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There’s Someone Using the Little Inferno Music

8 Responses to “There’s Someone Using the Little Inferno Music”

  1. Cazper Hardemalm says:

    oh dear

  2. Pascalbatronic says:

    Are you kidding us? Why haven’t we heard about your new game for several years now?

  3. Gar says:

    Little inferno wore it better xxx

  4. Suafus says:

    Oh my god, I come here a few times a year. I’m patiently waiting for the new game but not under pressure. Little Inferno was a great game, with even better music .. music really is a masterpiece.

  5. Owen CMYK says:

    I know I’m pretty late to comment on this, but I think the knowledge I have (though limited), may be of some value.

    These are very similar, there’s no doubt, they both have similar tone, and the melody is almost identical (though I believe the exact scale is slightly different). However, the music space is broad, and under normal circumstances, it would be hard to say if this was a direct copy or just a coincidence, but there’s one thing that makes me think this was a copy, and it likely isn’t the composer’s fault.

    In the film industry there’s a technique known as “Temp Music”. This is when a film, TV series, or other media uses music from another work (or sometimes several other works) as a temporary score to give the scene emotion. However, sometimes the director will get so used to this music with the cut of a scene that they wind up asking the composer to make something as similar as possible. In this situation, you often end up with songs that are either very similar, or just straight up copies of soundtracks from other shows, movies, or in this case games.

    Though I’m not an expert in the film industry, only rather knowledgable on music. If I were to take a guess, this is likely what happened here, and I believe the fault is more with the system of temp music itself, or at least the director, rather than the composer.

    Though I could be entirely wrong on this. That’s just my take from the knowledge I have. I hope you have a nice day, and keep doing what you do best!!!!! <3

  6. Free music theme is awesome.

  7. Calista Taylor says:

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