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Mac BETA is ready for you!

Boot up your Apple Macintoshes, get your colorful beach balls spinning, and click the single mouse button to get the Mac BETA of Little Inferno! Here’s how you can access it:

  1. This beta is open to those players who already own a copy of Little Inferno. On your 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later Mac computer, open Steam. (You’ll need Steam to access this beta. If you have not yet activated your Steam version and you bought the game from this website, you can get your free Steam redeem code from the Humble Store.)
  2. In your game library, right click on Little Inferno and pick Properties.
  3. Along the top of the dialog that comes up, click on the BETAS tab.
  4. In the drop down, pick the beta called “Beta – mac beta test”.
  5. In the password box that appears below the drop down, enter the password “openthegates” (without the quotes) and then click the Check Password button.
  6. Beta HugsA message should appear under the password box saying that you successfully opted into the beta.  Click the close button in the lower right to close the properties dialog.
  7. Play with the beta and try to break it! Email us with any bugs / comments / suggestions! (Contact at TomorrowCorporation.com)

Thanks as always for your brave help, support, and patience while we’ve been putting this together. And if any Linux folks are reading, the Linux beta is coming soon too!

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23 Responses to “Mac BETA is ready for you!”

  1. Jalal5 says:

    I still want iphone version kyle…

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Stay tuned…!

      • Jalal5 says:

        Lol i have been checking your website everyday looking for a new post saying ‘iPhonr version ready to burn!’ Or something like that… I cant wait until the rise of the burning iphones xD

  2. Adam Tilley says:

    I also want my android version please say there will be one

  3. Philippe Morin says:

    So far so good…

    Damn! I bought Windows 7 for my MacBook in part because I wanted to play video games, including Little Inferno. 😛

  4. Jens says:

    Despite Steam being advertised to work on OS X versions as low as 10.5.8, it simply isn’t true. Last time I checked it didn’t work on 10.6.8, not that it really matters, but I thought you might find it interesting at least.

  5. Ian says:

    This doesn’t make since. I can play a Mac beta if i have windows?????

    I own a Mac not a windows based computer. Why not just make the beta available to download for Mac? I can’t own it if it’s not available for my operating system.

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      If you get the game from our site, you’ll have access to the Win / Mac / Linux versions as they come available. You’ll also get a Steam key which you can use to get the Mac Beta right now. Hope that helps!

  6. paper_mario says:

    Thank you so much! My younger brother has been begging me to let him play Little Inferno on my desktop, which is the only Windows computer in the house. Now that that the beta is out on mac, we only need to download Steam on the family computer and he won’t need to bother me to play it. Now I can stay up late playing Little Inferno for a change!
    I just hope Steam and the Beta take less than 3GB so they can fit on the hard drive.

  7. Wren says:

    Thanks!!! Loved it on the iPad and I was waiting for it to come to the Mac. The sun is definitely rising!

  8. Loki Duck says:

    Thanks for doing this! I really want to play it, so having the beta makes me really happy c:

  9. Maxwell Smart says:

    My iOS copy of Little Inferno is now Little Inferno HD and works with the iPhone 4S and 5. I don’t have an iPhone, but now I can finally get some of my iPhone-owning friends to try it!

  10. Fredrik Lindroth says:

    Linux person reporting in! I’m very much excited for the Linux beta. Thank you!

  11. I just started it, Im running the beta on my 2010 macbook pro, and it is VERY sleek and fast, much better than on my PC!!! The only problem is that it doesn’t transfer my save data from my old pc version, will the mac versions be able to transfer save data once the official version is up?

  12. Kronos says:

    I want the GNU/Linux version!

    • Fredrik Lindroth says:

      Me too. Can’t wait to burn stuff, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Hehehe.

  13. Loki Duck says:

    I just want to say I bought the Mac Beta and it worked perfectly! Thanks so much for making it <3

    My mom is now completely addicted to it and can't wait till I'm home again just so she can play it again.

  14. fritz says:

    Hi I want little inferno on my mac and I already have the pc and I phone 4 version so I was wondering if there was a way to transfer my license or something… so I dont have to pay for the whole game again

  15. fritz says:

    meh I got the game for pc and I phone and I need a way to transfer it to my mac so could someone tell me is there some way to do that without paying 10$