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Little Inferno for Linux

Little Inferno For Linux Computers

Open your blinking green terminals, prepare your admin config files, and pipe your standard shell input towards your internet sockets to begin a download of the brand new Linux version of Little Inferno!

You can get it directly from here. If you previously bought the Windows or Mac version from this site, you should now automatically (and freely) have access to the Linux version as well. To get it, just follow the same download link you used to download your Windows or Mac version. If need to retrieve your download link, you can do so here.

We’ll also be making the Linux version available on Steam as soon as we can, where it will also be freely available to anyone who already has the Windows or Mac versions. Thanks for your patience while we pulled this together, and we’re excited to hear your feedback!


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64 Responses to “Little Inferno for Linux”

  1. AWW YEA!

    Of course, I’m on limited-bandwidth Internets right now, so I’ll probably spread the download out over a few days, but hey! I can haz a penguin to burn! Well, not literally, but judging from how limited this particular box’s GPU is, it’ll probably overheat, which is pretty close!

    I also love your guys’ descriptions of Mac and Linux (The Apple II and terminal piping). You guys are the best.

  2. Fredrik Lindroth says:

    Thank you so much! I would of course be happier if it had arrived sooner, but such a complaint is counterproductive and useless. I’m glad you finally brought this experience to us penguins.

    I have slight issue, though, and that is with my gameplay performance. When a few (2-3) things are burning, everything seems to slow down to a choppy mess, which is a bit strange since I’m on an Intel i5-3350P @ 3.1GHz with a GeForce GTX460 an 8GB DDR3 (Arch Linux 64-bit). That is at 1920×1080 fullscreen resolution.

    I’d be glad if any other players reported their experience here, so I can see if there’s something wrong with my setup, or if it’s an issue that more people are having.

    Again, Thank you, Tomorrow Corporation.

    • PizzaDude says:

      Yes, there seems to be a lag issue when 2-3 things are burning.
      I’m using Linux Mint 13 32-bit with a i5 3470k 8gb of ram and a GTX 660.
      Shouldn’t be an issue… Hope they fix it.

      • ffabris says:

        I have the same thing – but considering that I am running another graphics intensive program at the same time, I put it down to that.

  3. Puddin Tame says:

    The steam version for Linux doesn’t install anything. Any ETA on when that’ll be fixed?

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Steam version isn’t officially out yet!

      • Alex says:

        I bought the game through Humble Bundle for my Steam for Linux. Nothing is being downloaded when I click install. The game is official on Steam for Linux now and I have bought it. Does not work. Last time I bend over and gets ass raped by Humble-Piss in my face-Bundle!

  4. PizzaDude says:

    Bought it ASAP as soon as I heard the Linux version was released!!

  5. puggsoy says:

    I don’t even use Linux and this is awesome! Great job guys!

    …any news about an Android version?

  6. Thomas says:

    This is great news!

    Thank you guys!

  7. So now that I have it downloaded, where’s debug output written to? I more than likely did something wrong, and this machine may not even be able to handle the game anyway, but I’m not seeing any debug output written anyplace; it just kinda silently fails. Loving seeing the game data outside of the executable, though; got some shaders and cool stuff to tinker with now for modding. 😀

    • Goes to show I should fiddle with stuff more before posting about it– I thought for sure I had ia32-libs installed already on this computer, but apparently not, which would explain lack of terminal output as well as the game not running. Works great now, nevermind. Onward ho to fiddling and modding and stuff!

  8. ffabris says:

    Oh very cool! Started playing it and am very happy to report that it has none of the sound problems the Windows version had when running it under wine.

    Aside: Shame that InfernoFans has been totally abandoned to spam. 😐

  9. kringel says:

    Thanks a lot, Tomorrow Corporation! Finally Linux. Great job!

    But I encounter a problem on Ubuntu 64bit:

    $ /usr/local/games/littleinferno/LittleInferno.bin.x86

    /builddir/LittleInferno/code/runtime/linux/LinuxAudioBackEnd.cpp : 37
    Trace/breakpoint trap

    Setting SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa doesn’t help. Other 32bit games run fine on my system. Standalone games and Steam.

    • kringel says:

      Installing the metapackage ia32-libs and its dependencies solved the issue for me. I was missing a few 32bit libraries. Now it works.

