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Little Inferno for Android NOW AVAILABLE! [UPDATED]

Little Inferno for Android

Toasty robots, type in your unlock codes! Swype across your parallaxing desktop! And ask Google’s permission to begin downloading your brand new Little Inferno for Android! It’s rolling out right now, worldwide at a launch discount of $2.99 (normally $4.99).

All reasonably recent devices should be able to handle the game just fine –  requiring Android OS 4.1 (JellyBean) or higher, 1GB RAM or higher, and 1GHz processor speed or higher. Any older device that is not compatible will be immediately incinerated.

Load Your DisketteThanks for your patience, everyone, while we put this together. And thanks to the folks at Apportable for making this happen. Let us know below how it works for you, and we’ll try and be quick about updates!



An update has just launched, version 1.2, on Google Play and Humble Store. Update on Amazon coming shortly after some more QA.

  • There should be better performance overall.
  • Less battery usage.
  • Rounded icon corners! (A highly requested feature.)

For those who have encountered a crash when using the My Pictures item to load photos, our Android experts think this can be solved one of two ways:

1) Instead of choosing a picture from your gallery or pictures, hit your Android back-button. We will choose a stock photo for you and you’ll be able to move on to the next catalog!

2) For some players, we believe that this problem is caused by a setting on some Android devices that shuts down the background activity to save memory. This may be a device setting that you can change if you can access Settings->Developer Options; it’s called “Don’t Keep Activities”. If not though, you can always get around it by pressing your back-button.

For those who are seeing this crash, does this help?

Note: The Android folks are still looking into NVidia Shield and TegraNote devices. If you’re still encountering any issues, the quickest way to get tech support is to contact our Android folks at Apportable by emailing here: androidsupport at tomorrowcorporation.com


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94 Responses to “Little Inferno for Android NOW AVAILABLE! [UPDATED]”

  1. puggsoy says:

    Awesome!!! I can’t buy it yet myself, but I surely will as soon as possible! Thanks a bunch guys!

  2. asx says:

    Any chances for Android 2.3 support sometime?

    Sorry for my bad english

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      We probably won’t be able to support these older versions.

      • person says:

        Kyle please port it to ps vita <33 I'll be first to buy It I promise!

        You can sell it for $10 on vita, 5" OLED screen.

        Or Playstation mobile :O Ya playstation mobile is a great idea. You can sell it $7 there.

        • capcor says:

          um ps vita is the same as any other phone its not like you can use buttons for a touch based game

  3. Mike says:

    Any chances for an Android version?

    Sorry for my bad english.

  4. Stormlight(HUN) says:

    Thanks guys! I very like this game, and I have an Android tablet 🙂 Perfect combination! 😀

    A hungarian fan

  5. Adam Tilley says:

    Omg yes thnks guy waited so long

  6. Jon says:

    My little boy will be so happy! He’s been waiting for this on the tablet for a while.

  7. crafter45 says:

    Why it is not for android 4.0 ?? 🙁

  8. Sergey says:

    It works well! Maybe a bit slow, compared to other games – with noticeable input lag. But it can be fault of my chipset (HiSilicon K3V2).
    But anyway, game itself is great, and i enjoy every graphic effect in it.

  9. Adam Tilley says:

    It keeps closing the app and getting quite a lot of frame rate at points (using a galaxy tab 2)

  10. Spellbane says:

    Some issues with invisible toys, I can’t burn it 🙁

  11. timmy says:

    Yes! Saw it today, wished I would have known sooner! Instant buy.

  12. Sebastian Lech says:

    Great work! I’m happy that its available on Android!
    Loading my own picture does not work. It is a problem because without it I cannot proceed to the second items catalog. It would be great if you could fix that or at least allow to progress without it.
    Thank very much.
    I’m using Sony Xperia SP.

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hey Sebastian, thanks, we’ll look into it! In the meantime, are you able to burn one of the three default images to progress? (the kittens, the costumed dog, or the three handsome gangsters?)

      • linda says:

        Hi, I have the same problem, and can’t progress or find a way of using a default picture. Game ends here for me! Using a Sony Xperia. Always goes to choice of Album or Pictures; if I choose a picture it crashes regardless of how I get to it…

      • Ben says:

        I’m also having this problem. I don’t get the option of the default pictures just my gallery which exits the game

      • tori says:

        Hi. Just adding to this. Im having the same issue. Im on an android. LG intuition using Jellybean. I get no default pictures and it closes the game when i go to use my own. I hope there is a fix soon! Thanks!

