We are a 3 person team. Here are our games so far:

Talkin’ About Little Inferno

Title Screen

I gave a talk about the things we learned while making Little Inferno at GDC this year,but completely forgot to post it here. There were some difficulties with sound during the presentation, so I ended up singing half of the lyrics of the jingle on stage. With no back up audio. In front of 600 or so people.

Despite the technical difficulties, the talk went pretty well! If you’re interested in learning about the story behind Little Inferno, it’s worth a gander. Just please ignore my bad singing.

Something Else is Burning

In other news, we’ve been quietly prototyping a few different game ideas for a little while now. Nothing new to report just yet, but it has been nice to go back to our roots. Strange to think we wrote that paper almost 9 years ago!




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15 Responses to “Talkin’ About Little Inferno”

  1. Daxar says:

    Whwh how did I miss this? Are you teasing us with another game already? You’re gonna silently work on it for years like you did the last one, right?

    *Sits in front of the gates to the large and silent Tomorrow Corporation, waiting patiently for years for the gates to open*

    Might as well watch the talk while I’m waiting, amirite?

    • KyleGray says:

      No teasing – just wanted to let everyone know that the lights are still on at Tomorrow Corporation! We’ll re-emerge with details when we have stuff to share.

      • Im still waiting. We are both waiting. The press has arived to document 2 lone survivors of that sad part of little inferno that im not going to spoil. We sit there. silently. not breaking eye contact from the gates of the large menacing building. Everyone is worried. We havnt eaten anything in years. and still. No new game… no new game…

  2. Mygod says:

    Will there be any further updates on Little Inferno? :~

  3. tainã says:

    please, my game is in English, and my computer and steam station in Portuguese. I moved the folder” settings” in language: system for language: spanish, but the problem continues. help me

    • KyleGray says:

      hey taina, you can either try, “language = system” or “language = PR” if you’re trying to play your Little Inferno in Portuguese.

  4. YES says:

    EGP 2014?

  5. Hi!

    Now, the main reason I am contacting You, is that Phoenix (Martin Jukić) & Madman (Marijan Janković), we created the Youtube gaming channel which name is based on our nicknames –

    LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrJhznqT09rSs2Tdsad7gCA

    I would like to ask You for the PERMISSION (e-mail) to use your games for playing and publishing game videos on Youtube, without breaking your Terms of Use or to use your intelectually property without notice. We respect other`s work and effort invested in every project and with this permission we would like to show the great work you do with your games.

    I am looking forward to working with you,

  6. Scott says:

    Here’s an idea… probably you’ve heard it already. Create an online “Black Market” or Catalog 8, and give players the ability to share their own items to be burned. I know several of the items have complex animations and bone structures, but others are quite simple, and could be replicated/modified based on player input.

    Fun game, btw. I respect it. WoG is awesome, too.
    Scott (Beta Ninja on infernofans)

  7. I am super hyped!!!! I love your guys stuff. cant wait to play the next game you guys make. also be happy that there is no little inferno erotic fanfiction. or erotic world of goo fanfiction, because… actualy you should be sad about that. but happy. or you should have conflicting emotions. you should have conflicting emotions. I will make you have conflicting emotions. I WILL FORCE YOU INTO 2 EMOTIONAL STATES AND YOU WILL DEAL WITH IT untill someone writes sugarplumps bondage kink then just be sad. unless you want to see that sort of thing.
    Love you guys and your games thanks for reading this


  8. Adam Tilley says:

    Will their be any further updates on little inferno alowing it to run smother and on more devices ??

  9. Daniel Reinhardt says:

    My son wanted this game, and I promised it to him for good behavior at school after christmas break. However, I bought it and installed it on my sons Nabi Dream Tab that meets all the requirements, but the game does not even load it instantly crashes. I have verified that there is enought space, and I removed it and re-installed it. It still fails to load, but on my Tablet a Samsung 12.2″ Pro Tab it works and loads. So can you please fix it?

  10. Ryan says:

    Just wanted to say little inferno is by far my favorite mobile game. The artwork and music are far beyond anything I’ve experienced elsewhere. You guy’s are awesome and I cannot wait for the next game. Keep creating!

  11. Dariy says:

    The version 1.25 of Little Inferno no works on iOS devises. Stick in start.

    • KyleGray says:

      We’ve been running into some issues with iCloud for this version, but are working on a solution. In the meantime you can try the following two fixes:

      1. Make sure any iDevices on which you previously played Little Inferno are on and connected to the internet, so they can finish uploading their progress. Launching the game on those other devices may help nudge the iCloud system too.

      2. Failing that, you can either: a. Delete Little Inferno data from iCloud (Settings->Usage->iCloud Manage Storage->Little Inferno->Edit->Delete All); or b. If you don’t want to sync progress across multiple devices, disable iCloud syncing (Settings->Little Inferno->Set “Save progress on iCloud” to “OFF”.

      Hope that helps!