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Tomorrow Corporation Games Have Arrived, Now on Nintendo Switch!

Actual photo of the Nintendo Switch eShop. Customers enlarged to show texture.


Move over, Zelda, we’re here! World of Goo, Little Inferno, and Human Resource Machine are now available on Switch devices!


Q: What special features do these Switch editions have?

A: Yes!

  1. They are on the Switch!
  2. All games come with their original soundtracks. Turn up the volume on your Switch and delight everyone on your subway car or flight!
  3. World of Goo and Little Inferno have cooperative local multiplayer! Playing with a friend is now our favorite way to play.
  4. All 3 games playable in Handheld Mode using the touch screen, or in Tabletop Mode or TV Mode using using one or both Joy-Con controllers.
  5. Small tweaks and improvements throughout, visible only to the most observant observers.


Q: Where can I get them?!

A: On the eShop on your Switch!


Q: Can I get them all as a bundle?

A: We wanted to allow players the joy of three separate purchases! So, no bundle, they are each fully individual games. (And also, there is no technical way for us to bundle them at the moment – we definitely looked into it. If it becomes possible for us to bundle them in the future, we will try and do that. But it’s possible we won’t ever have that ability.)


Q: Can I have them all in a physical box?

A: We are looking into a physical version, but it’s a lot trickier than the digital world we’re all living in now. If we do find a way to make a physical version, it will not be for a while. In the meantime, you are welcome to download the games to your Switch, and then put your Switch in a box. Is a physical version something you want? Let us know!


Q: What is the price of these multiple award winning games?

A: Each game is listed at 9.99 USD, and the experience will stay with you for a lifetime!


Q: Hello! I am from Europe and/or Australia. When can I experience these award winning games?
A: Hola! Guttentag! Où est la bibliothèque? We have heard all three games will release in Europe and Australia on Thursday, 3/23. Profitez-en! Genieten! наслаждайтесь!

(We hear there is a way to get games from any region, from any other region… Some googling might turn up answers. But we can not confirm, since none of us have retail Switches yet!)


Q: Help! When are your games coming out?

A: Right now! See above! Thanks, everyone, and have fun! 🙂



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23 Responses to “Tomorrow Corporation Games Have Arrived, Now on Nintendo Switch!”

  1. ShadeOfLight says:

    I am playing World of Goo on my EU Switch at this very moment, so it’s definitely possible. It does require jumping through a hoop or two.

  2. Kage says:

    Congratulations on the releases! I’m just wondering though, is the hand we see in the Little Inferno Switch trailer the one that’s used in-game to select things? It seems a little large and possibly intrusive. Is there a way to change it to something more minuscule, like the World of Goo pointer? The more stuff I can see burning on screen the better.

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      No. 🙂 The hand in the trailer is for your enjoyment only during the trailer, and not in the game.

      • Kage says:

        Thanks again for the helpful response. I just checked out a YouTube video and noticed that the pointer is in fact compact and delightful. Purchasing the game now 🙂

  3. Kevin says:

    Hi If I have the WiiU version of this game I suppose I can’t transfer to Switch version right? Or at a discounted cost?

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      There’s no way to do that right now, and not sure Nintendo will ever allow it. But in the meantime, we used a big hammer to ensure all 3 games have very friendly prices!

  4. Tim says:

    Hi there!
    I just wanna let you guys know that I’d absolutely love to have a physical version of these games! 😀

    • I second that and I would even third it if I’m allowed!
      Physical for my eternal plastic enjoyment and obssesive collectionitis!

    • Chris says:


      That’d be really awesome. I love the games gorgeous style…I guess it would look pretty nice on my bookshelf. 🙂

    • James says:

      I think that would be cost prohibitive – some news orgs say the flash cart is ~10 dollars from nintendo. Eurogamer mentioned this is why switch games are ~10 dollars more than their PS4 counterparts due to production cost differences vs DVD and Blu-ray.

  5. Maxime says:

    Hello, I just bought Little Inferno on the Switch and it doesn’t open, it’s stuck on ‘WARNING DO NOT PLAY WITH FIRE’.

    I rebooted my Switch, still does the same. I open other games, they work, go back to Little Inferno, doesn’t work. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it from the eShop, still stuck. It’s not on a micro sd either, it’s in the internal storage.

    What the hell!

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Just tap a button on your Joy-Con! 🙂 Or if you are playing in handheld Mode, just tap the screen with your finger. Have fun!

  6. James McKee says:

    1. When will the Pink Log update be out for the Switch?
    2. How about contacting either Nicalis or Limited Run for a physical compilation release?

  7. Seth Vander Laan says:

    I would absolutely LOVE a physical triple pack! Maybe try to get in contact with Limited Run Games, they said they’re gonna do Switch stuff soon!

  8. Diego Escudero says:

    I downloaded World of Goo, pointer controls are so good!

  9. Adel Taha says:

    Release them physically and I promise I’ll buy two copies

  10. A Fan says:

    Hurray! Thanks for the date on Australia’s release. Can’t wait!

  11. Human Resourse Co-op Idea says:

    I think it might be fun to play to play Human Resource Machine co-op of you guys “split” the office in half and had the players work together where one person controlled the inbox and the other the outbox but they always would have to pass each other the blocks through a window(s) that would work like the floor space you guys already have, in the wall the splits the office. Or say player one has the block that needs to be added to player two’s block before going out. Or both players could control separate in and out boxes in two separate offices but again need to pass boxes to one another through a window(s) in the wall and some boxes that end up in office one’s inbox by “mistake” needs to be sent out in office two and vice versa. Just saw that if people made good enough points that you’d look into it. And I didn’t know how else to get my idea out to you guys. Loves the games and I hope my suggestions help in any sort of way. Thanks guys.

  12. Gabriel Melul says:

    Hey, I would totally be up for a physical release, but with the tgree games bundled together!

  13. James says:

    Any plans for pro controller support? Bought Goo and Human Resource Machine, but when i play on the tv i use the pro controller.

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      We haven’t tried the pro controller yet, but our games need some form of pointer input. A pro controller may not be optimal?