        • jooboy says:

          I’ve posted elsewhere as this a serious issue ending the game. I also get taken to my photo folders and it just restarts the game. Jelly bean latest versiob.4 day old install on tesco hudl!

          Spoiled Xmas , sob!

          Please help

      • lucid_enigma says:

        I have the same problem with no default pics and gallery exiting the game.
        I tried to burn a baby but I can’t! 🙁
        (Just a photo of a baby obviously?!? And just in your game!)

      • TheBigZocker says:

        Same for me (Android 4.1, Samsung Galaxy S2) The game seems to crash as soon as it’s moved to the background.

        • TheBlacklistedOne says:

          I am having the exact same problem on my device. I click on my photos, and it takes me to my gallery instead of the default photos, and then crashes.
          I am using a ZTE Z667T running Android version 4.4.2

          • Kyle Gabler says:

            HOW TO BYPASS THE “MY PICTURES” BUG, from our kindly Android support team!:

            “Here’s how to get past this item: instead of choosing a picture from your gallery or pictures, hit your Android back-button. We will choose a stock photo for you and you’ll be able to move on to the next catalog!

            For some players, we believe that this problem is caused by a setting on some Android devices that shuts down the background activity to save memory. This may be a device setting that you can change if you can access Settings->Developer Options; it’s called “Don’t Keep Activities”. If not though, you can always get around it by pressing your back-button.”

            Hope that helps!

  13. levi says:

    could you put a rounded icon like every others developpers please ? a square one is ugly ! thanks !

  14. Pio21 says:

    Game isn’t working on my Sony Xperia E, on google play it said it’s compatybile, though now i know that it doesn’t have enough ram. Any plans for optymalization/ refunds / fixing list of compatybile phones? I already send a message trough the store but had no response.

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hey Pio21, we’ve forwarded your request on to the android support folks, and they should take care of you. The best way to get support for Android is to email: androidsupport at tomorrowcorporation.com

  15. Adam Tilley says:

    Please can you make the update compatable with a galaxy tab 2 asap as i downloaded it on the day of release and i cant update it and im hopeing that the update will fix some of the glitches and bugs with the game

  16. trionic says:

    Hi guys.. the game is great but the battery drain is a crimen. I don’t know if it is normal but when i check the cpu use (settings-battery) Little Infernó shows double the time I have played. For example I Playfor tten minutes, but it mares 20 minutos cpu usage! any hint?

    Any way, loving the game

  17. Yasin says:

    You guys are amazing.I really love the art style.And especialy I admire Kyle Gabler.You are just a amazing person Kyle. I think you guys should get in to animation, film industry too.Anyway I would love to see the short animation that was something like twent to midnight i went to my bedroom.. Is there any link for it?You guys deserve best of everything.I love you guys!

  18. Jake says:

    Wow, great news! (-:

    Will there also be a DRM free version available on Humble Store? Because I decided against any Google services on my custom ROM.

  19. Jeremy says:

    Can you please fix the problem with the ipod touch 5th generation? because i just got the game saturday december 14th and i created a new game and it keeps staying stuck on a black screen can you make an update inorder to fix that problem please im begging you guys to please fix this problem because ive always wanted to play this game and now i cant please fix it

    • KyleGray says:

      Hi Jeremy – this likely means the game is trying to load progress from iCloud and failing (usually due to a partial upload from a different iDevice). Make sure any iDevices on which you previously played Little Inferno are on and connected to the internet, so they can finish uploading their progress. Launching the game on those other devices may help nudge the iCloud system too.

      Failing that, you can either:

      Delete Little Inferno data from iCloud (Settings->Usage->iCloud Manage Storage->Little Inferno->Edit->Delete All); or
      If you don’t want to sync progress across multiple devices, disable iCloud syncing (Settings->Little Inferno->Set “Save progress on iCloud” to “OFF”.

      Hope that helps!

  20. person says:

    ps vita 🙂

  21. Patrix says:

    Hi guys, I was gonna buy it for my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (Android 4.1) but it’s no compatible yet! Is it?
    I’ll wait for it! 😀
    Thank you so much.

  22. cosy1f says:

    Hello, inferno!
    This is so fun game 🙂 cool
    I wanna play this with android, but I don’t have jelly bean’s android(4.1)..
    Will you plan ICS’s android(4.0) Correspondence?
    Thank you for reading:D

  23. Brett says:

    So, fellas, I’m just wondering… when can we expect to see something new from Tomorrow Corporation? Little Inferno is great and all, but it was released over a year ago now. I thought you’d at least announce your next project. We’re eager for more!

