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NintendoLife Interview on Little Inferno

nintendoLife Interview

NintendoLife’s “handsomest man in gaming” Jon Wahlgren just interviewed us about Little Inferno, existential crisis, Nintendo’s hands, and the future. Full interview is here.

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3 Responses to “NintendoLife Interview on Little Inferno”

  1. rasd says:

    A gameplay video would be nice! since we dont really know what the game is about until we see it!

  2. Tomorrow Corporation PR says:

    I agree with you rasd, I don´t know what we should do in the game.
    Is it a SandBox game where we should burn stuff?
    But, whatever it is, I know it´ll be STUNNING 😀
    I luv u, Kyles and Allan 😉

  3. Goofan says:

    Awesome interview guys! Hilar interview! LOL