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The Reticule interview regarding Little Inferno, mystery, robots

The Reticule Interview

Brand new interview about Little Inferno and other things is here. Interviewer is Mr. Chris Evans, one of the early supporters of World of Goo waaay back before it launched a long long time ago, and he’s an indie kid too, except instead of making games, he made his own game news site. Go read it!

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Chris: Without giving too much away about Little Inferno, can you tell us what games have had an influence on the ideas behind Little Inferno?

TomorrowCorp: Indie games tend to be outlets for their designers’ quirks and anxieties and unusual ways of experiencing the world. So, while we also look to games we love, most of Little Inferno is inspired by real life things that we find scary or confusing or totally absurd. Some things that inspired Little Inferno:

  • Playing with fire is really fun, but dangerous. Like kittens.
  • The simplest things can often be the most terrifying. (Example: Steven Moffat written episodes of Doctor Who)
  • New hobby: Ordering lots of things on Amazon and tracking shipments as they arrive.
  • It’s easy to stay stuck in a job that’s kindof ok, but maybe not what your childhood self would be proud of or excited by.
  • That slight but constant feeling that films and tv and advertisements and government programs treat you like a kid who’s too clueless to handle subtlety, or real explanations, or drama or comedy that’s not entirely broad and ham fisted.
  • Bugs and eggs.
  • That feeling of wanting to communicate with other people, but being entirely unheard or misunderstood.
  • Dental work.


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10 Responses to “The Reticule interview regarding Little Inferno, mystery, robots”

  1. David Amador says:

    You are killing me over here!!! Can’t wait to see some gameplay =)

  2. Tomorrow Corporation PR says:

    I luv u 😉

  3. Nicalis Rep. says:

    I agree with you guys 100% we need a game play video. ^^) Also, big Little Inferno fans, check out one of our indie games “Nightsky” set for release on 3DS eShop and is already out on Steam.



  4. Awesome. Thanks for posting epic interviews here so I don’t have to go digging around the interwebs to find them all. 🙂

    As for the interview itself: I am now even more excited about this game than I have been up to this point. I too have grown tired of predictable games with predictable gameplay. In fact, today I’ve been adding first-person-shooter areas to my sidescrolling platformer, just because I can. Unpredictable games are fantastic. And they show the game designers had a lot of creativity rather than just sticking to a generic mold.

    Take Psychonauts for example. It’s one of the best games I’ve played in years. Why? Because just when I thought I had the game figured out, I was thrown into an area where I could play Godzilla. And the game only got less predictable from there. The story itself had a few twists and turns, too, which was great.

    All this to say: HECK YES. I’ve also had ideas for unpredictable games, being sick and tired of predictable gameplay myself, and seeing you guys beat me to the punch just makes me love you even more. It’s time for games to grow up, and bring out the kids in us again.

  5. Lumafan") says:

    I love the fact that Little Inferno will be a Wii U Exclusive. Also, the only home console to get it! ^^)

    Man the wait is killin me! LOL!

    • Ben says:

      Its not a Wii excluisive, it wont even be on the Wii. Its made for the WiiU, PC and Mac. 😉

  6. Lumafan") says:

    Exclusive meaning features to Wii U, and I said Wii U not Wii. It’s exclusive because it’s the only home console to get it. XBOX 360 and PS3 aren’t getting it. PC and Mac don’t even count, they are computers and laptops.

    • Well, generally, “exclusive” in that context would mean “exclusive to this platform”, which would imply that it wouldn’t be on PC/Mac/Linux either. I also wouldn’t say that they don’t count, since PC is a very popular gaming platform, especially among Internet-dwellers. But we know what you mean. Wii U will be the only console that Little Inferno supports for the foreseeable future.

  7. cogzwell says:

    I love how obtuse and obfuscated the information is regarding the actual gameplay XD.

  8. Skyslashk says:

    New post NOW