  24. Sara S. says:

    Hey, I love the game so far, but it keeps crashing when I try to buy My Picture, and I can’t move on to the next catalog without it! I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1″ tablet.

  25. Chris says:

    If anyone is having problems with the My Pictures item on their Samsung Galaxy, you can get around the by canceling the image select option. It also lets you see the default pictures!

    Hopefully TC fixes this issue, otherwise it’s been working great.

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Thanks Chris! Does this work for others with the picture problem in the meantime?

      • jooboy says:

        Hey, he’snot wrong ya know! It obviously is just a work round but if you press the back button before entering the image select gallery it orders the item without crashing. I’m on latest Jelly Bean on a Tesco Hudl!

        Nadgers,I posted this problem in various different places and need to add this work round… Athoer people have been left stuck and have not been given this info. Could a moderator link all the photo problem posts into one thread with this fix offered?

        Nice one Chris! Spread the word!!

  26. Kate says:

    Well I updated my Galaxy S2 just to play this game, and it was worth it. It works very well (there is some ocasional lag when there are many items at the screen).

    Thanks a lot! A congratulations!

  27. Max Siegieda says:

    Hi guys, this game doesn’t work on my Tegra Note 7 (xolo, evga, take your pick for rebrands but it’s an nvidia product), 1.8GHz tegra 4, 1GB of RAM, Android 4.2.2. The game launches and I can hear the game running, even burn a few things with well-guessed taps however all I see on screen is a momentary graphical glitch then a black screen. From what I hear the nvidia shield has the same issue with this game.

    I look forward to your bug fixes and will gladly run tests for you, CS student here buying the game a second time as it’s good on PC but really at home on touchscreens.

  28. Ian says:

    Bought this on steam ages ago and loved it, decided to pick up the android humble bundle so I can waste time burning stuff away from home, sadly this wasn’t meant to be since I own a Tegra 4 device and I’m getting the same graphical glitch for a split second before it turns to a black screen with sound, any idea when we can expect a fix ? or IF we can ever expect a fix ?

  29. alexandre says:

    HI, Have you fix the icon problem ? Do you remember, you said that it was suppose to be rounded in a folowing version ?

  30. Gioku says:

    Nice to see the game is still making the porting rounds, haha! I’m perfectly content with my PC version, but I’m interested to know if there are still plans to port this to still more platforms? I’m not exactly sure how well it’d work, but I’d be excited to get a 3DS version!

  31. ETG says:

    Hey, thanks for the android version, however, im having a problem with the picture selection in the game, after a select a picture from my gallery, the game restarts, making the 2nd catalog impossible to be unlocked… I hoped this gets fixed :).

    Phone: Sony Xperia SP
    Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2

  32. Gavin says:

    At the end of the game when I put all four toys in after I burn them I tap the money tab and then tap the stamp tab to make them fall after the screen shakes and the guy in the back eyes open a little bit my tablet freezes and the game crashes not allowing me to finish the game

  33. Old Beardo says:

    I have Little Inferno for the Android and I had it on my last computer. I just got a new computer and I wanted to know if I could get it on this one. Little Inferno workers please reply by sending me an email please?

  34. Anonymous says:

    On the Play Store it means that 2.99 $ is for only for a while! So does that means that 2.99 $ is only lower cost or its only for the time and its gonna be free? Cauze I really want this game

  35. ye old lickaroo says:

    for those who still cant progress in the game because of the My Picture bug in the first catalog, i have found a working bypass for Android. Keep you finger on the 15euro symbol when you buy the frame, don’t let go, and when the picture folder open, again while still keeping pressure with your finger, use the other hand to press Back or Return to the game. It will give you default frame with a dog or whatever. I hope this help as many people as possible.

    • The last gooball says:

      Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!! THANK YOU X INFINITY!!!! Seriously though, if you can’t tell I’m extremely appreciative of your comment, because of you I can continue my game and for that, I am thankful. Very thankful.

  36. jonathan says:

    how to get it for the kindle fire

  37. Dean says:

    I purchased ‘Little Inferno’ through Google play on 12/24 on my Samsung Galaxy (Samsung GT-P5210) and installed it without issue. I had to recently reset the tablet. When i went back to rre-install the App, I get a message that my device is not compatible? It worked when I Purchased it and all the specs on the game says it still should work? Can you help?

