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Nintendo Power Preview of Little Inferno

Nintendo Power Preview Preview Preview

If you’re curious to know more about Little Inferno, there’s a 4-page preview in the brand new October issue of Nintendo Power Magazine. Fun Fact: Our programming mastermind Allan has collected every single issue of Nintendo Power ever since he was a kid. So getting featured in one of the very last issues makes this an especially special preview for us kids of the 90s.

You can read the first two pages here, but the other two pages exist only in the real live pages of the paper magazine. (While we wait for ours to arrive, if anyone has a photo or scan, please send our way, as we haven’t even seen them yet!) Thanks to Phil, Chris, and Steven at Nintendo Power for forcing us to start talking about this game.

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9 Responses to “Nintendo Power Preview of Little Inferno”

  1. theFlash says:

    Wow! Thats awesome looking! Congrats on making Nintendo Power! Time to go read it now!

  2. ooooooh man! says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhh ma!!!!!!!n

  3. MOM4Evr says:

    Awesome! Definitely not at all what I expected, if I expected anything in particular, but looks very pretty and terrific. Finally we get some vague idea of what the game is about, eh? 😉

  4. Garrett says:

    So little inferno is about burning things in a fireplace? Huh, I’m not sure why I expected more from it. I knew the backstory about the world being cold and children being encouraged to burn their possessions to get warm, but I didn’t think in my mind that the game would just be about burning things. Yeah, it would involve burning but that wouldn’t be the whole thing. I guess I don’t know I expected a little more. Well not more but something else. I… I guess what I’m trying to say is, this is not what I expected and I’m a little shocked that I thought it would be something else when it is so clearly something.

  5. rasd says:

    Gameplay gameplay gameplay gameplay gameplay gameplay gameplay gameplay gameplay gameplay gameplay gameplay gameplay gameplay!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Albino Pokey says:

    Scans are coming your way now.

  7. puggsoy says:

    Interesting. Not exactly what I expected but it looks good nonetheless. Undoubtedly burning stuff will be fun!

  8. momo1526 says:

    Awesome! And some gameplay footage is on the way I think. Is this right?

  9. Gabe Hoffman says:

    I am definitely getting this as one of my first download games for Wii U. This game is pretty much Pyro’s childhood in a nutshell! Sad that Nintendo Power is coming to an end though.