      • kringel says:

        And when burning stuff like the credit card from the first catalogue, where many objects are burning at the same time, the games gets *really* sluggish and slow downs, also very slight audio stuttering occurs.

        This is with the recent Nvidia drivers (319.23) on a GT520 card. I tried fiddling with the “vsync = x” settings in ~/.local/share/littleinferno/settings.txt — It doesn’t make a difference on performance. I also tried setting the cpufreq governor to performance, because I suspected the frequency scaler switching. So I set it to 2.2GHz, which is the most for my CPU. But still happens.

        Burn 1-2 credit cards from the first catalogue at the same time. Should happen everytime.

        • Kyle Gabler says:

          Thanks for all the feedback guys, we’re looking into it!

          • kringel says:


            (I switched to the nouveau driver for so long. It works better. So it’s something around Nvidia related. BTW, I also had this experience playing little Inferno via Wine before. Open source driver: little audio stuttering (the corn and the credit card) but fluid animations. Nvidia propietary: as a whole better performance but sluggish when e.g. burning 1-2 credit cards.)

          • Andrew says:

            G’day.. Just wondering how you went.. I’ve got a GTX670, and can confirm it still gets jumpy (and have tried MANY linux distros at this time).. Current one is linux Mint 17 + Cinnamon

      • jack says:

        Justed wanted to add that installing ia32-libs solved this same issue on ubuntu 12.04 64bit. Thanks!

  10. Henri says:

    I preordered this for 15 euros? I have been patiently waiting for a linux release and now it gets on linux just days before you give it away for a little more than free on humble bundle… 🙁

  11. Dmitriy says:

    Dear Developer, you let out Little Inferno for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS. And when there will be a version for Android?

  12. Puddin Tame says:


    Any particular reason why the linux build is still password required? I’d post a message on the infernofans boards, but last time I look, it was infested with spambots.

  13. kabuzi says:

    Bought the game with the humble bundle.
    Currently running steam on Ubuntu 13.04, little inferno doesn’t launch, a ‘Failed to Start the Game (Missing Executable)’ message appears.

    Is there any particular code to try run the game in BETA mode?

  14. Radeus says:

    I installed it and when I run it on Ubuntu 13, I get an error. In the terminal I get:
    X Error of failed request: BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)
    Major opcode of failed request: 153 (GLX)
    Minor opcode of failed request: 198 ()
    Serial number of failed request: 51
    Current serial number in output stream: 51
    LittleInferno.bin.x86: /builddir/Frameworks/openal-soft-1.12.854/OpenAL32/Include/alMain.h:107: DeleteCriticalSection: Assertion `ret == 0′ failed.
    Przerwane (core dumped)

    What should I do?

  15. Claudio says:

    One of the nicest games I’ve ever played!
    But please please please have a look at the performance issues – it seems it’s fairly common and on the same machine I can play the Windows version without any problem (nvidia, 4gbs RAM, i7…). 🙁

  16. Me! says:

    Will this work on a Raspberry Pi (Raspbian = Debian Linux)?

    • Fredrik Lindroth says:

      No, it will not. The Raspberry Pi is based on the ARM architecture, and requires software specifically compiled for it. Little Inferno is closed source, and cannot be recompiled for ARM. Furthermore, the Pi’s GPU uses the OpenGL ES API, whereas Little Inferno uses the more common OpenGL 2.x. Making this run on the Pi would require a whole new port.

  17. Steve Dougherty says:

    This is an amazingly well-done port. It is the best-behaved fullscreen application when switching workspaces I have ever seen! Audio and video work flawlessly. Excellent work, and thank you!

  18. Ryan says:

    Missing executable on linux.

    Is there any way to get the password for the Linux beta on Steam?

  19. SuperTuxTux says:

    Tux thanks you – if i buy it here, will i still get a steam key?

  20. - says:

    You forgot to publish the Linux version’s files on Steam. Installing “Little Inferno” on Steam for Linux downloads exactly 0 bytes.


  21. Kyle Gabler says:

    Thanks guys, the Valve folks say it should be fixed now!

