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It’s Official

Little Inferno At Nintendo Spain Event

Photo taken at a Nintendo of Spain event by the Chasing Aurora guys. It almost makes us feel like real game developers! The Wii U comes out tomorrow in North and South America.

Meanwhile, as we sit by our fires, sipping our cocoa, waiting for everything to launch tomorrow, The Reticule has posted a lovely new preview about an exceptionally difficult to talk about game.

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8 Responses to “It’s Official”

  1. Garrett says:

    Not only is it official its also amazing. Best Burning of 2012.

  2. theFlash says:

    Can’t wait till Wii U launches this midnight!!! 😀

  3. MOM4Evr says:

    Fantastic! Good luck on your launch day, guys! Us fans are psyched for launch, as well!

  4. puggsoy says:

    Looks awesome! Honestly, I would buy a Wii U simply to play Little Inferno on it, I bet playing it on a TV in the living room makes it feel more like a real fireplace!

  5. Lucien WS says:

    What will be aproximately the hour for the official release of Little Inferno ? I live in France.

  6. Tomorrow Corporation PR says:

    I wish I had a WiiU :c I can´t wait for the computer release 😀

  7. KyleGray says:

    Hey Lucien, Steam is launching it on their site at 10am PST, which I believe is 19:00 in France. Otherwise, we’re officially out on Wii U and our own site if you want to re-download from the Humble Bundle store.

  8. Lucien WS says:

    Hey KyleGray,
    I have checked on Humble Bundle it is out now yes (v 1.0).
    Thanks again for your game (a few combos were hard tough, I would have named them otherwise).