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This Weekend Only…

Weather ManBREAKING WEATHER REPORT! It’s March, the wind is turbulent, and the air is crisp in many parts of the globe… THIS WEEKEND ONLY, stay warm in there… Little Inferno is on sale across almost all it’s fuel line channels: including right here at Tomorrow Corporation, on Steam, on the Wii U eShop, and for iPads on the App Store.


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22 Responses to “This Weekend Only…”

  1. Jalal5 says:

    Any news on a mobile platform?

  2. Sheeft says:

    Are the Mac Beta Test going to start soon ? Thanks !

  3. Amazingcookie says:


    I really want to play the game on Wii U, but there is no sale on the European eShop. I’m quite sure there is a good reason for that, so if you know anything, please let me know.

  4. Someone says:

    Cool game! I found it thrue the Steam Ads. I directly saw the style of World of Goo so I had to buy it. Will this game released also in the future in a Humble Bundle?

    Just one thing was not as expected: The game has no Achivments on Steam why that?

    Anyway good work I had much fun!

  5. Dan says:

    even though it says it’s “ON SALE” it’s still $5.49 on Australian app store – huh? 🙁

  6. Scottingron says:

    Is the ipad version one still on sale? The description says it is, but the price is the normal price…

  7. John says:

    My son downloaded application – every time we try to install we get that the install file is corrupt. How do I resolve.


    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hi John, are you downloading from the Humble Store? I’d just try re-downloading again, maybe even with a different browser.

  8. ben debski says:

    Hi this game would be great on android.Would like to know if it is coming to the platform.

  9. Adam Tilley says:

    Please can you tell us if its coming to android and stuff as were not being told anything and we feel like we should be told

  10. Li'l Wayne says:

    Make this game on mobile platforms. Seriously…

  11. oki muhrer says:

    i was one of the kickstarter backers on this project, i was encouraged by the fact that one of the stretch goals was a linux version. one of my mates has it on his ipad, but there is still no news about the linux version. do we have an eta on this? is it still happening

    ps. i only run linux at home

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hey Oki, we never did a kickstarter, maybe you are thinking of something else? But we are in fact working on a Linux version, and it should be ready for beta very soon!

      • oki muhrer says:

        lol you are right – it was an individual purchase through humble – i have an individual invoice just for this game (ie not a bundle)

        anyway, the game looks cool, in my desperation i must have started imagining things.

        anyway good to know the linux beta is on the way.

        must. resist. urge. to. burn.

  12. Brett says:

    It’s been snowing for years, and we just don’t know why… I thought of Little Inferno again last night as I watched the snow coming down.

  13. landon says:

    whats this

  14. landon says:

    breaking wether report the wind is going up

  15. Madison says:

    Hi I have found out that iPhone 3 and 3GS cannot play on little inferno you need front camera so I cannot play I am very sad now
    Thx Madison

  16. Me!! says:

    Love this game!!! (on my Wii U)
    Need to burn more stuffs!!! jaja pls make dlc or something! that would be awesome!!!