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Interviews and Analysis Reading Time

Two new interviews just popped up today about making-of Little Inferno, motivations behind it, and ponies:

  • Reticule Fireside Chat with Chris Evans – “When we first launched Little Inferno, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We knew there’d be a few baffled “Iz ths even a GAAME?” reactions, but we were completely unprepared for all of the personal, touching emails it triggered.
  • Gamasutra Road to IGF – “We’d been noticing a trend of games that were like slightly interactive screensavers. Like a virtual aquarium. Or a virtual garden. And they seemed so obviously terrible, we thought it would have been brilliant if the developers had hidden a terrifying plot and genuinely great game just below the surface. And maybe only a few players would ever discover it.

And a really thoughtful analysis piece from Wired – the article’s title “Little Inferno Mocks the Players Who Love it Most” is striking and maybe a little misleading. But the content of the article is much more specific, and goes on to clarify, that there’s “a message that made me realize that Little Inferno isn’t a cynical, mean-spirited hate letter to the games industry, but something far more thoughtful and valuable.” Full article here.


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7 Responses to “Interviews and Analysis Reading Time”

  1. Daxar says:

    Awesome. I always love reading interviews by you guys, because you actually talk like you do in your games. It makes for an interesting read, rather than a stereotypical Q&A session with yet-another-game-developer.

    Peace out! *BROHOOF*

  2. Jalal5 says:

    Iphone and ipod touch version please 🙂

  3. Stefano says:

    Where the hell is Little Inferno for MAC!?!? And/or iPhone!?!?!
    I don’t have a PC or an iPad!!!
    I hate my life right now.

    • Jalal5 says:

      Kyle, please tell me tomorrow corp is working on an iphone/ipod touch edition. We mobile users want to burn stuff too!

  4. Ashley says:

    Whether there will be a Chinese Version or not?I am your Chinese fan, and we will always support you!

  5. Lizzzy says:


    This game is AMAZING!!! I just finished it today! The whole story is so well made I had shivers. My favorite character is Sugarplumps! I almost cried when she “died”. I hope you make a sequel.