  22. Cesar says:

    Thanks for the Linux version. Been playing on Steam on Linux. Loved it. 🙂

  23. Chris says:

    Completely unrelated to this post… evidently I spent some time in a coma, and only just found out the other day that Little Inferno was out AT ALL. It’s been a busy week but I did grab it for the PC (haven’t started playing yet), now I see there’s one for my phone, AND I just grabbed the soundtrack. Did that last bit WHILE drinking my first cuppa coffee, which should give you some idea of how that ranks in importance.

    You are so screamingly talented in so many ways, and I love Goo and love what I’ve seen of LI so far, and the artwork is stunning… but I may be just a hair more excited about having more of your music around here. Just wanted to toss that out there.

  24. Fumanxu says:

    Very poorly performance linux version. When fire up, performance down…not very playable.

    I changed to different nvidia drivers, open source, full screen, windowed mode,

    My pc system : dual core 2.0 Ghz, geforce 240M 4 gb ram.

    • kringel says:

      I second that. Also with the open drivers but especially with the propietary Nvidia drivers (which run Half-Life 2 like a charm on my system). 2.2GHz, 2GB RAM, Geforce GT 520 (+2GB video RAM).

      Playing in *1024×768*! which is the native resoltution of my monitor.

      I guess and I hope there will be a bug fix/update from Tomorrow Corporation in the future.

      When trying to investigate the problem I ran the linux utility “top” and it shows that Little Inferno literally eats my CPU (above 90%) while running at 2.2GHz. That said, **there seems to be a problem with using hardware acceleration to its full extent**. E.g. when playing “The Cave” which is even a little more demanding on graphics, my CPU is only at around 50%, running at 1.8GHz.

      • Johanna says:

        I’m afraid I have to agree with both the above posters – it’s practically unplayable for me. Game installs and boots fine, but on the first level, as soon as the flame is set to the paper and the burning gets underway, the screen freezes for 20+ seconds, jerks forward a frame or two, then freezes again, and so on… Occasionally I’ll be bombed out of the game: usually it sticks in its freeze/jerk cycle and I have to force a hard reboot.

        Like the above posters, I’ve been fiddling with/swapping settings, drivers, etc., but to no effect. Results are the same whether playing the .deb installation or through Steam; the Windows version under Wine performed even more poorly.

        Hope this can be resolved at some point (appreciate you can’t just snap your fingers and fix it immediately 😛 ) – loved World of Goo (which runs superbly), and was keen to have a crack at this one too!

  25. JamesGTRS says:

    I downloaded and Installed Little Inferno but it won’t run on my system.

    I am currently running Slackware64, and I have it multilib enabled so I can install and run 32bit software(Skype installed and ran fine), but when I try to run Little Inferno, I get the following error:

    LittleInferno.b[6046] trap int3 ip:814c845 sp:ff7fd1e0 error:0

    I’ve removed and reinstalled it a couple of times thinking I had made some errors, but other 32 bit software compiles and runs fine in my 64 bit system.

    Any other ideas on where I can look for errors?

    • kringel says:

      Maybe you are missing some of the 32bit libraries? Is there any meta-package like the ia32-libs on Debian/Ubuntu?, which installs all of the commonly used 32bit libraries. I got *not* the same error, but a likely error while I only have installed some libraries manually and not all of them. After installing all of them the problem was solved for me.

      • kringel says:

        PS: Yes, other games and application did run fine, even without all the 32bit libraries. I hadn’t yet the time to figure out which library was missing für Little Inferno. So installed just the meta-package (ia32-libs etc.) and all its dependencies.

  26. raindog469 says:

    Bought it again through the HB for the Linux version (yeah, I know I didn’t have to). Looking forward to buying it a third time on Android, fourth time in the inevitable Android HB, and fifth time on the Wii U when Zelda envy forces us to buy it someday. Just like WoG.

    Meanwhile, I haven’t even played much of it, myself… but I’m a Little Inferno widow. Thanks guys! It’s fun watching someone act out the behavior your game is sending up.

  27. darkleo says:

    I played it under steam for linux 64bits, with a french azerty keyboard.
    The game instantly crashes if I press an accented key, like éèçàù.

  28. Adam Tilley says:

    Mr kyle when and can it come out on android ???

  29. Emanuele Derosa says:

    Do the android version too! !!!!! Pleaseeeee

  30. Eric P says:

    Bought and playing now.

