompletely freed from cynicism or biting criticism against game design criminals as Zynga, — Little Inferno says: We do click on cows and order Farmville fields because they excite something in us. Because it gives us, give at least a short time, something that gives us joy, appears important to us. But one thing they can’t do: bind with the player with their simple methods forever. They are ablaze, as long as they are new and colorful and fun. And shortly thereafter, they are little more than ashes on the chimney altar of the latest home fireplace entertainment product.” http://superlevel.de/spiele/indie-spiele/little-inferno/ (Translation: Google)

  16. Lucas says:

    Hi guys, I’ve just finished playing Little Inferno and I found it awesome.
    I’m graduating this year in Computer science and I’d like to know some of the tools that you guys used to create this amazing game.
    Hope your game spread all over the wolrd.
    Regards, Lucas.

  17. Kieran says:

    Hi, I’m sorry for being impatient, but could you please release the game on the app store today???

    I just can’t wait any longer for the apple app store version.

    Hurry, hurry, hurry!!!

    Thanks…Finchy from the U.K

  18. Bryce Allen says:

    You should make the novelty mouse pad( the one you get after you get all the combos) an actual item to buy. That would be awesome to have on my desk!

  19. DOC86RUS says:

    Many people already look forward this game. You let out this game for Android and iPhone, and it is possible and for Windows Phone, but in community still there were users of Symbian OS and they too want this game (as well as World of Goo which didn’t leave for Symbian), whether you let out this game for this operating system?

  20. lolman says:

    it dosen’t work on i pad 1

  21. lolman says:

    Can you make it so it doesen’t need the front camera on i pad 1 ???????? πŸ™

  22. lihalong says:


  23. Vladikhuk says: