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Little Inferno Teaser and Beta Program

Little Inferno‘s first teaser and info on the beta program just appeared over here! It’s getting chilly, stay warm, everyone.

Thanks for all the notes and questions the last couple weeks! We’re still putting together a handy FAQ, so post any questions here and the Tomorrow Corporation interns will make sure to get them answered and appropriately diagrammed.

Kyle, Kyle, and Allan, interns

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43 Responses to “Little Inferno Teaser and Beta Program”

  1. AWW YEAH.

    *purchases immediately, hoping to be first*

  2. Pavke says:

    DONE! pre-ordered! now to spread the word!

  3. Budsan says:

    Does exist any gameplay video? I can’t pre-order without knowing what I am paying for…

  4. Ryan D. says:

    Now I have a Little Inferno pre-order email in my inbox to match the World of Goo pre-order I have from all those years ago. I have faith in you guys. 😀

  5. Gerard says:

    OH!!!!!!! Yes!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!! Wii UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Congratulations, Kyle, Kyle and Allan, the trailer’s mood manages to be even more awesome than I was expecting from you guys!

  7. Kyle Gabler says:

    Thanks guys! Nope, there’s no gameplay footage posted yet, though it’s strongly hinted at. Please only pre-order if you feel totally cool jumping into a volcano and you’re pretty sure it will spit you back out again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECZyGP7JM0M#t=88s

  8. Kyle, sounds totally safe and cool for me. I might actually even force install Linux in my Wii and use it to play Little Inferno through Vine, for some extra crispness. Or not. But yeah, early builds are cool, just send’em, let’s make my PC cry for the glory of games!

  9. Jack Fabris says:

    I’ve already bought three copies of World of Goo, so preordering this is a no-brainer! I’ll anxiously be awaiting any updates or beta releases of the game. I have complete faith in the three of you.

    I’m loving the music, by the way. Both the teaser music and the second song included in the preview soundtrack are outstanding!

  10. If preordering this is like jumping in a volcano, then I just jumped in headfirst, wearing scuba diving gear, beating on my chest, yodeling at the top of my lungs. I didn’t even watch the trailer first. XD

    Preview soundtrack is sweet, btw. It’s all epic and stuff. Makes me think of World of Goo mixed with Machinarium, only 100 billion degrees cooler. I mean warmer. And I totally see some Dr. Seuss sorta inspiration in that trailer. Everything about this is just awesome.

  11. DEFE says:

    Hooray! I’m a tad confused though. I was never asked at any point after purchasing what kind of system I’m running. Based on past experience, it seems like the Humble Bundle website can tell that I’m on a Mac, but the Little Inferno page mentioned special exceptions made for beta selection based on video cards, etc. I’m not sure how you folks would know who to pick for that stuff. Anyway, good luck! I’m excited to see where you guys go, and I’m quite pleased with Reporting from the Weather Balloon.

  12. -TheSignPainter says:

    A shall see through this world’s end as I previously have done.
    But dont tell anyone…

  13. KyleGray says:

    Thanks for the response guys, we’re excited we’re finally able to share the trailer!

    The Humble Indie bundle link allows you to download the Windows, Mac, or Linux version as they come out, so once the Mac version is done you’ll be able to download it there. As we compile a list of beta testers we’ll have to see who has what systems, video cards, etc. and go from there.

  14. Secret_Tunnel says:

    Can’t wait for this! The song has been stuck in my head all day.

  15. Maikel says:

    Will people who buy the game now be able to redeem it on Steam later? Supporting you is of course important, but I would like to know if I’d have to rebuy it on Steam.

  16. budsan says:

    I almost owe you one guys. My game framework is heavily inspired by yours, and I’ve learned a lot from your code. I’m not ready for jumping in, thought.

  17. Lumafan says:

    Big fan of World of Goo, must see a game play trailer or video first. Little Inferno does look a little dark and creepy, hopefully it will be something the kids can play too. Burning toys does sound really disturbing. Happy it’s coming to Wii U though!!!!

