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Sugar Plumps Plushies Available to Order until November 27, 2022!

UPDATE: Sugar Plumps has been funded! Thanks everyone! If you’re still interested in getting your own Sugar Plumps Plushie, you have until November 28, 2022 at 0:00 GMT to order!


Little Inferno Fans: we’re partnering with well known plushie-makers, and all around good guys, Makeship to bring you the Sugar Plumps Plushie. Just in time for Little Inferno’s 10 Year Anniversary, and the Ho Ho Holidays!

For those unfamiliar with MakeShip, they’re a crowd-funded site that partner with indie game devs (among others) to make collectible plushies. Their plushies are super soft, and adorable. At the moment of this writing, there’s currently only one Sugar Plumps in the world… and she’s at the beach, working on a fabulous tan!

For more information, or to order one for yourself or the Little Inferno Fan in your life check out MakeShip’s page HERE.

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4 Responses to “Sugar Plumps Plushies Available to Order until November 27, 2022!”

  1. Braxton says:

    Weatherman next?

  2. name says:

    This looks like it won’t be delivered until February/March, is that true?

  3. Avimo says:

    How could December of 2022 be only a month away?!
    The plushie looks cool! Will sugar plumps appear in the new version?

  4. Trey says:

    Is there anyway I can order this plushie? I know it’s past the date, but my 7-year-old brother just got to her death scene and he’s taking it really hard:(