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Stay Warm Out There!

It’s hard to imagine we released Little Inferno 7 years ago this winter! Where does all the time GO? Up up the chimney, like everything else!

In honor of its 7 year anniversary, we’re putting Little Inferno on sale everywhere this weekend (Steam, GoG, Epic, Humble). If you or friend want to spend a few hours this cold winter curling up to a crackling digital fire (or you’d like to try it again on iOS, Android, or multiplayer on the Nintendo Switch), now’s a great time to sit in front of a warm fire, like a warm hug!

Meanwhile, we’re preparing 7 Billion Humans for our Android friends and we hope to have more news to share on our next title soon!

Kyle, Kyle, and Allan

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29 Responses to “Stay Warm Out There!”

  1. Dan-The-Squid says:

    Wow, seven years…

    …and still no pink logs

  2. Outdoorsy1 says:

    I’ve been having so much fun with my Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace!

  3. Alexander von Sachsen-Altenburg says:

    You guys are awesome! I can’t wait for whatever you guys come up with next.

  4. Mason says:

    Pink logs when?

  5. Noah says:

    This is a request because this game was so popular with a youtuber who goes by Jacksepticeye. If it is possible can you make a sequel to little inferno and add septic sam as a reference/easter egg
    please contact me back

    Many Thanks


  6. Ivan says:

    Congratulation to you guys!!!!
    7 wonderful years of joy, i cant thank you enough for this marvelous game and the tons of fun that it gave me. My whole family knows this game and we all love it, aswell as the other games and your lovely corporation. Anyway keep up the innovations and your creativity coming
    From argentina with love

  7. atlas says:

    yall are the best<3 my nieces and nephew love world of goo, and i would say there to young to play little inferno but i love all your games so thank you.
    ps i hope yall win the steam labor of love award on world of goo.

  8. Daniel says:

    Huh 7 years already? It feels like yesterday. I guess time loses value when burning things.

  9. Luke Johnson says:

    Still listen the soundtrack every winter 7 years on. A great game with great aesthetics and story. An inspiring feat of creation.

  10. Baba Ganush says:

    Wow, I spent so many hours playing Little Inferno! Amazing game, graphics, soundtrack… everything!! I hope we can have more news about the next game soon!

  11. Tad says:

    Tried emailingandroidsupport@tomorrowcorporation.com (as listed in Google Play store) but got a response that this email account does not exist.

    In the Android version of Little Inferno, when selecting photos, the game freezes. I tried the workarounds listed at https://tomorrowcorporation.com/faq, but none of them worked for me.
    I’m running on a Pixel 2, stock ROM on Android OS 10.

  12. Looks Like I've Lost says:

    Happy Birthday to a great game!

  13. atlas says:

    To all who see this would you kindly respond with just the word “markiplier?”
    it’s a incredibly joke in my friend group XD

  14. Tristan YE says:

    Hi,Kyle,Kyle and Allen
    This is Tristan, a fan of little inferno in Mainland,PRC.
    I am crazy about the world that you created in the game and I almost play this game every winter.
    However , after the update of OS system to Catalina on my MacBook. I can’t play your game again because of the update. I once try to play them on the steam but fail for the same reason.
    Could you help me to solve this problem with new version of the game?

    Your friend&fan

  15. logan says:

    you guys should make a vr version it would be easy to transfer the basics side button to grab trigger to burn

  16. John says:

    Hey, there seems to be a bug on android that crashes the game early on. In the first catalogue where you choose a picture from your phone, the game crashes when you pick the image. I am using google pixel 3a but different phones have different issues.

  17. R1SK says:

    What about update game to the latest version on Steam?!

    EGS have 1.3 version of the game.
    Steam: version 1.2 (and it is crashes everytime when trying to buy “My Pictures”)

  18. JOAO says:

    Can you guys fix the issues with little inferno on android?

  19. W says:

    So, it occurs to be that Little Inferno would make an incredible 3D/VR game.

    I wonder how hard it would be to convert the existing game…

  20. Juan says:

    Hi Hola este juego fue muy interesante y muy extraño porqie es una idea batante rara pero original y te deja con la duda de que pasa al final miy bueno

  21. ismaeilsahab says:

    Thank you I really appreciate your help.

  22. Presc13nt says:

    So I’m guessing 7 Billion Humans is not coming to Android anymore, is it ?
    Why are you all keeping us in the dark for so long ?
    Just tell us where it stands.

    You are not the only ones though.
    I just don’t understand why developers make promises and never come back to it.
    Isn’t that pretty damaging to your company ?

  23. Alessandro Corsa says:

    Tomorrow corporation, at 27 january for 7 billion humans android versions are supported

  24. Никита says:

    Здравствуйте, Ухты очень круто что 7 лет, а можно вопрос, когда выйдет игра 7 billions humans на Android?

  25. Onddilrr says:

    Oh my gosh I was just imagining it! Have you ever thought of making a 7billiom humans into an Android!!!

  26. ofoghvisa says:

    thanks for this post