  38. YES says:

    EGP 2014!

    LET’S GO!!!!

  39. Adam Tilley says:

    Can you please make it work/compatable with my galixy tab 2

  40. Devon Stewart says:

    Just got this through the humble bundle, absolutely wonderful game so far. Unfortunately Moto G, running 4.4.1, seems to not have enough ram to run this consistently. I have the Motorola version of this device, so the issue here might be related to Motorola services hogging to much RAM, but my initial experience has been that 1gb of RAM is not enough. (LI closes without warning, losing whatever I was burning; very frustrating to have to go from burning a lot of things to one at a time to recover lost money)

    • natalia says:

      on my moto g it runs perfectly, i just had the problem with the burn my pictures thing.

      • Markuss says:

        How do you solve that problem with “My pictures”? It always close game when i try to burn my photo.

  41. natalia says:

    Hi guys, i have a problem with my android version. I had buy the game on the hunble bundle, on the pack sales, and the version for android always get some trouble. This time – i’ve changed my cellphone, now is an moto g – i cant burn my pictures, can somebody help me? or is the moto g who cant deal it? cuz if i cant do this, i cant get the second catalog. i’m sad about it cuz i just love the game!!!

  42. Guido says:

    Hi guys. Thanks a lot for this game, it’s very very awesome!

    …it just won’t stop draining my battery, even after I close the app, and while the phone is sleeping. The only way to stop the battery drain is Force Closing the app – it doesn’t seem to go to sleep properly. Can you do something about that?

    (Nexus 5, ART runtime, Android 4.4.4)

  43. James says:

    Google play says that my Asus tf700 isn’t compatible ands been updated completely.

  44. jacob allman says:

    Can I please get a refund this game heats up my phone and it makes me lag some two

  45. Natan2479 says:

    where come for galaxy s2?

  46. Courtney says:

    how do you turn off the setting to buy the my photos

  47. spyros123 says:

    Still trying to fix the “my pictures” bug..i cant find the setting which you are talking about and nothing seems to help…PLEASE answer

    • spyros123 says:

      By the way i have lg l90 d405 5.0.2 (if that helps)

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      HOW TO BYPASS THE “MY PICTURES” BUG, from our kindly Android support team!:

      “Here’s how to get past this item: instead of choosing a picture from your gallery or pictures, hit your Android back-button. We will choose a stock photo for you and you’ll be able to move on to the next catalog!

      For some players, we believe that this problem is caused by a setting on some Android devices that shuts down the background activity to save memory. This may be a device setting that you can change if you can access Settings->Developer Options; it’s called “Don’t Keep Activities”. If not though, you can always get around it by pressing your back-button.”

      Hope that helps!

  48. The ‘My Pictures Bug’ fix doesn’t work for me either way. I never actually get to my picture gallery. It just closes as soon as I press the buy button so the back button fix doesn’t work and my ‘don’t keep activities’ option doesn’t make a difference either way.

    Running CyanogenMod 12S (Android Lollipop)
    Using OnePlus One

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hi Connor, thanks for the info. Our Android folks are working on an update that we hope fixes this issue. Would you let us know after the next update?

      • Rayna C says:

        So glad you’re working on fixing the My Pictures problem. I’m having the same issues as Connor and really want to go further in the game. I’ve been a fan since I saw a let’s play on YouTube when it first came out and really want to play the game for myself.

      • viktor says:

        How is the fix comming along? Android lolipop user here. Back button freezes my phone. Cant put my own images either.

        • KyleGray says:

          When was the last time you updated? Our Android team submitted a fix for multiple devices on the Google Play store on 8/17.

  49. Disnoca says:

    Where is my phone back button?

  50. Abby says:

    My sister recently bought this game for her kindle, and it keeps giving her an error as soon as she opens it saying “this game is not owned.” When I just bought it for her. Help please?

    • Kyle Gabler says:

      Hi Abby, that sounds like it might be a better question for Amazon, as they handle all aspects of ordering and delivery to your Kindle device. Hope they can help!

  51. Sean Leal says:

    Hi, I hope you guys are still making great games! I got little inferno when I was younger and always loved it but, on newer devices the game gets bugged and stays on a black screen whenever I try to buy “My Pictures” please fix the bug, as I would love to play the game again.

  52. Diego says:

    Hi, please fix the bug of my pictures i cant play beacuse of it