    Thanks (as always) for the Linux love!


  31. Mygod says:

    Would you please go back to InfernoFans site and help us with the mod? The spams are mostly gone…

  32. Wesley says:

    Thank you! *runs off to burn some STUFFS*

  33. Jules says:

    Hey there!

    A big thank you for both making this game and for releasing it on Linux!

    I listened to the soundtrack on the train yesterday and decided that I absolutely had to play this game. Played through it in one session and really enjoyed it. I very much appreciate the atmosphere it creates and how it’s just vague enough to be thought-provoking. A very different kind of game to be sure. I loved the music, especially the weather man tracks, and I really wished ‘Cardboard Sword’ was a full track, it’s so catchy.

    Anyways, just wanted to let you know that while it doesn’t feature the kind of gameplay that makes me replay it for years, I appreciate it for the experience, memories and thoughts that it created. Now I feel old for loving an art game so much.


  34. Adam Tilley says:

    We have waited for nearly a year now will there ever be an android version ???

  35. Gareth says:

    I came to the website just for an android version. 🙁

  36. Björn says:

    Still waiting for an Android version 🙁

  37. kringel says:

    Dear Tomorrow Corporation,

    please fix the performance issues with the propietary Nvidia driver. I tested on different systems (ubuntu 12.04, 13.04) with different versions of the driver. The huge slowdowns occur with certain items, like burning 1-2 credit cards from the first catalog. Burning these items the games runs faster in Wine.

    I really enjoyed the game before already and played it numerous times and many hours through Wine. So that’s fine. But I bought the game twice to support your efforts doing a Linux port. (And because the Linux version of World of Goo was extremely well done.) The linux version for Little Inferno also seems to be well done. It looks great. But these slowdowns are quite annoying. And given the time that it took a while for the linux version, it is a little bit frustrating.

    I don’t know about the technical problem in detail, but it should be fixable. It feels like the linux version was a little bit rushed to particapte in the HIB.

    Please update the linux version until winter is coming. That would be great. Thanks!

  38. Lev says:

    Just wanted to chime in and confirm that installing ia32libs made this game work in Debian Stable (Wheezy) 64 bit as well!

  39. Nix says:

    Well, speaking as a user of the free Radeon drivers (with a Radeon 9870 “BARTS” atop Linux 3.11, i.e. with the latest, power-saving goodness in the kernel modesetting layer, and with Mesa 9.2, also pretty up to date), Little Inferno is gorgeous, and its CPU load is only a few percent.

    I suspect that all those complaining about performance shouldn’t be complaining to you — it’s not Little Inferno at fault, it’s one of Mesa, the X drivers, KMS, or some unspeakable proprietary driver (and yes, their code *is* often unspeakable). Alternatively it might just be a rather old card… or perhaps a distro containing a Mesa too old to support shaders. You probably want Mesa 9.0 at the very least… if you can use Gallium Mesa drivers, you probably want to try that, too: they’re often quite a lot faster than the old-style Mesa was.

  40. Manuel João Alveirinho says:

    OK, I know you’re probably sick and tires of reading this kind of sutff, but I just can’t help myself…
    Still no love for Android? Seriously?
    The iPhone version has been out for over 7 months, the Mac version for over 6 months and the Linux version for over 5 months.
    Have you completely given up on porting this game to Android?
    Have you completely given up on porting this game to the OS with the largest market share in both phone and tablet formats?

  41. Rob Bos says:

    Thank you so much for this, I enjoyed your game immensely.

  42. Dentaku says:

    Little Inferno doesn’t work anymore with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I redownloaded it from my Humble Bundle store but it says:

    “Missing library: libcurl.so.4”

    I checked Ubuntu 14.04’s libs and it’s curl 3 installed. Please offer Little Inferno without such dependencies but integrated the required libs! Thank you!

  43. Callum says:

    It’s way too late to help Dentaku, but the answer to the libcurl4 problem is that Ubuntu packages libcurl 4 with libcurl 3 (it’s actually a Debian thing). There are also i386 and x86_64 versions, the i386 version was needed in my case.

    Installing the package libcurl3:i386 got the game working for me under Ubuntu 17.04.