  18. Fabmin says:

    L’idée du jeu m’a séduite tout de suite. J’ai donc immédiatement acheté la Beta. J’attend au plus vite des screenshots du jeu et bien sur de pouvoir bruler mes jouets. Enfin!

  19. Tomorrow Corporation PR says:

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 « that´s my face
    YAY YAY YAY « what I´m screaming
    This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    I luv u guys 🙂

  20. Tomorrow Corporation PR says:

    I still din´t pre-ordered it ´cos I don´t know if my computer can stand the game (the graphics, …….) –`
    Waiting demo -.- ……

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  22. Ryan D. says:

    Here’s a question: If we pre-order, do we get a profanity pack? 😛

  23. Radu says:

    This looks a bit weird , but awesome , I can’t wait for a demo/gameplay cuz I’ll get this game 🙂

  24. I made a scale model (i.e. a Big Inferno) of the Little Inferno in Minecraft Pocket Edition, I figured I’d share here. It’s the one on the right:

    It’s also got 100 torches exactly, so if each torch is a billion degrees each, it’s burning at 100 billion degrees. Pretty cool, huh?

    I reckon a couple questions I would have would be if you’re planning on porting Little Inferno to different devices (iPod, Android, etc), like you did with World of Goo. I’m really happy to be able to have World of Goo on my iPod. It’s probably too early to think about porting like that, though, which I understand completely.

    Also, what genre/ that sort of thing. I know a lot of games you guys have worked on in the past have been pretty genre-defying, and I know you’re keeping it a secret for now, but if it’s a puzzle game or physics-based or a platformer or something I’ll be quite happy, myself.

    Other than that, no worries except for when beta-testing launches. You all have my money already, and I signed up within half an hour of the tweet, so I’m fairly confident I got a beta-testing seat. I love beta testing games, and I’m a bug magnet, as one friend has told me, so I’m ready and willing to help you guys iron this out and call it done. Good luck over the next few weeks, guys. We love you, Tomorrow Corporation! <3


  25. Gabriel M. says:


    I was wondering if it will be possible to choose the Wii U version of the game instead of a computer one?

    • Lumafan says:

      I hope so! I’m definitely getting this on Wii U! Any chance on portable versions? 3DS, Vita, etc?

  26. Justafan says:

    It’s my imagination or do those creepy (and cute) kids sound just like Kristen Schaal?

  27. Sander says:

    Will the final version of the game be released at the same moment for all platforms? I don’t want to pre-order a game if I’m not certain I can play the game at launch.

  28. Lumafan") says:

    Awesome news! Wii U will be getting Little Inferno as digital release on eShop! A def buy for me!

  29. Fayd says:

    hey i bought this as soon as i saw the trailer on edmunds blog.

    and i wonder how exactly you guys are going to get my pc specs because there is nothing on the humble site that indicates that they have my specs. and i dont wanna miss the chance to be considered.

  30. Liam says:


    Will the entire soundtrack be made available after release?
    Please say “Yes”.


  31. leo says:

    is this going to be a platformer? (god help me if it is) or will it be strategy simaler 2 WoG?

  32. Will the entire soundtrack be made available after release?
    Please say “Yes”.

  33. RedMax88 says:

    this game is funny, how it looks with Android and IOS version?
    yes or no?
    this year or next?

    thanks for answer.

  34. Littleinfernolover says:

    I love this game I play it so much! Definitely one of my fav games. I like this more than world of goo. You guys rock! I love 2D BOY!

  35. JamesAT says:

    HI! i was wanting to purchase the game but would really like to know if it is coming out on android as i would prefer to haaaave it on me tablet!!!!!!!! It would make me really really really happy! (p.s. im totally hyper on energy drink right now) 😀

  36. dkpunk says:

    I would absolutely LOVE and Android version of this for my tablet/phone! Great game guys!

  37. Fergman says:


  38. Anderson Pham says:

    Wait, is Little Inferno still a beta cause it still say its a beta for me.

  39. ErisDaGeek says:

    Yay! This game looks so fun. I hope my dad can get it. <3 <3 Leeettle Inferrrno!