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Little Inferno Ho Ho Holiday now on iOS/Android

Curl up in the warm glow of your mobile device this winter – the Ho Ho Holiday Edition of Little Inferno is now available on iOS and Android! Just launch your classic game and look for the festive button on the title screen!

Also available on Steam, Epic, GoG, right here our own site, with Nintendo Switch coming soon.

Make a hot cup of cocoa and return to the world of Little Inferno with an all new scary holiday story, a mysterious new character, a new catalog, new toys, new combos, and lots of new holiday content to keep you warm. Stay toasty, and see you soon!

17 Responses to “Little Inferno Ho Ho Holiday now on iOS/Android”

  1. Avimo says:

    YAY!!! That’s great. Also I have a question: what role would Nate have played in the original little inferno, and why’d you scrap him? Also how did he lose his fingers hand and mouth?

  2. Braxton says:

    To answer your second question, it’s because he grew up to become the Human Resource Maxhine/7 Billion Humans boss man over the course of the game. He just kind of transformed into the boss’s simplified style.

  3. Wade says:

    I was so excited to see the app icon update this morning!

  4. Rob says:

    Have been having some issues with little inferno on my Samsung s22 it’s a visual glitch and it varies I think a file for the shadows has been corrupted or something cause its big black bars that move slightly with the flame light

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hi Rob, thanks for the report! Looks like this issue appears on certain specific hardware like the s22. We have a fix that should be rolling out today. Let us know if it works for you when you get the update!

  5. Avimo says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for emailing MattShea and yogscast telling them about this. I hope you can do the same with Jacksepticeye and CaptainSauce.

  6. Phúc says:

    Hey, I just want to say that your games are awesome, I enjoy all of them. Like they touched my hearts so so much that I can’t even explain why. I hope you guys keep up the good work!

  7. Adam says:

    Hi, after all this time I’m really excited to jump back into little inferno, however when I press the buy button for the dlc it seems to just close the window (mobile) is there any fix for this ? Thanks

  8. chriskringel says:

    Ever since the Linux update to SDL2.0, 64bit in May 2022 (mainly a Steam Deck update), I always get huge black artifacts/glitches on all non-SteamDeck/non-RDNA2 AMD GPUs. Different cards (R2 Radeon Stoney Ridge + Radeon RX 570, POLARIS10), different Linux installations, different Mesa3D versions. Different PCs, laptops. Also happens with the updated Humble Bundle version. Since May 2022. And still occuring with the Holiday DLC update. (Dec 7th) Workaround is pressing “f” like ten times. But it does not always resolve the artifacts/glitches.

    Can you take a look at the reports at: https://steamcommunity.com/app/221260/discussions/

    Thank you! And Happy Ho-Ho-Ho-Holidays to you!

  9. matt says:

    I can’t wait for the Nintendo Switch release. My sister and I played through the original together and now we can rekindle that magic all over again!

  10. Percy Williams says:

    Oh mighty Kyle Gabler, As a Major fan of Little Inferno I am literally sweating bullets for ANY news with the switch release of Ho Ho Holidays. I’ve been looking nearly everyday for at least one drop of info.

    Most hyped I’ve been for a DLC in like… EVER!

  11. Geese McNacnmera says:

    Question: will WoG and/or Little inferno be coming to xbox consoles? Its mentioned that its coming to the switch and I was wondering if it was going to any other consoles.

  12. Théo Hiro says:

    Hello, okay? My name is Theo Hiro, I’m Brazilian and I love Litle inferno. I’ve finished it 20 times and also played a lot ho ho Holiday.
    I wanted you to make a hydraulic press game that smashes items and animations when crumpled.
    I would love to be able to play this game and know it was made because of my suggestion. You guys are amazing and I love your games.
    Big hug and congratulations for the games, the games make me very happy

  13. Jejakterkini says:

    This game is very interesting and I just started playing it on Android.